Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hugh for Secretary of State

Radio Blogger is asking for people to write to the Governor of California requesting he temporarily appoint Hugh Hewitt to the position.
Kevin Shelly has resigned apparently because he is more corrupt than even democrats can stand. (Michelle Malkin has the story) This leaves the position open long enough for Hugh to be appointed, fly up to Sacramento, fire everybody, resign and scuttle back to the studio in L.A. to do his radio show. - Please jump on the bandwagon and write to the Gov. today! Who knows - He might write back to you and you will get to tell your friends, "Arnold and I are good buds!"
Following is my letter to Governor Schwartzenegger:

Dear Governor,

I hope you will seriously consider giving the job of Secretary of State to Hugh Hewitt on a temporary basis - A day or perhaps a week. - It is not like he is a NORMAL Talk Show Host. - You know, big mouth and opinionated - Well, perhaps opinionated but in a good way. - I do believe though, by doing so you will bring national attention to the state and perhaps increase the amount of visitors to our fair state. Plus I think it might liven up the stuffy halls (due to others, not you, of course.) at the state capitol. - Paul Young -

The Free Lunch Bunch

An Open Letter To: Paul Krugman of the NY Times

You are really a sad excuse for a newspaperman. I would much prefer to see real numbers and perhaps even a hint at the plan the Democrats want to propose. Or is their plan , "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead."

Instead of real facts the world gets pap from democratic/socialistic talking points. Have you ever had or printed an original thought??? - How does it feel to be a lapdog to Washington fatcats like Ted (hic!) Kennedy?

THEN you have the audacity to expect me to accept a quote from Michael Kinsley, editorial and opinion editor of The Los Angeles Times. - The same boob who had recently allowed lies printed alleging Dr. James Dobson said "DARKLY" that Spongebob was homosexual. OH, BUT WAIT! Didn't the NYT print that phony story first? If ever there was a statue erected for journalists at the NYT and LAT Americans would pull it down and start slapping it with their shoes. - Paul Young -

RE: The Free Lunch Bunch
From The NY Times
Published: January 21, 2005
...If people are rightly skeptical about claims that Social Security faces an imminent crisis, just wait until they start looking closely at the supposed solution.
At this point in the article something could have been said about the proposed solution instead this highly respected 'journalist' comes up with a snappy line that ignores the fact that money going into Social Security is not the governments money but money that belongs to the person that WORKED for it. - I thought the Communist, Oops, I mean Democrat party was the WORKERS PARTY!
President Bush is like a financial adviser who tells you that at the rate you're going, you won't be able to afford retirement - but that you shouldn't do anything mundane like trying to save more. Instead, you should take out a huge loan, put the money in a mutual fund run by his friends (with management fees to be determined later) and place your faith in capital gains.
You continually ignore the fact that the money that goes into Social Security is money that is earned by the WORKER not something given to him by the largesse of the government.
That, once you cut through all the fine phrases about an "ownership society," is how the Bush privatization plan works. Payroll taxes (Money earned by the WORKER) would be diverted into private accounts (owned by the WORKER), forcing the government to borrow to replace the lost revenue.
This is the devious part of the article. "forcing the government to borrow to replace the lost revenue." Since when is the money taken from WORKERS paychecks revenue for the government???
Excuse me but I thought that this money was designed to help the old folks when they retire not to keep the government clicking along like a supertrain to hell. (See, I can come up with snappy lines too!)
The whole scheme ignores the most basic principle of economics: there is no free lunch.
Unless of course you are a Senator and it is not your Social Security money being spent on studies of the mating habits of Brazilian butterflies.
There are several ways to explain why this particular lunch isn't free, but the clearest comes from Michael Kinsley, editorial and opinion editor of The Los Angeles Times. He points out that the math of Bush-style privatization works only if you assume both that stocks are a much better investment than government bonds and that somebody out there in the private sector will nonetheless sell those private accounts lots of stocks while buying lots of government bonds.
stocks are a much better investment than government bonds
From this point in the article continues with twisted logic and onesided arguments that offer no alternative. Typical liberal garbage. Not one mention the plan is optional. - Think these people will get a life? I doubt it...

Friday, February 04, 2005


Hugh Hewitt interviewed Rony Abovitz, the journalist and blogger who first broke the story on Eason Jordan's comment that the U.S. military was targeting journalists for assassination. We learn that the meeting in which the comments were made were most likely video taped. Rony said, "I saw a cameraman operating a camera throughout the session filming everything. Unless he was just there going through the motions, it was taped."
So now I ask if Mr. Jordan feels he is being singled out with undeserved persecution why isn't HE demanding to have the tape shown to the world?
--------I would like to see or hear a better explanation than he gave to Rebecca MacKinnon:
"I did not say all journalists killed were targeted, but that some were shot at on purpose and were not collateral damage victims. In response to a question about whether I believed the U.S. military meant to kill journalists in Iraq, I said, no, I did not believe the U.S. military was trying to kill journalists in Iraq."
And this was said after journalists were embedded with our forces and covering the war first hand.

