Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blogmad Exploits

It seems that a few bugs in the Blogmad Blog Traffic Exchange system were able to be exploited. One of the members, Zero at, who volunteered to be a beta tester found the bugs, reported them and 3 months later saw they were still not fixed. The gentleman who found the problems then took it to a blogpost.

That got attention real quick.

One of the Blogmad Administrators - DocterMoo - left this comment on the blogpost:

We have patched the bugs that you have brought to attention. Unfortunately other people have tried to implement your banner hack with little success and are ruining the BlogMad surfbar experience.

If you find anything else in the future, you now have my personal email address - let me know and I will take care of it as quickly as I can.

Apparently some unscrupulous blog surfers tried the hacks/exploits. I for one hope they were bumped off Blogmad as punishment.

Now as you surf Blogmad you will see a little popup window letting you know that changing the Blogmad code will no longer work.

I also see it when my blogsite page is loaded.

It is a bit annoying but I don't think it will be up forever. At least I hope not.

Well, Zero Day Money has been punished by being banned from the shoutbox.

Zero's newest post says, -
1. An angry camper mod named Lydia has banned me from the shoutbox, when I posted the exploit (because she deemed it as spam) instead of someone trying to help.

2. They have asked me not to post these exploits and instead Email them. Hrmmmm thats kinda ironic considering that what I originally did. So I propose a kind of truce, I will stop publicly posting these exploits when I am become no longer banned on the shoutbox.

3. They have claimed to have fixed these exploits. - - - This one is only partially true...

prying1 sez: Perhaps Zero should have tried a bit harder to get the attention of the Blogmad administrators prior to posting the exploits but one thing for sure the administrators are now really paying attention.

I think that the administrators should give an attaboy and bigger thanks to Zero and at the same time go through their records and find those who cheated on a regular basis.

Those who cheated should be set back to a reasonable level or booted from the program.

Openness on the part of the Blogmad team is a must. In order to continue having the trust of those loyal and honest members the Blogmad people should start an open dialog with members to see what the members think should be done to the cheaters.

People stealing credits takes away from the good honest folks having their turn at bat. I love Blogmad and plan on continuing to use it because it is a good clean program and I've made quite a few friends and enemies from it. I'm glad Zero posted the exploits. I hope he is quickly given the shoutbox privileges back. Perhaps he will take down the two exploit posts and his working relationship with the Blogmad administrators will take on a new and friendly life.

Thanks Zero - Thanks DocterMoo - and I hope the problems are quickly and easily worked out.


For those blogsurfers who have not tried Blogmad I would suggest you do so. Easy to set up. Great bunch of members and you WILL draw new people to your site.

Just click on the link and check it out!

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Michelle Malkin Joins With Cindy Sheehan!

One thing about the U.S.A., even while the world is going to hell in a handbasket we still manage to laugh. Michelle Malkin has decided to join Cindy Sheehan on her fast "Until the troops come home"

If you don't crack up laughing from this one check your pulse.

Michelle Malkin shows us how moonbats fast for the good of humanity!

Hattip to Okie on the Lam - A wonderful place to visit on a daily basis!


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Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel Update: Egyptian Ship

Here is one that might up the ante a bit:

JERUSALEM (Reuters U.K.) - A missile fired at an Israeli naval vessel off Lebanon early on Saturday missed the target and hit an Egyptian boat instead, the Israeli army said.

"There has been another attempt to attack an Israeli naval vessel. It missed our ship and instead hit a different ship, an Egyptian vessel," an Israeli army spokeswoman said.

prying1 sez: Here is hoping that nobody was injured on the Egyptian ship and at the same time here is hoping the bad guys continue missing Israeli ships!

UPDATE - - - reports:

It was thought that a second land-to-sea missile had hit and sank an Egyptian merchant ship but it has since emerged that it was a Cambodian merchant vessel that was hit.

The 12 Egyptian sailors on board survived the attack and were collected from the water by other passing ships.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

U.S. Needs to Just Wish Israel Godspeed.

The U.S. politicians need to quit telling Israel to "Take it easy" and instead just wish them Godspeed. They have had enough. Surrounded by enemies of democracy Israel has been more than patient enough. It is time to remove those who wish to destroy Israel

- They (Israel) gave them (Arabs) the land and it was still not enough! The whole world can now see that the terrorist mentality will never be appeased or satisfied. Giving in to them only encourages them to commit more atrocities.

I was recently reminded of a passage of scripture in Second Kings ch. 6.

(setup: The king of Aram was at war with Israel. Elisha, the prophet, kept warning the King of Israel of the plots and plans of the King of Aram thereby foiling the Aramean king. The king of Aram finds out it is Elisha that was giving away the classified battle plans so he sends an army against the prophet Elisha.)

