Saturday, July 16, 2005

Google Earth

Gotta wonder if Google is gonna take over planet earth - It seems like they continually come up with something new that leaves others in the dust.

This time it is Google Earth. - A hat tip to Homemade Tutorials for this link - Quite a nice site and worthy of a visit.

Now what is Google Earth? - A map of the planet that allows you to fly about and pull in close ups of areas of interest. A way to locate banks, schools, churches, fire stations, stores and even volcanoes. Aren't as many of those around but just in case you want to check you neighborhood...

You must have Windows 2000 or XP and cable/broadband to use this program. Quite a wonderful experience to type in the address and watch the planet rotate and then pull in for a close up (if available) - Find your house - Check your church parking lot and see if the pastors car was there when they took the pic. Find the nearest volcano and see if it is far enough away or if you should move...

For a bit more info before downloading check out Homemade Tutorials blog - To see what Google's advert click here - To jump in with both feet click on this link - Google Earth Download - Have a good trip! -

Does Spam Cop Work?

I have recently started a new email address and am already getting spam on it.

In times past I have checked the headers located the offending ISP and emailed the webmaster of the company it was sent from/through. This is a tedious process.

I was thinking of signing up with SpamCop for their free service. It appears that through using their service the amount of spam can decrease and if the spammers figure out you are a trouble maker they might drop your address from their lists.

Anyone reading this ever use SpamCop? Could you leave a few lines concerning your experience? Is there any downside to using their services? Besides time that is...
Does it work with email services like Yahoo and Gmail?

Friday, July 15, 2005

Are These People Sick or What?

Thanks to Very Small Doses for the heads up on this one -

You missed the party!

Well, Maybe you didn't miss much.

NARAL, a national 'rip unborn babies from the wombs of their mothers' organization has an affiliate in Washington-state that thought it cute to have a 'Screw Abstinence Party'.

Complete with:
Toys in Babeland - Seattle's sleaze-free, sex-positive purveyors of adult toys offer tips on "Sexy Safer Sex."
'Sex in Seattle' & 'Pork Filled Players' - Two of Seattle theatre's hottest sketch comedy groups perform a sex ed class for adults.

How old are these people that they need instructions on using sex toys and sex education classes.

Well apparently they had to be over 21 because it was held at some dive in Seattle.

From the event advert: "All funds raised at Screw Abstinence will assist NARAL Pro-Choice Washington in our work to secure comprehensive and medically-accurate sex education, as well as guarantee every woman the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices."
I still cannot understand why ripping babies from mothers wombs is so important to these people. - Don't get me wrong. I am not in favor of strictly outlawing all abortions. I think it should be a states issue as opposed to being something forced on the country by the supreme court.

I especially feel that advancing other alternatives is much more important than filling trash sacks with babies. So why is it these people feel it is more important to fill trash sacks with babies instead of advancing alternatives?
Even some lefties at The think it is in poor taste (warning - bad language in article) and sets back the agenda.

Some from the right think it is a good idea for the left to stage events like this:

- quote from the Stranger -

"I love it when they do this," says Republican Party State Chair Chris Vance. "It's just another example of the liberal-left marginalizing itself. They forget who they're trying to target: suburban parents. And suburban parents are very worried about [premarital sex]." - end quote -

As a right-winger (I don't spit tobaccy juice, burn crosses nor wear swastikas) I am saddened that some in this country have had their consciences burned to the point that they cannot see that nonsense like this is not a good thing. Absolutely nothing redeeming in actions like this. The national NARAL should have given this chapter the boot when this 'party' was first advertised using the NARAL name. Perhaps not doing so shows an insight into the national mentality of groups like this.

One article I read said at least 100 people got advance tickets. Wonder how many of them will get abortions soon after they "Screw Abstinence"?

Monday, July 11, 2005

Gotta Love It! U.S. Wins Cold War!!!

Proof the United States has won the cold war!

A hat tip to Tomorrows Trends.

