Friday, June 09, 2006

Will Parental Guidance Be Enough?

What happens when they make a clean movie that has religious themes? Punishment of course. Hollywood has changed (or perhaps 'added to' is a better way to say it) the rules with which they rate the movies. The rules are pretty simple. They look for how much violence, sexual situations, nudity and bad language is in the film. But now!

Nehring The Edge Has the Story!

A Christian film has been given a harsher rating because of its open and continual references to Jesus Christ.


After reviewing the upcoming Christian film Facing The Giants the MPAA has stated the film, since it refers to Jesus Christ in a "proselytizing" way, may be too offensive for some filmgoers.

prying1 sez: Just click the link above. Nehring has the complete skinny and all the links.

Should the PG rating for a Christian film be enough? Perhaps they should demand an atheist preach prior to and after the film.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Abu Musab Al-Zarqawia Has Assumed Room Temperature

For lots of good links to videos, pics, stories and such - Check AubreyJ

He has it all!

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Thank a Veteran

Have you ever noticed how some greetings and statements become mindless, rote words with no meaning behind them. I thought of this while checking the comments on News, Views 'n Opinions. I had made a comment on Jon's post, I wish the MSM and Dems would wait - 3Jun06 - and was checking back to see if anything new had been added to the thread. There was.

I had thanked Jon for his service in the U.S. military.

He had replied:
Your welcome and thank you for saying it. I wish more people would thank our current men and women in the military that are in harms way and stop attacking them. They volunteered to defend our country and its freedom and just because these Anti-War pansy's don't like the fact that we are in Iraq and Afghanistan doesn't mean they should be blasting our troops every chance they get.

This got me to thinking that I had really meant the thank you and every time I say it to vets I really mean it. I think about it before saying it and it is not like a, "How you doin'" sort of thing.

Then cruising around hitting my blogroll this morning I pass by I'm Thinking of the "O" Word... and Cary Cartter has posted Remembering D-Day - 6Jun06 -

I missed it.

I had heard nothing about the 6-6-6 day being the anniversary of the turning point of WWII. - I had heard quite a bit about it being the Devil's Day (see previous post) and such but not a word did I hear about it being D-Day. - I will say in my defense that I do not read newspapers and often times at work the shop is too loud for me to hear the radio. In condemnation I did not visit I'm Thinking of the "O" Word... for 2 days...

Cary will forgive me because the Bible tells him to.

I said all that to say this. I do not think that saying, "Thank you for your service!" will ever become a rote statement for me. If you hear me say it I will mean it.

I hope that the same goes for you and that you say it every time you meet a vet.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Capitalism Works in Hell!

Socialists! You are hereby put on notice that you will not escape capitalism even if you go to Hell and back. It truly is part of man's inherent nature. Yesterday saw proof of this by the goings on in Hell, Michigan.

On 6-6-6 the small town of around 72 people swelled to thousands as people decided to make a holiday of "The Devil's Day". Temperatures were in a humid mid 80's and trade was brisk. Chad Wines of nearby Pinckney, a sales clerk at Screams Ice Cream Parlor said, "We're making $1,000 every 12 minutes."

Merchandise was marketed in the spirit of the day. Small ice cream cones sold for 66 cents and a square inch of land in Hell, including an official deed, went for $6.66, as did a pizza at the Hell Country Store and a Bloody Cocktail at the Dam Site Inn.

John Colone, Hell's unofficial Mayor, said he wished they had thought of the party idea back in January instead of just a month ago. They were not as prepared as they should have been. Commemorative t-shirts that said Hell on the front and "Once in a Lifetime 6-6-6, June 6, 2006" on the back sold quickly. Around 3200 t-shirts by mid afternoon and at 4:30 a truck rolled up with only 500 more.

Everyone was in a partying mood except for a group of Christians that apparently had not learned how to market Jesus. Standing across the street and carrying signs they missed the opportunity to join the partygoers, to build friendships, relationships and discuss who the final victor is in the Book of Revelation. - I have to wonder if this group looked like they were sucking on lemons.

Here is more about the goings on in Hell on 6-6-6.

