Saturday, January 15, 2005

Who is this O'REILLY character???

Ok, I'm not a big wig or smart guy compared to Bill O'Reilly but when I read the text of the Hewitt O'Reilly Transcript At johnny dollar's place I was amazed by this statement from the master of the show.

O'REILLY: All right, so you're saying to me, I hope you're right, you're saying to me that there are far more honest voices on the internet than corrupt people. Is that what you're saying?

with Hewitts reply: Of course. There's a World newspaper, which is a tabloid, and then there's Brit Hume. There's a lot of difference in between. There are bad bloggers, and there are very smart bloggers.

What I cannot understand is the mentality of O'Reilly. Is he of the opinion that most bloggers are unethical? I guess he really knows nothing of the blogosphere and doesn't blog jump around the sites as many do.. If he does I figure he must be hitting all the wrong sites....

Oh, One thing I noticed on
johnny dollar's place - - - His 'Black Blog Ops' post has an update near the bottom of the page

-quote- Mis-transcribed dollar figure referenced by O'Reilly corrected. -end quote-

So how honest is that? Johnny Dollar made an error, corrected it and told us about it.

Thanks Johnny! You proved Hugh's point...
and I bet you didn't get paid under the table for it...

Friday, January 14, 2005

Gotta wonder what CBS is thinking?

What in the world are they thinking of over at CBS? Re: CBS network's "independent" panel report a couple days ago says there was NO Political Bias... (imagine a rolling on floor laughing smiley face here)

I'm guessing that the execs. over there were pumping mescaline spores through the air conditioning.
Psychedelic drugs must have been in use. How else could they not see they needed to admit the papers were forged and dump Dan Rather to regain any credibility with their dwindling audience.

I would have loved to have seen them dig out the truth of WHO forged Killian's signature. They have the story right there and won't go for it? Could it be that they REALLY KNEW the memos were produced on a modern computer and went ahead with the circus show anyway?

Even I don't think they could/would be that stupid, BUT..... I still wonder...

Hallucinations abounded if they thought any right minded truth seeker would be fooled by the whitewash of this report.... A slimy pit of vipers says this citizen.

Advertisement: Wanted: semi-energetic young person to stand in front of a camera and read what we tell you to. No experience necessary. Lack of conscience a plus. Contact any Major Network News Room. Conservative Bloggers need not apply...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Who Forged the Papers?

Listening to Talk Radio all day it seems most of the hosts are occupied/concerned with what Dan Rather and his ilk tried to accomplish by producing the forged documents on the 60 minutes segment. That is trying to affect the election and being promoters of the Democratic Party. A supposed news agency promoting an agenda instead of reporting news.

Running around on the internet I have found virtually nothing on the criminal aspects of what was done. Taking the signature of Mr. Bush's commander, the late Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian, placing it on phony documents/memos is Forgery and is a crime. Fraud is another word that comes to mind.

I am wondering WHO it was that perpetrated this fraud and will that person be charged with a crime?

I for one am sick and tired of criminal activity being unpunished. I feel it is time for a real fact finding investigation. Not a phony one like CBS handed us. These so called newsmen should be forced to reveal the true source of the fabrications they foisted on us...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Need a place to send donations???

Today I recieved an email from a new online friend. It was actually a forwarded letter from Glen "Jeep" Holthaus. It touched me deeply and so I wanted to share at least a portion of his letter with others...

Lek and sister #5 got back last night from their 3rd trip south, finally. They ran into many problems in delivering the aid. They went to Khao Lak area and saw only 3 other trucks in that area delivering supplies while they were there. The roads around the worst area are torn up badly in some areas and they got one of the trucks stuck in the mud for a few hours until they finally got it jerked out by an elephant that was working in the area. Only problem was it tore off the bumper of the truck, so that is going to cost me to repair it. We don't have any pictures of the trucks handing out the supplies. I thought of that before they left, but felt that it wouldn't be a good idea for her and her sister to look like they had much money or valuables, so I told her to leave the digital camera home and to only travel with about 3,000 baht small change in her pockets. Good thing I did it turns out. They were held up at gunpoint twice while in the desolate areas trying to get to the Khao Lak area via the back roads. First time they were held up by 3 men who had one pistol. They gave the girls and drivers the once over and seeing they hadn't anything of value to steal, just took what the 3 could carry on their bodies back to the jungle. She is sure they were just very hungry people, since all they took was light weight food supplies.

