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Having Olympics Withdrawal?

Paralympics Are Coming!

The Internet is amazing. How else would we get to know so many wonderful people. Susan and Joseph Salamone are two such special people. This couple desired to adopt a child and the following piece by Dave Boling tells just a bit of what happened concerning their decision.

Alexi Salamone was born in the Ukraine 14 months after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986. "I was told I was from a big family," he said. "But I'm not sure if any are alive; they all may be deceased from all the radiation."

Born with deformed legs, Salamone was placed in an overflowing orphanage. Both legs were amputated when he was 4.

In the orphanage, a little girl named Tatiana, at the time barely 5 herself, helped Alexi as he tried to get around without legs. Susan and Joseph Salamone of Buffalo, N.Y., were interested in adopting a child and heard about Alexi. Susan went to the Ukraine to meet him. When she saw Tatiana and how important she was to Alexi, Susan started the 14-month process of adopting both.

Alexi came to America at age 6.
Now, he is a rookie Paralympian on the U.S. sled-hockey team.

- (prying1 sez: I'm willing to bet that Susan and Joseph will say they are not special but their children are. I'll stand firm on my original statement but add that the whole family stands head and shoulders above a large majority of folks.) -

(from Dave Boling's article, The News Tribune (Tacoma, Washington) November 27, 2005

Susan informed friends on a bulletin board I frequent about the paralympic games being "televised" over the internet. There will be 100 hours of action from the Torino Paralympic Winter Games The Internet TV Broadcast is provided by the television internet company Narrowstep Inc. which has launched and is currently (2Mar06) playing highlights from previous Paralympics events. The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will broadcast from Torino on March 10-19, including live coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies, all four sports of alpine skiing, ice sledge hockey, Nordic skiing and wheelchair curling, archival footage, and daily highlights from the previous day's competitions.

The USA's sled hockey team which Alexi is on will start playing on 10Mar06!

Back to the original statement, "The Internet is amazing".

(p.s. - be sure to read Dave Boling's article previously linked. - Really inspiring!!!

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