Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Easongate Petition to Release Tape

Easongate now has a petition to sign asking for the release of the tape. - Seems to be getting quite a few willing to put their name on the line. Within minutes after I signed several more names were on the list.

If you think it is wrong for a news agency to have a conspiracy theory believer at the top of their pyramid and want to see the truth come out please add your name. Don't let fear of the elite keep you from expressing yourself and putting your name on the list.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cartoon Pokes Fun at CNN Not Eason Jordan

I saw at Cigar Intellegence Agency a cartoon by Chris Muir that

blames CNN

for the 'rumor' of U.S and Israeli forces 'Killing and torturing journalists.' -

I think Hugh Hewitt was right when he said to Larry Kudlow on 'Kudlow & Cramer' - posted at radioblogger - Eason Jordan has a problem. CNN has a problem. Time Warner has a problem. They've spent a lot of time building this new brand, "The most trusted name in news," and now they're the most busted name in news.

Let's get the Tape!

I figured out how we can get the tape. - Lets take all the characters involved to the World Court and sue these people of dubious parentage!

Or we can arm wrestle for it. I choose Arnold against Eason.

A soccer game? I choose the English fans in the stands to be on our side.

Hugh Hewett and Emmett of the Unblinking Eye love swords I wonder if we could.. Well, maybe that is a bit extreme.

How about a paintball duel instead. No. He'd complain the right wingers have all the best shots.

Any ideas?

MSM Touches on Jordan Story

RODERICK BOYD - Staff Reporter of the N Y Sun
February 8, 2005 has put the story out.
In an interview with The New York Sun, Mr. Frank said Mr. Jordan discussed in detail the plight of an Al-Jazeera reporter who had been detained by American forces, was made to eat his shoes while incarcerated in the Abu Ghraib prison, and was repeatedly mocked by his interrogators as "Al-Jazeera boy."

A man who said he was a producer with Al-Jazeera at the network's headquarters in Doha, Qatar, said he was unaware of any such incident, "although we have had problems with American troops in and out of Iraq." The Al-Jazeera producer refused to give his name.
prying1 sez: If Mr. Jordan really believes U.S. troops/guards made this unnamed reporter eat his shoes then he has a bigger problem than I thought...

Another witness comes forward - Roger at This isn't writing, it's typing - had the lowdown on and translation for a French speaking blogger - Check links to corrections on the translation - That is what I love about bloggers. They do take the time to correct themselves and are willing to say, "I was wrong."....

Now where is the tape???

Homeschooling Lecture

I love this one - I got a lecture in socialization today -

Why wait for the homeschooled kids to grow up to learn how to socialize with angry people with guns. - Send 'em to public school now...

Firefox - Opera Users Beware

Browser feature could make scams easier

-quote from article -

The browser feature meant to permit Web addresses in Chinese, Arabic and other languages could encourage online fraudsters by making scam Web sites look legitimate to visitors. ... Officially, the Internet's Domain Name System supports only 37 characters - the 26 letters, 10 numerals and a hyphen.

But in recent years, in response to a growing Internet population worldwide, engineers have been working on ways to trick the system into understanding other languages.

Engineers have rallied around a character system called Unicode. The newly discovered exploit takes advantage of the fact that characters that look alike can have two separate codes in Unicode and thus appear to the computer as different. For example, Unicode for "a" is 97 under the Latin alphabet, but 1072 in Cyrillic.

Subbing one for the other can allow a scammer to register a domain name that looks to the human as "," tricking users into giving passwords and other sensitive information at what looks like a legitimate site.
prying1 sez - Be careful out there - Bad guys want your money!
Better to take an extra minute and go through an extra step or two. - Contacting the scammer will only encourage them to send more spoofs.

If you want to do something about spoofs send the email with headers to the company in question addressed to abuse@companyname AND spoof@companyname - Return emails will let you know which one clicks. - I currently have:,,, plus several more. is an excellent place to send the spoofs. Check out their site. -

For the 441/Nigerian scams I check the headers for the originating IP and carry that number to: - from there I can find the IP the scammer has and forward the email with headers to them directly. Although sometimes the header may be forgedand the email is kicked back as "Not ours."

back to the article:

Some browsers, including Firefox, let users deactivate the other character sets but doing so is complicated and would cut off access to the relatively few sites that use non-English characters in their addresses.

A better solution is to always manually type Web address directly into a browser rather than clicking on a link sent via e-mail or even copying and pasting that link.

Update already - from - - an anonymous poster said this:

Type about:config in the address bar to access the configuration settings.

change 'network.enableIDN' to false (double click on theat line)
this disables the feature that allows the exploit.

I found a sample page, and information about it at as well as the method of stopping it for mozilla based browsers.

The results of the change is that a faked address will not be found.
Try the sample on the page above before, and after making the change.

It's also fairly rare that you can fix a bug in IE by just changing a setting that doesn't have a major effect on the rest of the way you browse the web. Props to the response above. - David

prying1 checked it out further online, tried it and it does work - Send this one to those you love...

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Corrupt Oil Buyers Sought in Oil for Food Scandal

From the Seattle Post Intellegencer

Buyers of Iraq U.N. oil may be implicated
GENEVA -- Companies that bought Iraqi oil from traders who allegedly spent billions of dollars to bribe Saddam Hussein for contracts under the U.N. oil-for-food program now could be implicated in the vast web of corruption uncovered in the investigation by former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, a Swiss criminal lawyer told The Associated Press on Sunday.

"If the final buyer is aware of what is going on, they were in the role of guarantor, knowing that they were involved in paying the surcharge," Pieth said. "There is a risk to the end buyer."

Regarding the employment of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's son by the Swiss firm Cotecna Inspection SA, Pieth said the only issue was whether there had been a "conflict of interest."

Cotecna had a U.N. contract to certify deals for humanitarian supplies imported by Iraq under the oil-for-food program. The company is under investigation in connection with suspected corruption.

Annan's son Kojo worked for Cotecna until 1998 and received $30,000 a year for over five years after that from the Geneva-based company. The United Nations hired the company on Dec. 31, 1998 to certify that food, medicine and other goods entering Iraq corresponded to a list of goods approved for import under the oil-for-food rules.
prying1 wonders if the truth will come out and if the guilty will be brought to justice. - I figure there will be a few small fry indicted and the big fish will swim away.

Covering Up the Top

Found this nice little article at Birds Eye View about hats. Due to circumstances beyond my control I have a skull that is just waiting to get sunburned. See picture off to the side) I have a few hats that are distinctive but none that I think are ME. Drudge has a hat. Birds Eye has a hat. I need a hat!

Oh no! My ego is kicking in.

Guess I could go out and look for one. Birds Eye has a couple links. Could start there...