Friday, March 31, 2006

It Is Really About Border Security.

It seems that the Illegal Alien issue has become the highlight of the border issue and post 9-11 border security has fallen to the wayside. The photos of the Mexican American/Latino community are disturbing even to many in that community however they are not the real issue concerning border control.

Hugh Hewitt once again brought the real issue into focus. Yes the ILLEGAL issue is important however keeping terrorists out of our country is more important. We can accomplish both issues with a wall.

The Mexican government is not helping the U.S. with either issue. They have produced maps for Illegal passage to the U.S. showing the best routes and giving handy helpful hints to keep their people from dying. These same pamphlets can be used by terrorist s and the Mexican government obviously does not care.

Some wacko Liberal Babe on Hugh's radio show was saying that none of the 9-11 terrorists came across the southern U.S. border as if they have not nor ever will. After all, Terrorists would not break U.S. law by sneaking into this country would they. We can trust them to live by the rules.

Check Out Hugh Hewitt's new book "Painting the Map Red"

Hugh Hewitt's New Book!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Illegal Immigrants Sons and Daughters

Watching the scenes of students cutting classes to run around 'voicing their opinion' is sad. - Then there is this:

- Pic & Quote from Christian Pundits - Yeah, that's the flag of the United States of America - being flown upside down AND under a Mexican flag ... in America!

The scene unfolded when Whittier area students from Pioneer, California and Whittier high schools walked out of classes March 27 to protest the proposed federal immigration bill.

What those little snot-noses don't seem to realize is that they should be d%#n grateful that they live in a country where they are able to perform a dishonorable stunt like this. - End Quote -


It seems a shame that these sons and daughters of illegal immigrants want to bring the corruption of Mexico across the border. - I guess they want villages with no sewer systems, federales that demand bribes, Vicente Fox, and $8.00 a day. -

A friend of mine (who is an American born LEGAL immigrant's son) took his kid down to visit relatives in Mexico for 2 weeks. The kid came back in three days and said it stunk to high heaven. He will not go back. He prefers toilets not holes in the ground.

Why don't these people dissatisfied with life down there, so dissatisfied that they illegally cross the border, stay down there and work to change things. Instead they come up here and allow Vicente Fox to continue to rob their brothers and sisters who do not make the trip.

What do they think California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas would look like had Mexico been running the land all these years? -

Oh, Forget that question. It is obvious these people don't think.

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Afghanistan Christian, Abdul Rahman, Released

Abdul Rahman, The man who converted to Christianity 15 years ago, has been released by the Afghanistan courts and from prison. He is currently in hiding and is seeking to flee Afghanistan if he hasn't yet done so.

Update: Yahoo News: ROME - The Afghan man who faced the death penalty after converting from Islam to Christianity flew to Rome on Wednesday after the Italian government granted him asylum. Abdul Rahman, 41, "is already in Italy. I think he arrived overnight," Premier Silvio Berlusconi said. - End update - We will now return you to the original post...

This is the point where the news starts getting fuzzy. One article will say he is seeking asylum while another says Italy has offered asylum. One says his family has rejected him. Another says his family met him at the gates and whisked him away. Yet another makes it appear the government is hiding him in a 'safe house'.

One story I found interesting was this:

From Abdul Rahman's Family Values

- Western leaders breathed a sigh of relief yesterday at the release of Abdul Rahman, a Christian convert who had faced the death penalty under Afghanistan's Islamic law for renouncing his Muslim faith. Rahman, 40, has become the poster boy for the Christian right and for religious freedom. Closer up, however, the picture painted by the local police who arrested him shows a candidate not quite ready for family values. Rather, a portrait emerges of a deadbeat dad with psychological problems who couldn't hold down a job, abused his daughters and parents and didn't pay child support. -
Colonel Mohammed Saber Monseffi, the chief crime officer at the 15th district police station in Kabul, brought Abdul Rahman in for questioning after a domestic dispute turned violent late last month. Says Monseffi, "He told me, 'I'm a Christian,' and I said that is not of any interest to me. I asked him why did you beat your father, why did you beat your daughters?" The fact that Rahman was Christian was secondary to his family's desire to get him out of the house, said Monseffi, who adds that his own wife is a Russian Christian.
it continues
Witness statements by his teenage daughters Mariam and Maria, aged 13 and 14, on the night of his arrest appear to detail his failures as a parent. "He behaves badly with us and we were threatened and disgraced by him. He has no job and has never given me a stitch of clothing or a crust of bread. Just his name as a father," said his 13-year-old daughter Mariam in a statement signed with her inky fingerprint.
"He said he was my father but he hasn't behaved like a father since he came back to Afghanistan. He threatens us and we are all afraid of him and he doesn't believe in the religion of Islam," her statement said.
Abdul Rahman's own parents refused to take his side. A statement by his mother Ghul Begum reads: "We brought up his children and for eight years he didn't come home. Because he has converted from Islam to another religion we don't want him in our house." His father Abdul Manan's statement says, "(Abdul Rahman) wanted to change the ethics of my children and family. He is not going in the right direction. I have thrown him out of my house." Abdul Rahman's own statement does not dispute his financial straits. "Since I am jobless my family is with my children. I had economic problems with my family and my father has many complaints about me. He has warned me if I don't become a Muslim, I will be driven away from the house."