Want proof the cold war is over and the U.S. won. Here it is. NASA is being sued by a Russian astrologer!

ANANOVA has the story about:
~~~~~~~ quote ~~~~~~~
A Russian astrologer is suing NASA after claiming the probe they smashed into a comet meant she had to rewrite all her horoscopes.

Marina Bai wants 170,000 (prying1 asks: US$$$??? Rupees??? Pesos??? original text does not specify) in damages after Nasa's Deep Impact probe crashed into the Tempel 1 comet.

She said the collision will change the orbit of the comet and therefore affect the night skyscape, and she will be unable to read horoscopes properly without lots of extra research.

She said: "It is obvious that elements of the comet's orbit, and correspondingly the ephemeris, will change after the explosion. This will interfere with my astrology work and distort my horoscopes."

Moscow district court officials have said preparations for the case are underway, but that no date has yet been set for a hearing.
~~~~~~~ end quote ~~~~~~~

prying1 sez:
We have managed to export silly lawsuits to Russia and now they will never be able to go back to the old communist system.

Was Darwin Christian?

Phil Dillon, Prairie Apologist - Owner and Proprietor of a wonderful blog, Another Man's Meat has a post on Darwin. Was he a Christian or not? - Phil has a can of worms with the lid off and some of the worms are climbing over the side. - Go check out Phil's site and leave a comment on his post. You might want to dig back into his archives and see some other excellent writings. Plan on being amazed and amused for a while and don't forget to bookmark his site.


I thought I'd bring my comment on his post over to my blog in hopes of getting another can of worms open and watching the worms crawl out. -


Simple logic settles the question, "Is there a God or not?"... And the answer still involves a decision by each human on earth.

Does God exist, yes or no?

If the answer is no then all other discussion and contemplation on the subject is foolishness.

If the answer is yes then a life without discussion and contemplation on the subject is foolishness.

Is this something that should be answered with the throw of dice or cutting a deck of cards?

I'd say it is more foolish to run with the assumption the answer is no than to utilize more logic with the yes answer.

Such as, to ask: "If God exists does He concern himself with the affairs of men..."

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Blogger Supplies

Not sure how many have missed this one. I might be the only one but I doubt it. Google has a few blogger items in their supply store. How can anyone REALLY blog without wearing a t-shirt with the blogger logo on it? Their Ringnecked T has a brown neck trim so you can blog for a week without concerning yourself with friends and neighbors seeing the ring around the collar. You can sleep in it with your head on the keyboard.

Actually I think that wearing a blogger t shirt might help start conversations so you can direct people to your blog. Might be worth a try to get readers. Seems to me though that if we are advertising for Google and Blogger they ought to pay us to wear the stuff...

Who-Hoo! It works!!!

Ever have one of those computer problems that just defies all the verbiage you can throw at Google? For 18 days I've been trying to figure out how to get my computer to look at my new ISP and get the IP address. I had to log on with my older dial-up service. I even went so far as to put a new operating system on some reformatted/used hard drives. I'm working with an emachine and Windows XP here.

I didn't want to load a new system onto my regular hard drive because it was my only connection with my computer. Plus I was fearful of losing all the stuff I have on it. So what I was doing was loading a copy of WinXP onto (5-6) old spare hard drives I have laying around. These drives are from 1.2 gigs to 2.5 gigs. After loading WinXP on them and making them the master drive the computer would not boot. When I worked around that with CD's and floppies and got the machine going I kept getting messages that I was running out of space on the drives. My video card would not register so I was stuck with default settings AND none of these drives would connect to the ISP.

I finally broke down and went against everything my Scottish blood says to do. I went out and paid for a new, in the box, hard drive. 40 gigs for $70+ dollars. - With it I was able to set up the boot partition, load XP and still have room to load video drivers and my ISP provided programs.

Who Hoo! It works!!! AND my original drive works well as a D: drive so I still have all my old programs. What an ordeal!

One really good thing is I got it working just in time for my nap!