Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where is prying1?
He has a new life...
Not to mention he has books

OK! It has been a few weeks since I've posted. I've been pretty busy. This is because of work and church and I bought A LIBRARY. Not just a run of the mill Library but one owned by a man that loved books just because they were books. - Just like me...

- Those of you who know me are used to religious/political postings. That is going to change a bit. I'll still occasionally get my digs in on idiots like Polosi and Harry Reed (and those who vote for them), just not as much. I'll still extol the benefits of meeting and knowing the Living God on a personal level. I'm going to be centering this blog on books. - There are many political blogs out there who are able to cover the issues much better than I. Trust me, I'm not changing my politics. Just the direction of my postings.

Dion O'Donnol, printer, poet and all around nice guy passed away at the tender age of 95 last February. I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to acquire his library. Since he lived so long and his friends passed before him he had collected the personal libraries of at least two of his friends. So besides the books he collected during his life I now own the books of at least 2 other personal libraries. I'm sure there is more than two but that is all that could be verified by his kids.

This makes a total of 4 Personal Libraries counting my own!

Lotta Books

The boxes above are all filled with books that have been packed for the move.

In the picture above there are three 4 foot books shelves empty. On the left side behind the stack of boxes. - These are (were) two double rows of 12 feet long by 8 feet high of book shelves. - Thats 24 feet! (I worked that one out by myself!) - Behind that are more bookshelves and a wall of boxes of books. To the right is a wall of shelves that extends another 8 feet. - This is just a portion because there are/were more inside Dion's house.

"What?" you ask, "Will you do with so many books?"

"Well!" I answer, "I hope to sell some on eBay and through Amazon. - Plus I'm going to set up my own website where I can list and catalog bunches of them. (Do books come in bunches? - I'll have to research that...)

What I really hope to do is find good homes for them where they will be appreciated.

That is, the books I do not want to keep for my Own Personal Library.

Today I Googled, "setting up your personal library" (with Quotes) and got three hits. - Not one of them addressed my need. So I changed 'your' to 'a', that is, "setting up a personal library" and got nine hits. - Again not one addressed my problem...


Well. I'll be doing a bit of research and figuring out what rules of engagement will work best for me with the space I have and I'll be blogging on it.

One good thing from this is that I'm going to be cleaning out my garage which is something that I've wanted to do but never 'made time' to do.

This blog will be changing a bit. More of it will be dedicated to books and such as opposed to the political shenanigans of our politicians. For example L.A.'s mayor who is a jerk. Many more issues are covered by others and I'll link to them occasionally. The Dead Sea Scrolls issue for example is covered by Charles Gadda here and here.

I'll be posting on some treasures I've found and giving heads up on what I'll be listing online.

I'll be giving some reviews of books long out of print. Amazing how many poets Google doesn't even register. Some for good reason no doubt. - Included will be some classics and even more little known and forgotten books. - Poetry, History, Novels, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children's, Lost and Forgotten Authors, Book Trivia and Book Edition Mysteries. -

I'll try to keep the posts entertaining. - Wish me luck.

- I'll be using the tag "Book" for future postings on BOOKS... -

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