prying1 sez:
I really have to wonder about the veracity of Times article. I see so many contradictions throughout all the stories concerning this man I think it will take a while for the dust to settle. I'm willing to bet that the man did get violent however the children's statements as written by did not include physical violence but more of the mental abusive type.

Was Colonel Mohammed Saber Monseffi right in asking the question about him beating his children and father? Is the man really nuts?

But more importantly, was there any reason to condemn this man to death?

All's story really does, besides making me ask more questions, is reinforce the old bumper sticker slogan: "Christians Aren't Perfect, Just Forgiven".

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Immigration Protests Are Not the Way To Win Friends and Influence People

Most people in the U.S.A. have heard about the demonstrations going on throughout the country concerning Illegal Immigration. 500,000 gathered in L.A. over the weekend. I know it is against the law to shout fire in a crowded movie theatre but I'm wondering if it would have been against the law to shout Immigracion' at the rally? (that's Spanish for Immigration for those of you in Rio Linda)

Today children left their classes to carry Mexican flags and shout their slogans throughout L.A. and Orange Counties. Didn't hear if this sort of nonsense went on in other locations in America. Some even walked on freeways and stopped traffic. In L.A. this is not the way to get people to embrace your cause. Anything but mucking up the traffic! I'm certain there were more than a few motorists that were tempted to run over the little darlings. Had it not been for the police presence I'm sure there would have been some of these teens hurt or flattened.

Carrying Mexican flags is not the way to get either red or blue states to jump on the bandwagon. Well, maybe some of the blue states. I talked to three people today that were not born in the U.S.A. (Assorted countries to the south) and all three disagreed with the open borders that these protestors are demanding. All three came in legally. All three were ticked at these people. All three were working instead of protesting.

One Naturalized American in particular voiced my own opinion. These Illegal Aliens that want to bring their third world culture across the border and claim California, Arizona and Texas as part of Mexico should take a good hard look at where they came from and ask themselves, "Is this what they really want?" Do they want Vicente Fox running portions of America? Do they want Federales collecting bribes? Do they want the wages in California to drop to $8.00 a day? Why did they travel north if not to get away from Fox and his corrupt government.

Some of these protestors use the usual liberal tactics against anyone who disagrees with a liberal cause. Call 'em names instead of entering a dialog. Anyone whose desire is to enforce our immigration laws and wants to keep the borders secure is a racist. has a couple little video clips that proves this to be untrue. It shows a Jim Gilcrist/MinuteMan rally that had all shades, all colors of humans gathered while across the street some obvious south of the border people carried signs that demanded, amongst other things "White Racists You Get Off Our Continent" and "White Racist Go Back To Europe" - They did not have signs for the black folks that were on the Minuteman side of the street nor were there black americans on their side of the street. The La Raza (The Race) side uses the race card ineffectually. This is not a race issue.

Do we need reform in immigration?


We do not need new laws though. - We need to reform out government so that it enforces the laws already on the books. We need to work towards changing the Constitution so that babies born within our borders are not automatic citizens. We need to hold our government officials, Civil servants and elected politicians feet to the fire so they secure our borders. If all else fails we need to build a wall along the entire southern border. We need to remind politicians that Illegal Aliens do not vote!!!

At least they are not supposed to!

If we don't raise our voices in counterpoint then eventually this invasion of lawbreakers will overwhelm us. The have already changed the face of this nation. There is not a state in the union that has not been adversely affected culturally and financially. They want to change it even more!

Call your Congress and Senate. Don't leave it up to the guy next door. He might be leaving it up to you!
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Afghan Christian To Be Set Free

I'm sure most everyone has heard the story of Abdul Rahman, an Ex-Muslum who converted to Christianity 15 years ago and recently was facing the DEATH PENALTY for doing so. Apparently the Afghan court has decided that there are flaws in the case and it is being sent back to the prosecutors.

