Monday, January 14, 2008

Self Promotion of Your Website

Trying to promote your website can be time consuming. I know because I haven't been working on it and my hits have dropped off. Part of that drop for this blog is my irregularity in posting. People come by for a week and see the same posting they stop coming by. Especially if your last posting was a poem on "The Hammer Throw".

Anyway. I was over at Bookshop Blog's Forum and posted the 'Self Promotion - Networking' thread the following piece. Rereading it before clicking 'post' I saw that this idea can be applied to websites and blogs other than just book sales.

Hope you can use this:

I listen to talk radio and on occasion call in. Only once have I had a chance to do it but ask the radio show host if you can promote/plug your website/bookstore over the air.

Don't just call in to plug away. Have a legitimate question or statement to make concerning the present topic being discussed on the show. Make sure it is legitimate because listeners can tell and you don't want them thinking you are just a self promoting jerk.

I find it best to make a couple notes with the show host's name, (don't want to mess that up!) any greeting the regular callers use, and your statement or question. - DON'T read off the paper into the telephone. It just doesn't work.

It also helps if the question or statement is semi-intelligent.

Weekends are a good time because they have shows of many topics and it is easier to get through when you call in. Find one that really interests YOU. You might find religious shows, computer shows, pet shows, cooking shows where you tie in your plug with some book titles you might have. You want to pick a show that interests you just in case the show host decides to engage you in conversation.

You might want to have a list handy of some 'tie in titles' just in case you get to talk books after the plug...

To make sure you don't get cut off before the plug and that you do get it in you can start the conversation with, "I've a question and if you don't mind I'd like to plug my website." (my business, my store, etc...) - Most show hosts will be gracious and let you do it.

- If you work it right the conversation might turn to books for a minute or so. You might want to have a list handy of some 'tie in titles' just in case you get to talk books after the plug... -


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