Saturday, April 30, 2005

Whose Truth Works?

Many may come across my posting here and say, I don't care about that stuff. BORING! What does it matter? I want music/sports/romance/gaming/etc... blogs not this crap. To you I say, WAIT A SEC AND READ A BIT! - Check the link to Gone Away's post on absolute truth. It is a fun exercise of the mind. AND it is free!!!

A bit ago Gone Away ~ The journal of Clive Allen in America blogged on Poetry and I blogged the comments on his blog and he commented on my blog that he had hoped I would tackle the existence of God. My blog only quoted his statement and really went no further.

Alas and alack! Clive was forced to answer the existence of absolute truth using logic all on his own. I would have helped but I did not want to interfere with his train of thought. Actually had I got in front of his train of thought I would have been run over.

Clive Allen says:

There are only two ways to regard the matter of absolute truth: you either believe that there is such a thing or you don't (if you can think of a third position beyond mere indecision, please let me know - I'd be fascinated to hear of it). And, whether we are aware of it or not, our position on the matter depends on choices that we have made previously. Our personal philosophies are based upon our answer to the most basic question of all: Is there a God?

This is a question ALL must someday face and it just might be a good idea to look at it from a logical point of view. Just in case, you know...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Solutions for Iran Problem!

At The Adventures of Chester there is a post about the options for (the world) dealing with Iran. There is something bloggers can do to help. Collectively bloggers can and have made an impact in positive ways. Iran is another hotspot that must be dealt with soon. If you don't know why then get educated quickly. If you want to get involved Chester has some ideas including becoming a blog pal with an Iranian blogger.

Conclusion: If we, being the blogosphere, are going to have any blogging role in supporting dissidents, protests, and rebellion in Iran, then we need to lay some groundwork now to build some communication channels that will come in handy later. Some ideas:

US-Iranian partner bloggers: Sort of a pen-pal program for bloggers in the US and in Iran. Establishes a communication link. Casual interaction like this could be very useful at building speedy communications over a period of time.

Redundancy in communications links: if the government is going to shut down ISPs, we need some workarounds to get the stories out. Otherwise, the lights will be out here in the blogosphere, and we'll all be prisoners to whatever the networks and NPR toss up there. What about:
-phone cards so folks can call in stories from land lines in Iran? Would the government shut all of those down too?
-setting up networks of bloggers in neighboring countries (Iraq? Afghanistan? the Gulf States? who could receive phone calls from Iranians, then turn their reports into blog posts?
-old school: HAM radio operators?
-if we really want to get a little crazy, sat phones? This is not only expensive, but hard to choose who to get them to, and probably risky for the Iranians to have them.

If you want to get involved I suggest communicating with Chester first. Bloggers in Iran have been jailed and I'm certain that we would not want to be the cause especially if we have built up a rapport with a blog pal...

Be careful out there.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

California Assembly Bill AB-19 To Thwart the Will of the People

61% of California voter said NO to homosexual marriage. Now the legislators are working overtime and the MSM is working undertime to pass AB-19 which will, in effect, thwart the will of the people and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has said he will sign it. Basically the bill strikes out "MAN/WOMAN" and replaces it with "TWO PERSONS" in the states family laws.

This bill seeks to amend California's family law by defining
marriage as between "two persons" instead of solely between a
man and a woman. The bill raises important questions of law and
public policy that are now being discussed across the nation and
around the world, reflecting one of this nation's most
significant civil rights issues for the 21st century.

In support of the bill, the author states "The time has come for
California to honor its commitment to equality for all
Californians." Except for the voters!


SUMMARY : Seeks to end the state's denial of marriage licenses
to same-sex couples in California. Specifically, this bill :

1)Eliminates the current "different-gender" requirement in the
state's definition of marriage.

2)Clarifies gender-specific terms in the state's family laws
shall be construed to be gender-neutral, except in regards to
Section 308.5, concerning recognition of marriages contracted
in other jurisdictions (Proposition 22 of 2000).

3)Adds Section 403 to the Family Code to declare that no
religious official shall be required to perform or solemnize
any marriage in violation of his or her religious conviction.