Once again a message to socialists. Your philosophy of government is not even accepted in Hell. Don't even try to bring it to Paradise.
Update: This little piece appeared on 6/20/2006 at the WZZM13 News Coverage website -

HELL, Mich. (AP) - The unofficial mayor of Hell is on the hot seat for a party some residents say got out of hand.

Hundreds of people flocked to the Livingston County hamlet to commemorate June sixth, 2006. Three sixes signify the devil according to some Bible interpretations.

Some residents have complained to Putnam Township officials about public urination, blocked roadways and other incidents during the celebration.

Event organizer John Colone has received most of the blame. He says he didn't know what kind of crowd to expect, but has agreed to apologize at Wednesday's township board meeting.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Another Comment on Hadiitha

Originally written as a comment to another blogger's favorable post on the's article, Why Haditha Matters -

Years ago - Vietnam Era - I had a friend that was in the Marines and in Nam. - When he came back he had all sorts of war stories to share. - Instead of IED's it was feces covered punji sticks and bamboo traps. He talked of the Viet Cong (North Vietnamese) giving grenades to children and having them bring them as a gift to American soldiers. He never had to do it but he knew people that had to shoot the children to save their lives and the lives of fellow soldiers. Not to mention the old grenade in the leftenants tent.

On night we got good and drunk and he finally opened up with me. All of the stories he had told me and our friends were BUNK. He had no war stories to tell so he made everything up just to sound like a bigger man than he felt he was. His job in Vietnam was basically garbage detail behind the lines.

By the time we finished our talk we both felt better. Although we have not seen one another for years I know we are still friends.

I have the feeling that Ricardo's friend might be similar to mine. That is, that he is embellishing his story a bit. -

Regarding 'the scores of dead civilians that lay on the sides of the roads he traveled', if true, does not say who killed those people. Yes! War is Hell and bad things happen to good people. But if we pull out now the same thing that happened in Vietnam after the Americans left would happen again. As the U.S. was pulling out it was fighting the last battle. The final helicopters pulled up and were shot at as they rose in the air. The people left behind, the South Vietnamese, were left to the amusements of the Communist North Vietnamese.

Hundred of thousands of innocents were killed by the North Vietnamese. Many fled on tiny boats only to drown. Some made it to Thailand, Singapore or Hong Kong. Some eventually to the U.S.. - Do the people of Iraq deserve to be left to the terrorists? Should the U.S. pull out now or continue going forward with the plan for a free, democratic Iraq? (I don't for a minute believe it will ever look like the U.S. as far as it's government goes but I think they deserve a chance to try self rule without terrorists running amuck all over the country.)

Stories like the one we had last weekend about the School bus kids massacred by terrorists and 50 kidnapped at Iraq bus stations - Gunmen round up victims at random Should tell us who is really the enemy here.

It is NOT George Bush or Rumsfeld. They are not the enemies! There are real evil persons in this world! Good people should be standing up against the terrorists and not the U.S. military. Our side is not deliberately killing innocents like the terrorists are doing. .

We do not know what happened in Haditha as of yet because the rumors go both ways. Are the people putting out the (mis)information on those killed in Haditha of the same persuasion as the terrorists who murdered the children taken off the busses last weekend? Could it have been terrorists who killed the man in the wheelchair? We (and the MSM) do not know the truth yet. Let's kick back a bit and wait for the results of the investigation before we string up U.S. Marines by the thumbs. There are a lot of good American over there trying real hard to help the country pull itself up by the bootstraps.

Lets not cut off their legs before they have a chance to stand up.

