Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mobile Blogging Service Offered by Google

(From PC Magazine / - Google has introduced a new service for that enables users to create new blogs and post images and text via mobile devices. A consumer using Verizon, AT&T, Cingular, Sprint or T-Mobile can send an e-mail or MMS to, which instantly creates a new Weblog containing the information sent to Blogger. Google will then email the URL and a claim code back to the user, allowing him or her to view and manage the new blog.
and - - to get started!

The initial page will be a generic-looking site and users will be required to enter the claim codes, which will then allow them to change the templates, blog names, and colors, edit previous posts and activate other features. One such feature will apply to users who want to add mobile posts to an existing blog.

The Blogger Mobile site offers a word of warning to users who have a blog address which does not contain—any mobile posts made before making the switch will not be moved over automatically.

"So, if you plan on publishing mobile posts to your hosted blog, we recommend you to claim and switch early, thus avoiding a potential nuisance," the site says.


Another link for this story and links to googles service:

10 Commandments and U.S. Law

National Legal Foundation has a page that shows all 10 commandments being used and impacting America law and jurisprudence. Court decisions in times past has utilized the 10 commandments and the precedence is to continue doing so, NOT to abolish their use.

- It is interesting to cut and paste some of the case names into Google and see what comes up. -

Friday, May 06, 2005

Radio Blogger Sets Record at Disneyland

Radio Blogger, Generalissimo Duane - The Producer of Hugh Hewitt's radio show went through hell and lived to tell about it. The May 5th show was broadcast from Disneyland. Hugh, in his usual perverse fashion thought up a torture for Generalissimo Duane that surpasses anything the bleeding hearts would allow for terrorist prisoners. Fifty nonstop trips - in honor of Disney's 50th anniversary - through the Disneyland "It's a Small World".

Anyone who has ever ridden on this knows how the song can stick with you for the rest of the Disney experience. I figure for Duane it is going to take at least 3 weeks to recover.

Duane was on the 50th trip through when the show ended. Hugh claimed that he had not accomplished the goal. "So close but not good enough", Hugh said. This was said after he had given Duane the hope that if he was on the 50th trip it would count. Pulled the rug out of Generalissimo's crowning achievement in life. I wrote to Generalissimo to give him encouragement.

- Email do Duane - quote -
Ask Hugh if he believes in the Bible. It says - Out of the mouths of
two or three witnesses every truth shall be established - There has
been more than 3 witnesses (counting myself) that will verify Hugh
said getting in the ride on #50 counted.

Jesus said "It is finished." before he died even though he had not yet
given up the ghost at that point.

I believe as the boat entered the building on ride #50 you to had the
right to claim as Jesus did, "It is finished."
- end quote -

God Bless generalissimo Duane - Radio Blogger - A true hero!

update: Rob Ismael, who joined Duane on the ride as moral backup has been bloging on this as well. He hopes to find the tape of Hugh saying, on the ride for number 50 counts. Check out his site and be sure to leave a comment. He needs encouragement too.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Authorities Arrest al-Qaida's No. 3 Commander

Hat tip to Hugh Hewitt -

NYTimes - U.S. counterterrorism official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said al-Libby was the No. 3 al-Qaida figure behind bin Laden and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who was captured in March 2003. The official called this arrest the most significant blow to al-Qaida since Mohammed's capture, saying al-Libbi is believed responsible for planning attacks around the world, including in the United States. - ''Their leadership and support network is fraying,'' said the official, who called this a ''significant capture'' and ''another chapter in the degradation of their network.''

Interior Minister Aftab Khan Sherpao described al-Libbi as an ''al-Qaida planner'' who held a senior place in the terror group's hierarchy. He said the U.S. government was offering a $10 million bounty for information leading to al-Libbi's arrest...

prying1 sez:
This shows that the war against terrorism must continue. One by one the bricks fall and the wall comes tumbling down. As a result the world will (and is) a safer place as these terrorist groups find their support withering away.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Is This True Love?

The reason I came up with this blog is because I heard on Sean Hannity's radio program today the perfect example of love. You most likely heard of the Runaway Bride who disappeared from Duluth, Georgia 4 days before her wedding. The woman was missing for 4 days and everyone suspected foul play. She showed up in New Mexico alive and well. Apparently fear and perhaps insecurity or a panic attack drove her to take off the way she did. When she was returned to her home in Georgia, John Mason, her fiance met her and gave her the engagement ring she had left behind.

Quote - "'Cause we haven't walked down the aisle, just because we haven't stood in front of 500 people and said our I dos, you know, my commitment before God to her was the day I bought that ring and put it on her finger and I'm not backing down from that now," Mason told Hannity. - end quote -

A good description of true love comes to us in the words of St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians. (1 Cor. Ch.13 v.4 - 7) - Love is patient and is kind; love doesn't envy. Love doesn't brag, is not proud, doesn't behave itself inappropriately, doesn't seek its own way, is not provoked, takes no account of evil; doesn't rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. ... - (v.13) But now faith, hope, and love remain-these three. The greatest of these is love. (WEB)

This description is set in what might be called the more mystical chapters of the New Testament. They both deal with the gifts and workings of the Spirit of God. It seems from the 3 chapters that the Corinthian Church had a problem with various members thinking they, as individuals, were more important to the church than others around them. Paul set them straight by explaining that despite ones gifts or job description, no matter how exalted in the eyes of others, each individual was important in order to uphold the persons next to them. Yet, he says, The best way to walk with God is to walk in love.

How to do this? Back to the first paragraph.

Be patient with others. Sounds easy huh? It is unless that other is the slowpoke that slows down (a lot) and takes forever to turn the corner to get out of your way. Or perhaps the person in front of you at the grocers. The one that counts out 45 cents in pennies.

Love is Kind. No problem. Just don't kick the dog. Oh, and let your neighbor know that you will help them when they need it not just when it is convenient for you.

Love does not envy. Now who would envy the junk that guy has. I wouldn't own anything he has. I always pay top dollar for everything I own which brings us to: Love does not brag, is not proud (puffed up)

I'm sure you can go through the rest of the list and if you are honest you can find areas in your life that are a bit weak in the love department. I know I sure can.

One most important thing about love that John Mason exhibits is that LOVE IS A DECISION AND A COMMITMENT!

Congratulations to his future bride, Jennifer Wilbanks, She is getting a good man.