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Limbaugh's Letter and Funny Comments.

My regular readers know I value Warner Todd Huston's postings. - Not that we think 100% alike but rather there is a kinship of spirit, An esprit de corp that I feel with the guy. - It may or may not be reciprocated. Doesn't matter. I feel it and, as a person that knows 'feelings' can be dangerous bedfellows (they are subject to change) I'll still go ahead and run with it.

Well, Warner's posting on ABC Tries To Credit Democrats for Rush’s $2 Million Ebay Letter! led me to a nonsensical ABC Blog posting that has quite a few comical comments.

ABC's last line in their article, "The bidding ends at 1:00p.m. No mater what, Democrats are going to make a ton of money for a charity off their political vitriol." brought quite a bit of ridicule in comments from those not only on the right side of politics but even a few from the left that recognize truth when they don't hear it.

Some of my favorites:

Remember - the DEMOCRATS did NOT intend for this letter to ever raise money for any charitable purpose. And y**t is going to be in possession of a hard copy of evidence that proves why Congress has an historically low approval rating, if this is how they choose to spend their time. Bravo, Mr. Limbaugh. Harry Reid, on the other hand, can kma

Posted by: DisdainLady
Rush called civilians who PRETENDED to be soldiers the "phoney soldiers". You know this. Why must you continue to lie?

And the Democrats did NOT put this up for auction, it was 100% Rush's idea.


Posted by: Emma Morrow
"I don't know what we could do ..."

WHO IS "WE" Senator Reid? Or do you have a mouse in your pocket?

Posted by: Mike M.
Would this charity be recieving four million dollars if Harry hadn't written the letter? NO

Posted by: Alan Coulter
I am shocked, SHOCKED, that a rich guy like Rush Limbaugh thinks he can buy his way out of a jam.

BTW, real manly of Limbaugh to hide behind a charity.

The only people fooled are the ones that are already fooled by right wing propaganda. The fanatical minority of America, thank goodness.

Posted by: Reality
Silly Statements by Left Wing Wackos

RUSH is a Drug Addict for ex.. \

RUSH doesn't vote in congress. But Dem Patrick Kennedy does. A Drug Addict Congressman should be your concern.

Posted by: Buzz
Hey, ABC why don't you send Dan Rather (Biased) out to investigate the truth about this letter....and the charitable funds that the Dem's and Dingy Reid are donating...


Posted by: Mike Jones
Did ya notice that Limbaugh thinks he can fix this situation where he insulted soldiers, by throwing a bunch of money at it?

Gee, Rush. I though only 'libs' threw a bunch of money at something hoping to fix it.

Posted by: Reality (prying1 here - It is his money Mr. 'reality' - not yours nor my tax money!)
"The bidding ends at 1:00p.m. No mater what, Democrats are going to make a ton of money for a charity off their political vitriol."

Tell me again how FOX news is biased?

Posted by: Franklancer
I'm not even a conservative Republican, yet I agree with the majority here (who appear to be). By any standard, this is a stupid use of wit.

Posted by: Jonathan
Ordinarily, there are more liberal posters on this website.. must have given all it's staffers the day off to celebrate Chairman Ho Chi Minh's Birthday.... Or maybe they are all working the phones raising money for Hillary....


Posted by: Mike Jones
this story was edited after it hit drudge. the first draft did not include the line about rush putting it on ebay himself. drudge should have the old cached page up on his site soon.

Posted by: dcringo
Come on Harry Reid, pony up some charity money to match Rush Limbaugh's donation. I know you just made some money on that "crooked land deal" you just did... Do it for the Children...Do it for the children... (classic libera line...)


Posted by: Mike Jones
ABC has been modifying the article. Its different now then when it was released earlier.

Posted by: Jeb
Nevadians! Please recall Reid!

Posted by: SEC
I stopped being a Democrat the minute Bill Clinton shook his finger at the camera stating that he did not have sex with "that" woman. The main reason was that the media was obviously not reporting, what so many people, including myself now know, the real truth. In this case, it is so brazenly obvious that the Senate Democrats are not only lying to the public on the senate floor on national TV... but, they are making &$^*# out of themselves expecting that smart people will believe it. Does Harry Reid actually believe that anyone believes his dribble? His sole purpose was to garner support to remove Rush from the airwaves, much like what was done to Imus, period. To believe that Harry Reid, et al care about the troops is to believe in the tooth fairy.

Ask yourself, if the Senate Majority Leader is so willing to lie with a bold face on national TV about a private citizen...that doesn't scare you as to what they might do with the Presidency? One of their own major camgaign donors, if you remember, stated that Hillary lies with such ease that it is down right scary. Anyone remember who was recently praising Hugo Chavez...and how easily he came to power?...and what he has done the civil liberties of private Venezuelans? I am just amazed that anyone with half a brain can take Senator Reid seriously...much less report it as such.

Posted by: Dakota
And my own -
What is sad is that the author of this posting thinks the people that would read it are ignorant of the facts. - Listen up MSM - You don't have a monopoly on the news anymore.

What was left out of this article is so telling. What happened to the 5 w's? You missed a bit.

WHO were the 'phony Soldiers' Rush was talking about. - They were not the people your organization portrayed them to be.

WHAT was in the letter the democrats signed about? What did it say? - A simple link to the auction would allow people to read it for themselves.

WHY did Reid send the letter? Was it just tit-for-tat as this article leads one to believe?

WHERE is the ridicule for Harry Reid in this article? His statement, "But without qualification Mark May, the owner of the network that has Rush Limbaugh, and Rush Limbaugh should know that this letter that they're auctioning is going to be something that raises money for a worthwhile cause." is ridiculous!

They didn't know this? Does Harry Reid actually think that when they set up the auction they didn't know where the funds were going? It took his statement to inform them? - Or perhaps you believe they didn't know it until Harry Reid told them...

And what is this nonsense of trying to belittle the high bidder? How the Washington Post views her has as much a hold on reality as does this article.

Sad, sad, sad!

Posted by: prying1

Then I later posted

I just discovered that a couple points I made in my previous comment (see above) were factually wrong. I stated, "WHAT was in the letter the democrats signed about? What did it say? - A simple link to the auction would allow people to read it for themselves."

I have since found that you did indeed link to the auction (Paragraph 5) and the letter (Paragraph 10).

I apologize for not clicking the links which led to the auction and letter prior to my statement. I should have checked my facts before rushing to judgment. - Sorry again.

See how easy that was?

Your turn.

So much more! - The comments really pulled ABC not only onto the carpet but the bigwigs must have slid under the rug to hide.

I did not save previous timestamps of the article. More than one commenter said it was being changed as time passed. They may have or may not have added the links I mentioned in the second comment. I do think a link vanished at one point but... I'll give them the benefit of the doubt unless someone wants to prove to me one way or another.

Long live capitalism and conservatism! The MSM is dead!

The following was placed in the comments and I felt it needed to be brought to the surface:

I have just received an anonymous e-mail with a link to a site, I Call BS, that purports to have a secret recording of Harry Reid's Secretary from this morning. You can listen to the mp3 and judge for yourself. It seems authentic to me.

Some one should tell Rush.
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