Friday, December 07, 2007

2008 Messiah Concert
in Temecula / Murrieta CA

For your consideration

In Murrieta California

- Sunday - December Seventh - 2007, at 4:00PM (Sharp)-
*** Get there early for a good seat. (See below)


Handel's Messiah

with 60-70 Voice Chorus
Symphonic Orchestra and Inspiring Vocal Soloists!

Hosted by

Temecula United Methodist Church
42690 Margarita Rd.
Temecula, CA 92592


A freewill offering will be taken.


My wife and I will be in the chorus. She sings soprano and I sing bass so we stand on opposite ends of the platform.

***Get there EARLY if you can make it. Otherwise you might be shunted to a room with a big screen TV and speakers. Not quite the same as being in the Auditorium Proper.

This is an annual program so consider it for next year if you cannot make it this time. Please consider too, donating to catch any left over expenses and for next years program. Thanks!



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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Summary of the 2007 Messiah Concert in Temecula/Murrieta

Each year dozens of people that love to sing spend time practicing in small groups, join together for one group practice and then put on a concert that is enjoyable, uplifting, delightful and a whole slew of positive adjectives.

This has happened in Temecula/Murrieta California for untold years now and is a free event. This year the organizers refused to take an offering. I did not hear the reason why but I think it may be because they feel that they are giving to God freely that which He deserves. - That is, music honoring Him.

Thanks to Madge and Chuck Griffing for their labor to bring each year's concert to fruition.

Handel's Messiah is one classical music piece that is enjoyed by people of all faiths although Christians versed in scriptures of both Testaments seem to be the majority of audiences. Perhaps because it is most often played in churches.

This year a thanks goes to Calvary Chapel, Murrieta, CA for offering the use of their facilities. Wonderful building with great acoustics. Wonderful building for worshiping and praising God. Which is what the musicians and singers did on the first Sunday of December.

The entire oratorio now names, Handel's Messiah was written in just 24 days. This is most impressive if one looks at it in it's entirety. The singers, bass, tenor, alto, Soprano (Sopranos deserve a capital letter!) are often individually singing different pieces of music from the rest of the group. The instruments have their own sheets of music that would only confuse most of the singers if the pages were mixed up.

Altogether, if the notes were placed on their sides and laid end to end it would only stretch halfway to heaven. - However! Standing up straight and in the jiggly lines Handel wrote them in they reach all the way!!!

A remarkable feat is what I say.

Regarding this years event
prying1 sez:

The concert went well this year except for an occasional misunderstanding of directions from the conductor.

At certain points in time the conductor would motion for a soloist to rise and step forward. Some of the singers rose too. That would get other singers to rise thinking they had missed the signal. Then those that rose in error would realize their mistake and sit back down. Those that followed the standing process then followed the sitting process. At this point the ones that didn't join in at first would now stand and sit.

Needless to say it resembled a wave at a baseball game...

That aside the music was wonderful and please plan on attending next year. - The first Sunday in December.

I'll remind you.

Hopefully the three young girls that sang The appearance of the Angel to the shepherds will be there next year. Such angelic voices! One of the highlights of the show.

Speaking of highlights I heard (this is hearsay) that some of the more youthful musicians were recruited from local High Schools and this affords them an opportunity to join in with more experienced musicians. - It sure didn't sound like any High school band I've ever heard. - I'm sure they were as thrilled playing the music as I was listening.

For many it is the start of the Christmas Season. For me Christmas Season really seems to start when the practices start. The Performance kicks it into gear and fires up the afterburners.

Bring on the fat man in the funny suit. I'm ready for him.

A special thanks to Gawfer, Political Pistachio and their families for attending this year. It was great meeting you all and I only wish we had more time to spend together.

Perhaps next year we can get you to join in the choir!
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