1)Provides that "Marriage is a personal relation arising out of
a civil contract between a man and a woman, to which the
consent of the parties capable of making that contract is
necessary." (Family Code section 300. All further references
are to this code unless otherwise noted.)

2)Provides that "A marriage contracted outside this state that
would be valid by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the
marriage was contracted is valid in this state." (Section

3)Provides, immediately following section 308 that "Only
marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized
in this state.

prying1 sez:
In this bill there is no recognition that 61% of the voters have already said NO!

Should a very small segment of the population be given the power to change the definitions of words for their self centered agendas? Should elected officials decide their constituents do not know what is best and go against their will?

Pray on this one. The saying is, "As California goes, so goes the nation and then the world. Governor's Address and phone number -
Let his office know how you feel.
Governor's Office
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841 - It does not cost that much to call these days. Rates are cheap.
Fax: 916-445-4633 - Write a note and Fax it in - very effective!
Email from this page:

INTRODUCED BY Assembly Members Leno, Nunez, Goldberg, Koretz,
Laird, and Lieber
(Principal coauthors: Senators Kehoe, Kuehl, and Migden)
(Coauthors: Assembly Members Calderon, Chan, Chu, Dymally, Evans,
Hancock, Jones, Levine, Montanez, Nation, Ridley-Thomas, Ruskin,
Saldana, and Yee)
(Coauthors: Senators Cedillo and Simitian)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Peace! Peace! When There Is No Peace!

They have no knowledge of the way of peace, and there is no sense of what is right in their behavior: they have made for themselves ways which are not straight; whoever goes in them has no knowledge of peace. - Isaiah 59:8 BBE -

I always love it when blogsurfing to come across an interesting piece of news and decide to blog on it. This one I found on Steal the Bandwagon who gives a hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

Lovely story. Diminutive, 48 year old woman, 5'2" gets punched in the face by a "peace" protester AND his peacenik buddies do nothing to help apprehend him. Peaceable folks huh?

From - Columbia Daily Tribune - Rita Preckshot went to a peace rally, and a fight broke out.

It started out as a typical Wednesday for Preckshot, a 49-year-old who stands about 5-foot-2 and has hearing aids in both ears. She was standing on her normal spot on Providence Road, holding her signs in support of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. For nearly four years now, this has been Preckshot’s life from about 4:15 to about 5:45 in the afternoon once a week. She started her solo troop-support effort to counteract the peace protesters who stand a couple of blocks away at the intersection of Providence and Broadway. The peaceniks hold signs that say things such as "honk for peace" and "end the occupation."
The man (Paul Allaire) stepped closer. She backed off a step. He shoved a sign in her face, and she backed off once again.

"Don’t touch me!" she told him.

Then, she says, he pushed her.

"He started taunting me and reached out and pushed on my shoulder," Preckshot says. "Each time he pushed, it got a little harder. When I saw his hand come at me again, I grabbed it. I felt fearful."

As Preckshot pushed the man’s hand away, "he slugged me right in the face," she says.
The man, Paul Allaire, doesn’t live in Boone County. He lists Arcadia as his home, though he’s a frequent attendee at the Wednesday protests. He has been charged with third-degree misdemeanor assault for his alleged attack on Preckshot.
(Paul Allaire said) "The only reason I even approached this woman was to try to understand where her extreme hatred came from," he says. The flier he says he was putting in Preckshot’s face showed President George W. Bush in a Hitleresque outfit and pose. He calls it a joke.

"I was neither being impolite nor threatening when I was slapped," he writes

prying1 sez:
It only goes to show that peace doesn't come from holding up a sign. He said he was wondering about HER 'extreme hatred' which shows HE most likely is caught up in believing the lies the liberals spread about those who support the war against terrorism.

This man is obviously troubled and I hope during his incarceration he finds true peace with his Maker. Hopefully to the point where he can see his wrong doing and repent (turn away) from it. Anger management will not help. This is a man who needs Jesus. Pray for him.

American Princess Corrects the Pledge of Allegiance

I would be OUTRAGED!!! OUTRAGED, I TELL YOU!!! If I thought that The American Princess were serious about her rewrite of the Pledge of Allegiance. Pretty funny stuff if you look past the fact that there are those who would love to adopt her version.