13 "Go, find out where he is," the king ordered, "so I can send men and capture him." The report came back: "He is in Dothan." 14 Then he sent horses and chariots and a strong force there. They went by night and surrounded the city.

15 When the servant of the man of God got up and went out early the next morning, an army with horses and chariots had surrounded the city. "Oh, my lord, what shall we do?" the servant asked.

16 "Don't be afraid," the prophet answered. "Those who are with us are more than those who are with them."

17 And Elisha prayed, "O LORD, open his eyes so he may see." Then the LORD opened the servant's eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.


Lord, I pray that the same "horses and chariots of fire" along with a bunch of angels surround the Israeli military. Let the enemy be confused and fearful and send them running before the defenders of Your holy land. Let the plans of the Islamofacists come to naught. Have bombs they set up explode as they prepare them. Have their rockets be destroyed prior to reaching their targets. Destroy them with their own weapons. - Amen.


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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Regarding the Blasts in India and the Events in Israel

I'm linking the two stories. Both the Blasts in India and the attacks and kidnappings in Israel. Both were committed by terrorists and whether the groups responsible are related in any way, shape or form is besides the point. There evidently are links between the groups but in the main idea I'd like to present that does not matter.

The point is:


The War on Terrorism is a worldwide conflict. It does not matter where a person lives, what their politics, religion, age, gender, or even if they pity the terrorists because they were mistreated as children. None of that matters. What does matter is that everyone in the world who cares about people is involved whether they like it or not. If the next victim is not you, it may be a friend, neighbor, brother or sister that is next on the hit list.

There are people in this world willing to murder anyone that is on a bus, train, in a store, at a school, in a pizza parlor or just walking down the street. Just look to the news of the past few days/months/years and you will see the truth of this.

If the ideals of the Muslim Terrorists were simply to drive Israel into the sea then why India? If it is because of the United States invading Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein then why Israel? If people are being murdered because of Kashmir, the disputed land between India and Pakistan, then why Baghdad?

The terrorists are not murdering people just because they have nothing better to do and it is not a single reason that drives them. The same should apply to those who are good people and don't appreciate innocents being blown up. There should not be one single reason to stop the good people of this world from taking a stand against such "anti-social" behavior.

The same is true that there should not be a single reason to have good people put up blockades to stop terrorism.

There has been a movement by good (but misguided) people that has done just that. The NSA and Swift Programs have been badly damaged through their change from classified status to front page status. Both programs were designed to stop terrorism and both were effective. Will more classified programs like them be damaged in a similar fashion? There will be if there is not an attitude change amongst some of those amidst us.

In order to alleviate the guilt it was proclaimed that both programs were stomping all over the privacy rights of people but in reality both programs had safeguards to prevent that from happening. It was said that the terrorists already knew we were tracking their money but they DID NOT KNOW the extent and effectiveness. Both programs were effective and the single reason they were revealed was "Hate Bush!"

The "Hate Bush" crowd needs to realize that, as I said before, this is not. "Bush's War". Nobody wants to trample your rights. There is no big conspiracy to throw liberals into gulags. The conservative right is not the process of building up a Theocracy and if we are patient the troops will be brought out of Iraq and Iraq will govern itself. All in good time and not by a schedule that will give aid and comfort to criminals. Just as Germany and Japan after WWII were built up and released to run their own governments the same is the plan for Iraq.

This is really an entreaty for those in the "Hate Bush" camp to take a look around and realize that there is a global war by terrorists against innocents. Do you really want all good men to sit back and let them have their way? Please set aside the "Hate Bush" point of view for a little bit. At least that part that gives aid and comfort to terrorists. Education, social programs, domestic issues can and should be fair game, debated and voted upon. Run with your point of view on those issues but when it comes to revealing classified information that has the possibility of capturing murderers please back off.

Let the MSM know that running classified information as a means of selling papers is not acceptable.


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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Classified Documents Revealed!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

This one is hot off the wire.

We thought that revelations of the classified NSA program and the SWIFT program (supposedly set up to catch terrorists) were hot news (THANKS NEW YORK TIMES AND LOS ANGELES TIMES!) but this tops them both!