In trying to get an email address for Richard D. Parsons, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Time Warner, I found that by going through Time Warner's Web Pages there is no email address readily accessible for him - He need to be sent a copy of Blog : Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World
by Hugh Hewitt
- It would only do good for his company...

(I would send him a copy but I gave my extra one to my Pastor and I'm sure he will not part with it.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Christian Aid Reports Billions Missing in Iraq

Christian Aid - A U.K. bases charity has claimed that Billions of Iraqi money earmarked for reconstruction had gone missing.
In a scathing new report to Congress, Gen Stuart Bowen, the special inspector general for Iraqi reconstruction, said that while the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) was careful to monitor the spending of US taxpayers' money in Iraq, it failed to provide proper oversight of projects paid for with Iraq's own funds.
previously 4 billion was claimed to be missing but now the number is claimed to be nearly 13 billion.
Corpwatch has some examples of pilfering of the funds:
One example was poor control over an oil pipeline repair contract that resulted in more than $3 million in overcharges, including billing for work not done. Also, the assistant to the U.S. military coach for an Iraqi sports team gambled away part of the $40,000 allocated for team travel to tournaments.

Officials have seized $29,000 in an investigation of counterfeiting in Iraq, the report to Congress said.

The report did not say if any investigations had resulted in criminal charges but noted that at least two Americans had been fired and returned to the United States. Iraqi prosecutors are handling the case of an Iraqi who took payoffs while falsely claiming to be with the Education Ministry, the report said.
prying1 sez -
Look for scam emails in the near future offering you a chance to help some poor soul whose dead uncle had pilfered it. Just send your bank account number they will give you half...

Eason Jordon Clarifies Statements!

Rebecca MacKinnon received this message from Eason Jordon - Executive Vice President and Chief News Executive of CNN:

Here's what's important. First, I stressed insurgents are to blame for the vast majority of the 63 journalist deaths in Iraq. Second, when Congressman Franks said the 63 journalists killed in Iraq were the unfortunate victims of "collateral damage," I felt compelled to dispute that by pointing out journalists in Iraq are being targeted -- I did not say all journalists killed were targeted, but that some were shot at on purpose and were not collateral damage victims. In response to a question about whether I believed the U.S. military meant to kill journalists in Iraq, I said, no, I did not believe the U.S. military was trying to kill journalists in Iraq. Yet, unfortunately, U.S. forces have killed several people who turned out to be journalists. In several cases, the U.S. troops who killed those people aimed and fired at them, not knowing they were shooting at journalists. However tragic and, in hindsight, by Pentagon admission, a mistake, such a killing does not fall into the "collateral damage" category. In Iraq and Washington, I have worked closely and constructively with U.S. military and civilian leaders in an effort to heighten the odds of survival for the courageous journalists in Iraq.


In a follow-up email he added:

Most importantly, I do not believe the U.S. is trying to kill journalists in Iraq. To the contrary, the U.S. military has worked hard to protect journalists in Iraq. Nevertheless, there have been several tragic episodes in which U.S. forces killed journalists in what turned out to be cases not of collateral damage but of mistaken identity. Feel free to paste that, too.
-------end quote-------


Ed at Captain's Quarters has a link showing that Eason Jordan - Chief News Executive of CNN - saying:"Actions speak louder than words. The reality is that at least 10 journalists have been killed by the US military, and according to reports I believe to be true journalists have been arrested and tortured by US forces," Mr Jordan told an audience of news executives at the News Xchange conference in Portugal.

----prying1 sez -----

So we have a joker that has, on the record, blasted the U.S. military as an organization that 'tortures' journalists. CNN's archives hold no story to this effect (Link at Captains Quarters to the search page)...

Personally I think that Eason Jordan is a victim in all of this. We should pity the man. It is only obvious he is a victim.

Eason Jordan is a victim of the Peter Principle' which states: Employees within an organization will advance to their highest level of competence and then be promoted to and remain at a level at which they are incompetent.

Transcripts of the meeting would help...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Osama Captured

Here it is. The official government inspected picture of the capture of Osama Bin Laden! This has been verified as real by the FBI labs as NOT photoshop enhanced!

Thanks to Radio Blogger and the Free Republic for this one I understand they got the report out before Drudge!

