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Why Wear Hazmat Suits For Degraded Weapons?

I wonder if the Bush Haters that say the WMD's found in Iraq are degraded would prove it to us by licking one of the bombs? Would any "progressive" crack one open, place one hand in it and then eat supper without washing beforehand? Would any Michael Moore fan use one as a door stop?

Wait a second. Most of them would.

In digging a little deeper I came across a wacky looser lefty site that had a link to another whimsical "progressive" news site that had a link to this site:

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Here is the layout: Spring Valley, Washington D.C. U.S.A. - During World War I, the Spring Valley area was used for the development and testing of chemical weapons.

Mustard, lewisite, cyanogen chloride, adamsite, phosgene, and other toxic agents were scattered liberally about the area. Bombs with this stuff in it were exploded to check the effects on goats and dogs that were staked nearby.

Years later the neighborhood became a residential development.

Then on Jan 5, 1993 (Under The first Bush's Presidency) a backhoe uncovered some 'live' munitions and apparently some of these contained mustard agent from WWI. Hazmat teams have scoured the area since. They check old aerial photographs to show clues as to where these weapons and nerve agents might be buried.

Quotes follow:

Chemical weapons: Buried in the backyard

But the past came back to haunt Spring Valley on January 5, 1993, when a backhoe digging a sewer line in front of a recently constructed house in a luxury development uncovered a cache of rusting munitions, including four unexploded mortar rounds and three 75-millimeter artillery shells. [Martin Weil and Santiago O'Donnell, "WWI Munitions Unearthed at D.C. Construction Site," Washington Post, January 6, 1993, p. D1.] Within hours, army bomb-removal specialists wearing gas masks arrived by helicopter from Aberdeen Proving Group in Maryland. They determined that the mortar rounds still had fuses in them--that they were "live" and extremely dangerous. Some of the munitions were also believed to contain mustard agent, an oily liquid that causes painful and debilitating burns and blisters on the skin and can inflict fatal lung damage if inhaled. Today, eight years later, additional chemical weapon dump sites have been discovered in Spring Valley, and the cleanup continues.
The health concerns of Spring Valley residents were heightened by reports of several cases of unusual illnesses on Sedgwick Street, where houses had been built over one of the trenches where chemical weapons were tested in 1918. Two residents of the street had died of multiple myeloma, a bone-marrow cancer that strikes about five people per 100,000. In addition, the December 2000 issue of Washingtonian Magazine reported two cases of aplastic anemia over the past 30 years in adjacent houses on Sedgwick Street. (A rare disease involving an unexplained failure of the bone marrow to produce blood cells, aplastic anemia affects one person in 400,000 and has been linked to exposure to environmental toxins, including arsenic.) A fifth case of serious illness, pernicious anemia, had been diagnosed earlier in a 19-year-old woman who was then living on Sedgwick Street. [Steve Vogel, "Arsenic, Illnesses Worry D.C.," Washington Post, January 27, 2001, p. A1.]

End quotes - Go check the article. Quite a read...

Prying1 sez: So if this stuff is degraded by being old why the Hazmat Suits? And does this explain Ted "Gurgle Gurgle" Kennedy

What would be the reaction of the radical left if terrorists had gotten hold of just a few of the 500 WMD's found in Iraq. What if Saddam had given some to his buddies?

Imagine we had not ousted Saddam. He would still have this stuff. If a couple of serin or mustard bombs had found their way out of Iraq, onto a freighter and finally up the Mississippi to Saint Louis would the liberals be happy because they could and would blame Bush? They would have screamed bloody murder blaming Bush for not attacking Iraq.

The left has no plan. You can look to the Democratic Senate for proof.

Can we afford to let these nutters run the country? Not as long as there are still bloody terrorists that torture and mutilate for their cause...

Click here for the effects of Serin

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