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Open Letter to the Today Show

The following email was sent by myself to the Today Show just a short time ago -

Subject line = Ignore those who stifle free speech. -

~~~Original follows~~~

I recieved the following email (see below) from asking me to tell you to not allow Ann Coulter or Bill O'Reilly on your Today program. -

I would prefer it if you allow people from both sides of the aisle/issues to be on your program because I believe most people are intelligent enough to decide for themselves who to believe or not. Those who call it 'hate speech' are simply mis-using political correctness for their own self centered reasons. They do this because they dislike what is being said. It hurts their side of issues.

Please ignore those who would like to stifle those in opposition to their viewpoints.
Continue having the great guest lineup from both sides - Thanks - Paul - -

Forwarded email follows

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Media Matters for America
Date: Jun 6, 2006 9:47 AM
Subject: Why is NBC's Today offering a platform for conservative hate?

June 6, 2006

NBC's Today has recently hosted a number of far-right ideologues. Just this morning, Ann Coulter was on and talked about her new book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism, which is rife with hate speech, including a section about the 9-11 widows in which she wrote: "These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles, reveling in their status as celebrities, and talked about by grief-arazzis. I have never seen people enjoying their husband's deaths so much."

Coulter has a long history of engaging in hateful rhetoric and misinformation, and yet Today still hosted her, giving her book free publicity and a degree of credibility it doesn't deserve. Indeed, this was the third time in eight months that Coulter has appeared on Today. Why?

Unfortunately, Coulter is not the only extremist recently appearing on Today. Earlier this year, Today hosted another right-wing ideologue, Bill O'Reilly, for the third time in just over three months despite the fact that, in his previous appearance on the show, he compared those who support withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq to Hitler appeasers before World War II.

We deserve better than this. Please click here to email Today's producers and urge them to stop giving a platform to radical right-wing ideologues like Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly. Ask them why Today repeatedly hosts such hateful, extremist pundits.

Email address for Today:

Conservative misinformation on Today
Conservative misinformation and inflammatory statements by Ann Coulter
Today hosted O'Reilly again despite smearing war opponents in last appearance
Today's All-Spin Zone: NBC gave O'Reilly forum to compare advocates of withdrawal from Iraq to Hitler appeasers
On NBC's Today show, O'Reilly joined the terrorists-for-Kerry chorus

Forward This E-mail To A Friend
Share your concern about conservative misinformation

© 2006 Media Matters for America
1625 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20036


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School bus kids massacred

I am amazed that the MSM would prefer to wage war against a few good men instead of the terrorists. The Online Sun U.K. has this piece

School bus kids massacred -
CHILDREN were dragged off school minibuses and slaughtered in a weekend of massacres in Iraq.

The youngsters were executed in the street by gunmen as 33 people were slain in a series of attacks.

Twelve students on their way to take exams were hauled off the bus convoy at a fake checkpoint.

Younger children and elderly men were among the nine other helpless Shia or Kurd passengers shot dead.

Four Sunni Arabs were spared.

A police official said: "The attackers dragged them out one by one and executed them."

He said it appeared some tried to flee but were gunned down as they ran.

Yesterday's attack took place in the early hours in the town of Ain Laila in the Diyala province, 80 miles north of Baghdad. The dead students were heading to the town of Baqouba, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad.

One other passenger in the school convoy was wounded.

prying1 sez: What is the ultimate goal of these terrorists? Do they really believe that their god wants them to murder children? Is this sort of behaviour really condoned in the Koran and by the Islam religion?


Then there is this bit of news too. - 50 kidnapped at Iraq bus stations
Gunmen round up victims at random - BAGHDAD -- Gunmen in police uniforms staged a brazen daylight raid on bus stations in central Baghdad yesterday, kidnapping at least 50 people, including travelers and merchants, and vendors selling tea and sandwiches.


Doesn't the MSM get it. We ARE at WAR with some very BAD people. These terrorists cannot have their behaviour explained away with politically correct terms. They need to be stopped and the MSM needs to get on the stick to do their part against them.

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MSM Continues War Against the Good Guys

Gindy gives us a link to a Michelle Malkin article called UK TIMES SMEARS OUR MARINES and is quite a read. - Thanks for the heads up Gindy -

prying1 sez:

In Michelle's article there is a link to the UK Times Story which has these lines in it.

- Quote -