This blog of hers came about because of the news report of Everitt Middle School in Wheat Ridge, CO whose employee, Margo Lucero, the eighth-grade guidance counselor decided that the sixth anniversary of Columbine was a good time to be all inclusive.

Her version:
Instead of "one nation, under God," the voice said, "one nation, under your belief system."

Partial Quote of The American Princess' version - the Republic] the totalitarian, theocratic, and fascist regime that is the current administration, which I contend is not legitimate as they disenfranchised minority voters in several states, [for which it stands], and state that, in fact, it is not representative of all of its people, only those who live in states that were labeled "red" by the mainstream media, and even then not by a mandate of voters, and certainly does not represent me, and I am sorry, world, that my countrymen were so stupid and shortsighted, and, ugh, Christian, to vote for a monkey,

Be sure to travel over to E. M. Zanotti site and browse around. It will be time well spent because Zanotti has a wonderful blog going.

Oh, and support her with some comments - pro or con. (attn. con - expect to lose any disagreements.)

L.A. Times says "Nuke The Filibuster"

Quotes from the LAT editorial "Nuke The Filibuster":

At the risk of seeming dull or unfashionable for not getting our own intellectual makeover, we still think judicial candidates nominated by a president deserve an up-or-down vote in the Senate. We hardly see eye to eye with the far right on social issues, and we oppose some of these judicial nominees, but we urge Republican leaders to press ahead with their threat to nuke the filibuster. The so-called nuclear option entails a finding by a straight majority that filibusters are inappropriate in judicial confirmation battles.
Liberal interest groups determined to keep Bush nominees off the bench are in such a frenzy that they would have you believe that the Senate filibuster lies at the heart of all American freedoms, its lineage traceable to the Constitution, if not the Magna Carta. The filibuster, a parliamentary tactic allowing 41 senators to block a vote by extending debate on a measure indefinitely, is indeed venerable — it can be traced back two centuries. But it is merely the product of the Senate's own rule-making, altered over time; the measure was not part of the founding fathers' checks and balances to prevent a tyranny of the majority. The Senate's structure itself was part of that calculus.

But the Senate shouldn't stop with filibusters over judges. It should strive to nuke the filibuster for all legislative purposes. - end quote -

prying1 sez:
The Republicans are not calling for an end to all filibusters. Just to have the judicial nominees brought to the floor for a vote. It seems the LAT crossed the line to the Right (Conservative) side on this issue and kept on walking...

Hope they don't get lost wandering around like that...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Absolutely Absolute Truth!

prying1 sez: Gone Away ~ The Journal of Clive Allen in America has an interesting post on POETRY! (22-APR-05)

You sez: Poetry you say. Well who cares?

prying1 sez: I don't much except I like to learn stuff even if I never get to use it. Who knows when Alex Trebeck will come up to me and demand I be on Jeopardy to challenge Ken Jennings one on one. I gots to be prepared just in case.

You sez: Ok what about Clive's post.

prying1 sez: Well, go look at it in case Alex calls you up instead of me and while you are there check in the comments section where this exchange takes place:

Jodie said -

The only problem with absolute truth, Gone, is who gets to pick what it is? People these days have a terrible time agreeing on even the smallest of matters. :)

Gone Away replied -

That's just the point, Jodie: nobody picks absolute truth, it just is. And we ignore it at our peril. Would any of us decide that there is no such thing as gravity and jump off the Empire State building to prove our point? I think not. And whether we like it or not, there are truths as immutable as the law of gravity that pertain to right and wrong, good and evil, that we ignore or seek to argue away at our peril. It may not suit our personal agenda that there are basic truths about society that, if ignored, will destroy society. We see the evidence of our willful decision that societal rules no longer apply in our "enlightened society" all around us. How much longer can we ignore truth before society collapses into a new dark age?

Maybe I should blog this. It is, after all, what lies at the root of our cultural decay.

You sez: What does that have to do with poetry?

prying1 sez: Everything my lad, everything...

Haloscan - Trackback Auto Install WIPED OUT the comments amounts on all my posts. Each comments line says ZERO. It seems however the comments are still there. BUT new comments are not registering with the old comments. Guess I'll write to them and suggest they put a disclaimer on the autoinstall page...

I just wish I had taken the time to add the trackback info by hand.