Saturday, April 16, 2005

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Judicial Nomination Filibuster Controversy Raises Ire of Dems

Chuck Colson, radio commentator and founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries, is a good man. Some do not like him not because he has been instrumental in helping prisoners get their lives turned around but because of how he has done it. His ministry leads people to Jesus Christ and at that point they decide whether to accept Jesus or reject him. If he just set up housing and job opportunities for these same men and women many of those now against Chuck Colson would be all in favor of his work.

James Dobson, also a good man is founder and chairman of the board of Focus on the Family. He offers practical help for marriage and child-rearing along with radio broadcasts that entertain and inform. Some do not like him because Christian principles are the bedrock of his teachings. If he left Jesus Christ out of his work he would not be the target of so much hate speech.

Now Senator Bill Frist, the majority leader, has agreed to join Chuck Colson, James Dobson, and R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. Frist will provide a four-minute videotape to be telecast to "Justice Sunday" An April 24th event at Highview Baptist Church, Louisville, KY.

Liberal Democrats are quickly attacking Senator Frist. Democrats accused Dr. Frist of exploiting religious faith for political ends by joining the telecast. "No party has a monopoly on faith, and for Senator Frist to participate in this kind of telecast just throws more oil on the partisan flames," Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York whines.

Schumer has been silent when liberal Democrats go to church services, exploiting religious faith for political ends and preaching from the pulpit while running for office. - (HINT: Jessie Jackson) - Schumer by his statement must also believe that people of faith are either not capable of thinking for themselves or should not hold any position on political matters. Christians are not required by law to separate their faith from political decisions and Christians can vote as they see fit. There are many in both parties. (Personally I would be offended by Schumer's comments but I consider the source and laugh instead.)

Democrats are saying that the judicial filibuster has nothing to do with the faith of the judicial candidates. However when questioned it seems that the main issue with them is the abortion issue which many Christians feel strongly about.

To find out more on this event you can go to Family Research Council's web page.

The NY Times also has a bit more on it. The NYT article as usual has mis-leading statements and is unreliable. Read between the lines.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Senator McCain - Traitor to Republican Party?

Evidently John McCain R?/AZ wants to have his name associated with liberals. He is willing to throw in with the democrats concerning the unconstitutional filibuster the Democrats are using to keep the full Senate from voting up or down on Bush's Judicial nominations. On TV today McCain rolled over and threw a few democrat talking points (read - LIES - ) out to explain his reprehensible behavior.

Write to your senators and tell them to allow the judicial nominations to get to the full senate for an up or down vote.

You can encourage these Senators to do the right thing by e-mailing any GOP senator or by calling their office at 202-225-3121.

As a Californian Republican I'm stuck with Boxer and Feinstein. I and many others in this state depend on Republican Representatives and Senators in other states to do the right thing. McCain still has not voted one way or the other and may change his mind BUT! He has lost ANY respect I once had for him.

(More on McCains comments - here - and - here)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bush's Social Security Plan a Fraud?

Proof once again that Democrats have nothing but rhetoric to fix the U.S.'s Social Security Ponzi Scheme. Rep. Charles Rangel came out yesterday with a tirade against President Bush.

Quote (from New York Sun 4-12-05):