Thanksgiving from Iraq

This is from George Grants Blog King's Meadow - Thought it was well worth sharing - Well worth visiting there - Lot of good stuff!

Thanksgiving from Iraq

Today I (George Grant) received a short note of thanks from my friend, Raz Rasool. Mrs. Rasool was a candidate for the Iraqi Congress in Sunday's election. She is also the cofounder of the Women's Alliance for a Democratic Iraq. Her note was simple and to the point:

A warm hug of appreciation from Iraq to the Good Hearts, the Brave Hearts in the United States. Congratulations for us and for you are in order for the great success of the Iraqi Election Day. Today we are not only free but we have stood united for democracy. Today we marked our history with the bright words, "Winning the War Against Terror and Against Dictatorship." Today we won our identity before the watching eyes of the entire world. Today Iraq is for us and we are for Iraq, while yesterday Iraq was for Saddam and Saddam was Iraq. Today Iraq is for us all: Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, Turkomen, and many others, while yesterday we were all isolated and alone, looking for a home of dignity, humanity and peace.

After all this, how could I even begin to say "thank you?" Yet, I must try.

Thank you, America, for everything you have given from your families to the families of Iraq. Thank you for every minute you have contributed to Iraq. Thank you for every word of support. Thank you for every courageous moment. Thank you for every gift of aid, every project, every rebuilding enterprise. Thank you for being the best friend Iraq ever had. Thank you on behalf of our Halabja, Anfal, tortured men and women in the prisons of Saddam. Thank you on behalf of all Iraqi innocents who have given their lives for precious freedom. Thank you on behalf of next generation of peace and hope in the Middle East.

Thank you. I send a warm hug from Iraq to the Brave Hearts in America.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Toy Doll as Hostage?

Apparently a G.I. Joe style doll has been taken hostage or is being used in some sort of hoax or scam. - Isamic militants claimed they captured an American G.I. and have a pic of him on their website. - BUT! -

--from CBS story--

.....a spokesman for Dragon Models USA Inc. said the figure in the photograph resembles "Cody", an action figure based on US special forces soldiers fighting in Iraq.

....."For us, it bears a striking resemblance," spokesman Liam Cusack said from the company's headquarters in City of Industry, California.

--end quote--

prying1 says: -

Looks like a hoax to me but I have to wonder if those purported to be the "Mujahedeen Squadrons - Iraq" were taken for a ride on this one - They sure look foolish and this is bound to loose their support...

CNN Chief Eason Jordon Needs Job Change has a nice (???) piece on the United States Military targeting and murdering journalists!

Eason Jordan, Chief News Executive of CNN made this claim on the 27th of January at a meeting for the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davos, Switzerland and it is just today hitting the blogs...


During one of the discussions about the number of journalists killed in the Iraq War, Eason Jordan asserted that he knew of 12 journalists who had not only been killed by US troops in Iraq, but they had in fact been targeted. He repeated the assertion a few times, which seemed to win favor in parts of the audience (the anti-US crowd) and cause great strain on others...


To be fair (and balanced), Eason did backpedal and make a number of statements claiming that he really did not know if what he said was true, and that he did not himself believe it. But when pressed by others, he seemed to waver back and forth between what might have been his beliefs and the realization that he had created a kind of public mess. His statements, his reaction, and the reaction of all in attendance left me perplexed and confused. Many in the crowd, especially those from Arab nations, applauded what he said and called him a "very brave man" for speaking up against the U.S. in a public way amongst a crowd ready to hear anti-US sentiments. I am quite sure that somewhere in the Middle East, right now, his remarks are being printed up in Arab language newspapers as proof that the U.S. is an evil and corrupt nation. That is a real nightmare, because the Arab world is taking something said by a credible leader of the media (CNN!) as the gospel, or koranic truth. What is worse is that I am not really sure what Eason really meant to communicate to us, but I do know that he was quite passionate about it. Members of the audience took away what they wanted to hear, and now they will use it in every vile and twisted way imaginable.


Eason Jordon is the same person who admitted that C.N.N. knew of the atrocities Saddam was committing but did not report them to the world... - Click here for more on that story from Scripting News - and - Here for NYT story

-----prying1 says---

Who is this boob and WHO gave him his job???

Monday, January 31, 2005

More on Coptic Christian Slaying

Michelle Malkin has this report posted - Re: The murder of the Coptic Christian Armanious family in New Jersy, U.S.A.
----From Michelle's post ----
Shortly after the murders, members of the Egyptian consulate went to visit the family to encourage them to keep quiet. And many family members have obeyed, saying nothing to reporters or anyone else. However, two family members and another Copt viewed the bodies at the funeral home. One of these eyewitnesses said that he clearly saw that the family members had not suffered ?stab wounds to the throat,? as the prosecutor?s report states, but rather the following:

A. Both adults, Hossam and Amal, had a horizontal slit across the throat. Below the slit, on the left, right and middle of the throat were three holes, big enough so that one could place a finger in each hole. According to the eyewitness, it was as if the assailant(s) took a knife and turned it repeatedly in a circular fashion, as if to screw holes into the victims? necks.