- Quote from Yahoo News, Reuters - "The case, because of some technical as well as legal flaws and shortcomings, has been referred back to the prosecutor's office," the judge, Ansarullah Mawlavizada, told Reuters.

He declined to elaborate or say if the review would delay the trial, which had been due to begin in coming days.

A prosecutor said Rahman's mental state would be examined on Monday following suggestions that he may be mentally unstable.

Rahman, detained this month for converting to Christianity, told an Italian newspaper from his Kabul jail cell that he was ready to die for his new faith. - end quote -

prying1 sez: So they are going to proclaim him nuts to save his life. They know he isn't but they will save their pride and face by taking the easy way out.

When his feet hit the streets will the loving and kind Muslums tell him of their care, prayers and concerns for him and his case? Perhaps invite him out for lunch and pick up the check. Will they prove that their religion is a "religion of peace" or will they murder him in the streets in cold blood because the courts are "subverting the will of Allah"?

Heaven forbid they should look to the real source of their problem and work to fix it. The real problem is an unwillingness to ask the question, "Does the god of Islam demand human sacrifices?" Evidently so. We have a case here of human beings working real hard to ignore the will of Allah. Which now begs the question, "Who or what is really Allah?"

Is he the one true, living, loving God or something else?

I can ask that question as a non-Muslum and search for the truth. Unless some "holy man cleric" from "The Religion of Peace" gets some sand ants up his butt and decides to put a contract out on me. A Muslum asks that question and he is murdered. A Muslum decided to seek the Living God and "holy men clerics" demand his blood be spilled as a sacrifice to Allah.

Are these jerks so insecure of keeping a congregation that they are willing to murder people to keep the rest in the fold in fear so they won't seek the truth? What kind of congregant would hang out in a church, mosque, temple where the leader wanted human blood spilled on the altar? Why do these people follow these bloodthirsty animals that claim to be priests? I loose my Christianity at this point.

Jesus wants us to pray for people like this.

I say, "Pray hell Lord! These jokers deserve the pit of hell. With the blanket of worms and the whole bit! And quickly!"

Jesus says, "Remember what I said while on the cross? "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

"Yeah, Lord."

"OK. Pray for these clerics because they fit right in there."

"(sigh) - OK Lord. (reluctantly) Change their hearts Lord and bless their pointy little heads.

Update: - Quote - from NY Times.Com - The court said that two of Mr. Rahman's relatives, a daughter and a cousin, had told the court that Mr. Rahman had mental problems, according to Abdul Wakil Omari, a spokesman for the Supreme Court.

"Also during his preliminary court hearing, he had said that he was hearing strange voices and that he was not feeling well spiritually," Mr. Omari said. -

But the prosecutor, Abdul Wasei, said he doubted the claim. "I did not see any kind of mental problem in this case," he said. And he said that Mr. Rahman, when asked about his mental health, insisted it was fine.

"I am O.K., you can prosecute me, I can answer your questions," Mr. Wasei said Mr. Rahman told him.

If a hospital examination bears that out, Mr. Wasei said he expects to have the case back before the court in a week.

If, however, Mr. Rahman is found to be mentally ill, Mr. Wasei acknowledged in an interview, "that's another thing and of course things will change."

Mr. Wasei dismissed as inaccurate news reports that Mr. Rahman was about to be released. "When his mental examination is finished, maybe he will be released," he said. "But I don't see any possibility of his being released before that."

The court also raised questions about Mr. Rahman's nationality. Mr. Rahman had lived abroad, in Germany, Greece and Belgium. If he acquired dual nationality, that could change the status of his case, Mr. Omari, the Supreme Court official, said.

The case began as a domestic dispute, when Mr. Rahman's family opposed his attempt to regain custody of his two daughters. In the course of the investigation, family members told authorities that Mr. Rahman had converted to Christianity 15 years ago.


What a bunch of PIGS in the Afghan State Religion!.

(sorry Lord)
- I get carried away with emotions and forget these jerks "know not what they do."

Trust me on this as a Full Fledged Charismatic/Pentacostal Christian. The true church of the Living Christ (Totally interdenominational), that is, the ones whose names are truly listed in the "Lambs Book of Life", do not want "Christian" or "Theocratic Rule" in the U.S.A. - So when you hear the Liberals talk against Christians saying they want blue laws and claiming Christians want to set up a THEOCRACY know that once again the liberals are lying or decieved by their own leaders. A theocracy in this country would have to be run by humans subject to the desire for power. WE DON'T WANT CRAP LIKE THIS IN THE U.S.A....

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