Addressing black retired workers on the steps of City Hall yesterday, Rep. Charles Rangel called President Bush's campaign to reshape Social Security a "fraud" and urged African-Americans to combat the White House efforts as part of their civil-rights struggle
For black Americans, the congressman added, the struggle against the proposed changes in the entitlement system was "not only a civil-rights fight, but a fight for America." Mr. Rangel called on African-Americans to continue their "missionary" work against the Social Security proposals and likened the effort to his marching with Martin Luther King Jr. from Selma to Montgomery.
"We have to get rid of the bums that are trying to take it away from us," Mr. Rangel said of the Social Security sys system, referring to Republicans in Washington and City Hall - "people who sleep with Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and the rest of them."

~~~~~Then the article has this~~~~~~
Neither Mr. Barron nor Mr. Rangel detailed at the meeting why the president's proposals were harmful to the black community. When asked for specifics by The New York Sun after the event, Mr. Rangel said, "The progressive nature of being able to get returns means that lower-income people benefit more than higher-income people" from the Social Security system. Since members of minority groups disproportionately constitute the lower income brackets, the congressman said, they stand to lose the most from Mr. Bush's efforts - which the congressman labeled "fraud" and an "impeachable offense."
The president of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, Robert Woodson, is quoted as saying:

Allowing Americans to save some of their Social Security contributions in private accounts, he said, was better. Black Americans wouldn't lose benefits to the same extent if they die younger than whites, because their unused accumulated wealth can be passed on to children and other survivors, he said, providing a basis for intergenerational wealth accumulation.

----end quotes -----

prying1 sez:

Is it strange that the morally bankrupt Democratic party continually wants to keep the 'poor black man' under the thumb of the Democratic party? Here is an opportunity for 'the poor' (whatever their color) of this country to get a step up financially and the ultra rich Democrat politicians are working overtime lying and conniving to fool the huddled masses. During Clinton's reign he tried to get a similar program going as that which Bush is proposing. Only difference is in Clinton's plan the government would decide which stocks and bonds would be bought. The citizen would have no control over his own money. Republicans stood against the government control of our money so that so it did not pass.

Whose money is it?

According to Rangel it is the governments money! Don't expect to keep it if you vote for Democrats. They do not care for you. Unless it is to keep your neck under their foot and voting for them because they have fooled you into thinking "they care".

Monday, April 11, 2005

Great site to visit! Outer Space Pictures!

Want to see some great Pictures from telescopes around the world? This is the site for you. has Image of the Day where you can see some amazing pictures of our universe. This is one site that you will want to check out on occasion so be sure to save the address in favorites. While you are at it you can give praise to the Lord for his wonderful creation!

Should the Catholic Church Change?

Public Theologian has a blurb re: Hans Kung on the Contradictions of John Paul II - In his post he says: - quote - What will be most interesting to watch over the next weeks as a new Pope is chosen, is whether or not the hard line positions that Kung describes which John Paul has espoused will continue under a new regime. The tradition has been that a conservative is followed by a liberal, but one can only hope. - end quote -

I have heard this same note of hope from other liberals, that is that the new Pope will "FIX" the church. This means making it into the image liberals have in their mind of the perfect church. Forget what God wants. Liberals know better.

Prying1 sez:
I do not expect much to change in the Catholic Church's stance on the 'major' issues. Priests getting married, abortion, birth control etc. From what I gather the new Pope will have to build on what those before him have said and decreed. For him to go total liberal would be tantamount to saying previous Popes were not 'infallible' when defining doctrine or morality for the whole church. That would endanger his own standing as 'infallible'.
This does not mean that I personally agree with all the doctrine in the Catholic Church. If I did, I would rejoin it. (Born and raised Catholic. - Left it at age 17) I do think it best to allow the Catholic Church to run itself and for those that disagree with it to go start their own church. It would be time better spent praying for the 'Universal' church as opposed to wishing for the neighbors doctrine to fall in line with ones own wishes...

Hewitt Offers Unwinnable Contest.

Hugh Hewitt of Radio/TV and Blogging fame has offered a free copy of his book 'Blog : Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World' to the first person that sends in a headline from a MAJOR news paper (if dinky blogs counted I'd do it here). The headline must include words that hits this note:

"Do Nothing Democrats Bank on Obstruction as Key to Comeback in '06: Reid says Country in the Mood for Stalemate Despite Dem Losses in '02 and '04. Daschle Said Advising Reid, Pelosi."

prying1 sez:
The fact that Democrats have stopped judicial nominations, offered nothing to straighten out Social Security (unless you want to call saying there is no problem 'a solution', continue to bad mouth Bolton and deny that anything good has happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. When are these jokers going to get a life and face reality. They are losers.

Update: Hewitt also warns Democrats to stay out of the wood in Minnesota. From what I have heard of Minnesota hunters I hope they heed his warning.