A MEMBER of the US Marines unit accused of murdering 24 unarmed Iraqis said yesterday that his colleagues "were blinded by hate" and lost control before the massacre.
Several members of the unit were young and inexperienced and may have snapped after seeing one of their colleagues killed by the bomb, Corporal Crossan said. "I think they were blinded by hate . . . and they just lost control." Corporal Crossan, who passed out soon after being hit by the bomb in al-Haditha on November 19 last year, said that the unit had a lot of new members.

- end quote -

Last Sunday (4Jun06) I had the opportunity to chat with a young member of the battalion that was involved in this incident. One thing he told me that bothered him was some of Marines talking to the press. The gist of his words were, they were not there, they do not know what happened. I asked him if he could give me any insight into what really happened. He said no and that all he knew was rumors anyway. He was not there either. There is a good man! One of many!!!

Please note that in the above quote from the UK Times that Crossan "passed out". Other news stories say that Crossan was knocked unconscious by the roadside bomb and was pinned under a truck... He didn't witness the shootings, but says emotions would have been running high.

Well Duh!

I do not know if Crossan's words were an interview with the press or how they got these quotes from him. I have to wonder what he said that was left out in the news story. - Anyone have a link to the entire piece instead of these snippets?

I still say we do not know what happened and the anti war faction of this planet is using bits and pieces to mold peoples opinions to be against the war on terror. For what purpose I can only wonder. Surely they don't want terrorists to rule the world.

Or do they???

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Haditha, and the Truth???

The following is a comment I made in answer to another blogger who posted the Haditha article "Why Haditha Matters" from the as if it were fact.

Please notice. In the second sentence of the article there is this: "The killings MAY have been in retaliation...."

That word 'MAY' is what is called a qualifying word. - It allows the writer to back out of his statement because he/she does not know the real answer.

Later in the same sentence they say this: " ...but this was not the work of soldiers gone berzerk"

Let's ask the Nation why, if they don't know the motive, they can so positively state the young Marines in question were 'not berserk'?

This entire article is posed with so called statements that assume guilt without any evidence. The marines cannot and will not talk until the investigation is over. This leaves them at a distinct disadvantage over the news media. For example they cannot and will not tell us if they were pinned down by small arms fire. Nor will they say if it was terrorists using women and children as human shields who murdered those innocents.

Haditha is a hotbed of terrorism. Not freedom fighters! Freedom fighters do not dress as women and bomb mosques. Neither does our Marines. Terrorists will lie too. It would mot hurt to question the motives of the doctor and reporter that helped to break this story. Try using the words, - Haditha Doctor, - in Google or Yahoo search engines.

Are the Marines guilty? Certainly we do not know. We should wait until the guilty verdict is hammered out by the judge and allow these young soldiers who volunteered their lives for this country the benefit of "innocent until proven guilty" as all Americans enjoy.

If they are found guilty in a military court (Not a kangaroo court) then they will be punished. Should our nation act like terrorists and punish these young men before the truth comes out? While the investigation is yet ongoing.

Does the MSM and its syncophants hate Bush enough to send some young men to jail for murder even if they are innocent? From the track record of many major news outlets (Dan Rather still won't admit the memo's were fake) I have to wonder.

Please, If you see a blog post lambasting the young Marines ask the poster if they really know the truth. If so how do they know it when the investigation is still ongoing? Lets work to knock down the mis-information the MSM is once again spitting out.


Update! - On Sunday I had a chat with a young Marine who just happens to be in the same battalion as those involved with the Haditha incident. I gave him assurance that the blogging community (at least those who prefer the truth over lies) are doing their best to knock down the incessant MSM coverage of the whole shebang. The truth will come out and I believe that once again the lefties will be made to look like fools. That is, if God is willing (I'm sure He is) and that the truth is not the venom the left is spewing.

I also asked what he could tell me of the incident and as I expected he would not answer at all other than to say he heard rumors but did not know the truth... He did say this is not the first time his battalion has been attacked like this. Kudos to him and all the rest of the Marines who are doing that which the left does not deserve but receives anyway. That is, a line of defense from murderous Islamic fanatics who could care less about political leanings. These young men and women deserve our applause!

Lets work to knock down the mis-information the MSM is once again spitting out. - Find a blog or news site that is repeating the ignorance and call them on it.

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