Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Acronym Finder and Salesmanship

Twice this week I had to use an online Acronym Finder because idiots assume every one reading their words (and initials for their words) will automatically know what they mean. (I prefer the one at FreeDictionary.Com - Extra buttons to switch to assorted searches. - dictionary. medical, law, idioms etc.)

Both times this was for ads for items these idiots want to sell.

Sad! Sad! Sad!

One was on eBay - 'NOS' - For a car part. No explanation and it fit nothing in context. What the heckll was that supposed to mean? NOS???

Had to look it up.

So I found it meant, "New Old Stock".

Well that fit what I was looking to sell so I used it on four different car parts I listed. - EXCEPT - I explained the acronym so that there was no question as to what I meant. I wrote in the description of my items:

"NOS (New old stock) in (timeworn) box NEVER attached to any vehicle"


No misunderstanding there and after someone has visited my listing on eBay they are enlightened. Took me a few extra finger punches on the old keyboard and with cut and paste it showed up fine in all the ads...

Hopefully the next time some idiot comes along and 'ass u me s' visitors will understand their use of 'NOS' with no explanation a few of people that visited mn site will see the advert and give homage to prying1 for the lights dancing in their heads.

The other acronym I will post here if and when I get a reply from the seller...


Where has it gone?

I get phone calls from people reading off a paper in a monotone voice that is screaming, HANG UP ON ME!!! YOU DON'T WANT THE CRAP I'M SELLING!!!

I read adverts on auction and book selling sites that tell me nothing about the product other that it has no dust jacket or the dust jacket is tattered or is in very good condition.

What is the book about??? Absolutely nothing in regards to a synopsis.

I've gotten jerks at the gas station offering to pump gas for a quarter (like that is really work) and their attitude concerning life brings everyone with in a circular mile into a depression. I've told 'em "Find something to sell if you want to make money. And get a better attitude if you expect to sell anything."

They don't even realize that pumping gas could be considered a service and services are salable. But my giving them a quarter increases the cost of gas and people, myself included, are already ticked off about that. Who wants to pay more for gas?

Sad! Sad! Sad!


Same book by two different booksellers:

1955 Very Good "Cloth. Fine/Very Good Price Clipped. First Edition 8vo-over 7 3/4-9 3/4 tall. 198p., repaired d.j. (price clipped), "


Publisher: London, Hutchinson (1955)
London, Hutchinson (1955). Map on endsheets. 195 pages. Hardcover, very good, no dust jacket. - Account of two winters of famine, 1882 and 1883, among the Eskimoes of Angmagssalik, Greenland. The author lived with these people during the 1930s and collected 250 accounts.


One of these booksellers added some information about the book and is asking twice as much for the book as the other fellow. Without the DustJacket! (DJ) Whereas the cheaper book has one. - Which will sell first? - I think the one that took the few extra keystrokes not the one with the DJ.

Personally I've never read a book on salesmanship but I have read a few DJ's. The DJ blurbs tell me all I need to know. - I've owned a few but sold them to people that needed them. - Salesmanship may or may not be a natural talent. I don't know. I do know that people without common sense will never have it...


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