B. The two young girls, Sylvia (15) and Monica (8), also had a horizontal slits in their throats, along with two holes bored below the slits, one on the right and one on the left sides of their necks. The holes were similar to those on their parents? necks.

C. The eyewitness said although the bodies of the victims were all covered, he was able to see the arms of the little girl Monica. Although the tattoo of the cross inside Monica?s wrist was not defaced, he saw that her wrists were cut. He was not able to see the wrists of the other victims to see if the crosses on their wrists were defaced.

D. Though the family wants to reserve judgment until the results of the case are released, they did say that the way the four family members were bound and gagged and the way their throats were slit with holes carved is similar to executions that are shown on al-Jazeera. The American public is not aware of this because the details of the executions are not often described in news accounts.

Amal Garas?s father said that (contrary to many news reports and CAIR?s press release) none of the family?s jewelry was taken, and that Amal owned some quite expensive pieces that were not touched. At the time of her murder, Amal was wearing a ring worth $3,500 that was not taken.

Letter from U.S. Soldier in Iraq

My uncle sent this to me - his note below the -----
He got it from someone whose note is below the ++++++
I didn't originate any of this... Got it from a friend who got it from a friend !!! But it is worth reading !!!!
This was forwarded to me last night from a friend. It was sent by her nephew, who is currently serving in Iraq:

Hello Everyone,
Wanted to shoot out a quick update on today: The election went better than any of us here could have expected. There is feeling of elation here that we haven't felt in quite some time. We've been looking forward to this day for the year we've been here and now that's it's complete, and went well, it just feels like this thousand ton elephant jumped off the old shoulders. This will of course be spun in so many different ways back home but I was so proud of the Iraqi people today. They really stepped up and had the courage to take charge of their country...Here are just a few things that stood out for me:

-We had thousands of people walk from Abu Guraib (of prison fame) to a nearby town to vote... Because Abu G. was simply too dangerous to set up voting facilities...These people walked 20 kilometers (about 12 miles)...ONE WAY to voting stations..Many of them with no shoes.

-The Iraqi soldier who blocked a man with a suicide vest and kept him from entering a polling station only to be killed while saving countless lives.

-The Iraqi people dancing in the streets in celebration (no car traffic allowed today) was a carnival atmosphere here.

-The voters proudly holding up their inked finger (ink to prevent double voting) to show they had voted.

-We had some walk in suicide bombers in Baghdad (none actually made it inside the voting facilities thank God) but as they blew themselves up near voting was incredible to see the crowds run away only to see them reform several minutes later to continue voting as emergency crews were picking up bodies of the dead and treating the wounded around them.

I tell you what I thought about most today were those poor ignorant people back home who don't exercise their right to vote in the U.S.. We take so much for granted at home....and here in Iraq, these people being threatened with their very lives, were walking to the polling stations to exercise their most sacred democratic right. Can't wait to get home and hear the first person tell me that they don't have time to vote.

I think we all understand this is still a long road ahead but this was certainly a good move in the right direction...So a great day all around...Made even better because I got to watch the day unfold with my replacement from the 3rd Infantry Division. We have about a month left here before we move to Kuwait and unfort. The war will still be there in the morning....But today sure did feel GREAT!!

Miss You All! Dan

Dobson's Words About the Spongebob Flap

Here in it's entirety is Dobson's letter explaining the lies and distortions over accusing him of saying Spongebob is homosexual.

This is long but parents should read it and if your child is going to be included in the groups of kids asked to sign the pledge ask them to not sign or redact the sexual orientation line.

Thanks to HobbsOnline for this one

Sunday, January 30, 2005

No More Spam?

---------- quote ----
From ClickzNews: - If Bill Gates is correct, it may be the end of the world as we know it -- or the end of spam, anyway. - The founder of Microsoft predicted a spam-free world by 2006 in an interview with talk show host Charlie Rose in Davos, Switzerland, Friday, according to a company spokesman. The event occurred before a group of World Economic Forum participants. -
---------- end quote ------
prying1 sez:
The question really comes down to, "Will the Software engineers be able to come up with enough gimmicks to stop/slow down spam where it becomes unprofitable?"


"Is there some way to punish the idiots that buy spammers crapola and thereby giving the spammers profits..."