We cannot say which newswire this is hot off of because reporters like to keep their sources close to the vest so to speak. In fact newsgatherers do a better job of keeping their material classified then the Federal Government does. (Having what the right wingers call 'traitorous moles' in the government helps:-)

The MSM also has a good understanding of the reasons for keeping resources hidden. Otherwise the American People would not be informed of secret programs that the current regime has prepared to enslave them. Who cares if terrorists find out about the classified programs too. The important thing is that the news gets out to protect innocents. After the Classified Information is placed on the World Wide Web some of these same innocents might get hit by shrapnel from an uncaptured terrorist. Oh well! Small price to pay as long as we have our freedoms. (place flag logo here)

At least we know we are patriotic even if the rabid, hatemongering, homophobic, anti-multicultural, bigoted, islamophobic, anti-immigrant, sneaky, treacherous, deceitful, capitalistic, underhanded, anti-anarchistic, radical, conniving, double-crossing, shifty, fanatical, deceptive, pro life, bourgeois, false-hearted, unscrupulous, pro-Christian, delusive, incontinent, dissembling, evil, wicked, mean and nasty, right winged, trailertrash that President Bush calls his base doesn't.
(place burning flag logo here)

We know you are anxious so here it is:

Anti-Bush Enthusiasts To be Placed in Gitmo!

Guantanamo Bay will soon be empty after the Supreme Court gets finished usurping President Bush's power grabbing circle of thugs. Recent classified documents that have come into our hands discloses plans from the ubiquitous White House. An unnamed (for obvious reasons) reliable source sent the papers in a Piggly Wiggly shopping bag.

Unfortunately for our unnamed source he had left his receipt in the bag. Through it our ever unrestful team of crack reporters were able to track him down (Thanks CSI for teaching us how). Through payola and threats we are assured of having several more classified documents in our hands for years to come. Concern was shown by a now disgruntled ex-employee that our methods were simply using Whitehouse tactics against 'one of our own'. In a meeting of our editorial staff it was determined to be ethical because we decided it is for the 'good of humanity'.

The current collection of papers tells of plans to round up, "every mother's son who expresses displeasure over the way this war is being run."

One page has several plans for what to do with those collected in what was termed "The Gathering" (A sometimes religious term which seemed fitting coming from this gang of fanatical fiends).

The plans included:

Reopening Alcatraz.
Pushing them onto a deep lake in leaky canoes.
Tar and feathering.
Sending them to Mexico for an exchange program.
Sending them to Alaska as forced labor for ANWAR drilling
Sacrificing them to Hawaii's volcanoes
And!!! Circled in red: Sending them to Guantanamo once it is empty.

Remember you read it here first!

The classified documents included plans for putting the unused trailers from the Katrina disaster at Guantanamo once the underfed and ill treated freedom fighters are released back into the wild.

A memo that appeared to be in Vice President Cheney's handwriting said: "6 months of living in those trailers will have them ready to vote Republican. We can pump in real loud Country and Western music too!"

Another memo asked, "Should we give them copies of AlGores book if they demand them?

Scrawled across the bottom was the answer. "Let them read Bibles!"

Calls to the Whitehouse from our cell phone were not retur


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Monday, July 10, 2006

A Prairie Apologist Speaks Out on North Korea and Kim Jong Il

Phil Dillon - Another Man's Meat had this neat little interview with himself concerning North Korea: Duck and Cover

I did a little one man Q&A a while ago, trying to make sense of it all. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Q. Is Kim Jong-il a madman?
A. Yes!

Q. Would he use nuclear or chemical weapons on South Korea, Japan, the United States, or any other enemy of the people?
A. Absolutely!

Q. Is he working the back channels with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Council of Guardians and the Assembly of Experts?
A. Yes!

Q. Do you think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Council of Guardians, and the Council of Experts are fruitcakes?
A. Yes!

Q. Do you think they would use nuclear or chemical weapons against Israel, the United States, or any other enemy of the People?s Revolution?
A. Without a shadow of a doubt!

Q. Do you think that Kim and Mahmoud are in cahoots?
A, Of course they are!

Q. What can we do about it?
A. Not much.

Q. Are you insane? We?ve got to do something, don?t we?
A1. No, I?m just a guy in the lonely Flint Hills waiting for the sirens to sound.
A2. We should have done something a long time ago.

Q. What are the options?
A. They aren't pretty. We can add more sanctions and more North Koreans will starve to death. We can go to the United Nations and China will block any international effort to bring Kim to account this provocation and the daily atrocities he commits against his own population. We can take military action and the North Koreans will attack South Korea and Japan and thousands, possibly millions, will die. Or we can do nothing (the preferred option of talking heads) and wait for the inevitable attack from the two remaining points on the Axis of Evil.

Rosy scenarios, one and all, aren?t they? And Joe Biden is basically telling us to go back to sleep. Thanks Joe! And, thanks to the Democratic Party of my youth. Thanks to them, and Jimmy Carter in particular, we've now got ourselves stuck in the tar pit.

It?s all eerily reminiscent of the fifties and "duck and cover." The only thing missing is Bert the Turtle. But I suspect as this all unfolds he'll soon be coming back into fashion.

Check out the complete post and add your comment to Phils excellent article! -

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