The second time they were stopped at gunpoint was by 6 men in Thai army uniforms. Once again they took what they wanted out of the trucks and ran off into the woods. I am glad the girls didn't have any thing of value on them, because it may have been a lot worse. As it was, they only lost about 5% of their cargo. When they finally stopped the trucks at a hard hit area where there were people mulling about searching through the rubble. They were mobbed. There was no order at all to the people taking the supplies. Only chaos. They were very desperate people. It took only about 15 minutes for the people to unload the trucks and they were off in a flash trying to start fires in the bbq cookers we provided and were cooking away very quickly and eating with their hands as fast as any food was even partially ready to eat. After about 2 hours after Lek had been talking with the people, they turned the trucks around and started to leave the area. As soon as the trucks were turned around, they were mobbed again and they took as many people as would fit in the trucks back with them to a refugee area on the highway. Lek says she couldn't count how many people were in the 2 trucks, but she says she thinks it was at least 50 per truck. When they reached the refugee area, Lek said her passengers mobbed the mess tent en masse and no amount of the people who were there working with the charity organizations could get them into any semblance of order. Total chaos reigned, again.
Lek and sister #5 decided to get the hell out of there and return to Pattaya post haste, and wasted no time getting out of there. They didn't waste time going the couple of hours down the road to Phuket since she said they had seen hundreds of trucks heading into that area on the way down. She says she spoke with a few of the aid workers at the refugee area who told her that they expected some of the relief organizations and choppers into the area in a day or two. The workers also said that the collection area in Phuket itself was jam packed with agencies, supplies, trucks, government officials, etc. and that moving around in the Phuket area with the 2 trucks Lek had would have been difficult. They also told her all the stores from Songkla south were already charging higher prices for the basic supplies needed in the south.

end story

The email was much longer (3 pages out of my printer). From the email I decided to check into Glen's charity work a bit deeper.

">Link to "Computers For Thai Kids Charity Project"

"Jeep" is, at this point in time, concentrating on helping the victims of the tsunami and is really making sure the help is taken to the bottom level. If you are/were like I am/was, and unsure of where to put your money in disaster relief PLEASE consider donating. He has a PayPal account and a secure credit card service.

For a forward of the complete email I recieved please write to: prytor at(@)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

For Seth

This poem was written by a wonderful lady whose faith is apparent in her emails. That doesn't mean we don't have to lift her and her family up in prayer. It would be a good thing if throughout your day and as it comes to your memory to say a quick, "Lord, protect them." for all the service men helping to bring freedom and democracy to this troubled world.

The Weavers like countless other families have a son in Iraq. After Rusty's recent departure Debbie wrote this poem.


Now Big Guy you dry those tears

Take my hand and share your fears.

I’m going back--that makes you sad?

Well, come real close, listen to dad:

You know I’d rather stay home with you

But dad’s a soldier with things to do.

I’ll think of you and make some plans

While I work in desert sands;

When my duty is done at last

I’m coming home to you real fast.

So go to school, learn and play

And patiently await my homecoming day.

Love, Dad

Autumn in My Heart!

The following was sent to me from a friend who is a poet as well as a loving mother. Debbie's son Rusty is serving us in Iraq and his daughter Autumn, along with his sons Seth and Austin, needs you to pray for his safety!

Autumn in My Heart

Daddy loves you this I know

For my heart has told me so,

Though through war we part awhile

I carry in my heart a smile,

For when I'm tired, alone or sad

I just remember I'm your dad.

While I'm gone remember this:

Upon your cheek your daddy's kiss,

My whispered tales of things to come

When my duty here is done;

And in your ear my promise true

I will come back home to you.




- Truth or ??? -

In starting my first post to my new blog I find a lot of stuff in my head wants to come out all at once. One word however comes to the forefront and might be found to be a recurring theme throughout my blogs.


As I have visited other blogs I have found that the majority of those who post are concerned with accuracy in what they post. When giving opinions they state so. When reporting on news they provide links. When they discover they erred, without hesitation, they fess up and offer corrections.

I believe this is because a lot of bloggers are concerned with and for the truth. The funny thing about truth is the adjectives that can go with it. Immutable is one that comes to mind. If I tell you something, ie... "The sky is blue.", and you take me outdoors and show me a grey overcast day I find I did not tell you a truth. I must modify my statement, "The sky is usually or sometimes blue." If I chose to remain adamant and make excuses I appear to be a fool.

I cannot claim to tell you a truth one day and then, say a week later, come up to you and tell you I have a greater truth that supercedes lasts weeks truth and now makes it null and void. Last weeks 'truth' never was true or perhaps this weeks 'truth' is really flawed. If conflicting, either one or the other is really true and therefore conforms to facts and reality.

One problem I have with the (unchangable) truth is sometimes I do not like it. I might prefer to ignore it but it in no way ceases to be the truth because of my attitude or wishes. So it goes.

Protogoras, the fifth century B.C. greek Philosopher, maintained that all is illusion, and that there is no such thing as truth. But Aristotle refuted him by the following dilemma: "Your proposition is true or false: if it is false then you are answered: if true, then there is something true, and your proposition fails."