Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More on Scientology

Photanical Word Garden has a post on Tom Cruise and his involvement with Scientology. It is really more on Scientology than Cruise. There are many problems with this organization the chief one being that it has a foundation that is false. As a result it's victims are drawn into a web of deception and find they cannot get out as easily as they got in. People that are decieved don't know they are decieved. If they did know they would no longer be decieved.

Many links to the truth on Scientology at Theron Parlin's post such as THIS ONE. Check it out!
You may learn something that will help influence another person to NOT join this devious group or to leave it while they can...

Sunday, June 12, 2005


The Tug-o-war had been going on for quite a while. The two contestants were not evenly matched. One seemed to have more will than the other and strained at the rope to the point it would have twanged a high note had it been plucked. The other participant just held his ground. The fight was for more than the willful one could ever know. His only desire was to win the contest. No notion was given to the consequences or aftermath. Winning was the only thought of the present moment.

The stronger of the two thought of letting go of the rope but a couple of things held him back. One was his desire to win. Losing would cause too much damage to the work accomplished so far. The other reason was that he knew letting go would only hurt the man on the other end. His falling backwards would literally damage him in more ways than a doctor could see or fix.

The rope could have easily been tugged any direction the more powerful one wished and would have dragged the reluctant one with it. He did not want that. He wished for a willing participant for the plans as they were laid out. The other must learn that straining at the rope would benefit no one. There were only rewards for him as soon as he lost. Seemed backwards from the way the game was usually played which caused a slight chuckle from the benevolent, soon-to-be winner. The accessories to this game of tug-o-war were not enemies and would be partners in an affair that would be beneficial to many. All that was necessary was to wait. Patience would pay off.

The energy once set to the rope seemed to be flagging. It was near the end of the contest.

The tired one suddenly lost his determination and leaned forward releasing the tautness in the rope. It almost seemed as if the single thought of winning was suddenly replaced with another thought.

"You are right God!", he said. "I'm sorry I fought so hard. It suddenly dawned on me that it is only for my best interest and that of others that you want me to do this."

The Lord said, I knew you would soon realize it. Omniscience has it's benefits you know.

Both chuckled at this.

"Is it too late?, the man said.

"Not at all." said the Lord with a smile. "Now here is what I want you to do..."