Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sidetracked Again!

As I sit here at my computer I have to wonder if I'm the only one or are others subject to the problem of getting sidetracked?

I have seen an email making the rounds of a person who decides the plants need watering and while going to get the water notices the remote control for the TV is in the kitchen and really needs to go in the living room by the TV and on the way to the living room finds the missing pair of glasses along with yesterdays mail and there is a bill that must be paid today or there will be late charges so where is the checkbook?... It goes on until the day is over and nothing is done.

I can really relate to that email.

I'll set down to list some items on eBay and decide to search the name of the book and check what other booksellers are selling it for. Next thing you know I'm purchasing some other book by the same author to add to my collection. A few days later I am the proud owner of two books and still have not listed the first.

So when I do get a round to it I'll list them together. That means I'll save a lot of time. I need to save time to make up for all the time I waste.

For my auctions I take pictures of items and upload them to the internet so I'm not dependent on EBay's costly service. Plus I use the same service for the items I sell at YardSale Pirate. Real easy. I take the pics, crop and size them and place the finished .jpg's in a folder reserved for them. Go to and upload them. Nothing to it.

BUT has a message board I frequent. I have to check the boards before I upload my pictures. One of the members there had posted pics of a huge model plane she has had for years. But, she says, no identifying marks, it has no propellers or any way you could attach an engine for flying it. Plus it is much heavier than any model she has handled. It is not plastic or balsa wood. Much too heavy to ever actually fly. "What is it?", she asks. Ideas are flung about as people weigh in as to it's make etc. It is a DC-3 says one friend who posts a picture as proof. Another suggests it was a wind tunnel model. That set me off.

To Google I go! A bit of playing with a few keywords and shazammm I find a picture of a DC3 in a wind tunnel. Did you know they place the test model planes upside down for wind tunnel tests? Learn something new everyday as the saying goes. So I get to take the picture back to Ranchoweb, post it and the next day when the model's owner visits the board she agrees it is her plane or one like it.

In the meantime I sit with a pile of books next to me. The pictures are still on my computer instead of uploaded to the internet. Very few items actually listed and it is time to hit the hay.

I've come to the realization that I will never get anything done if I continually allow myself to be distracted like this. So now I've decided I must prioritize my life. How to do that? One way that has been suggested to me is to make notes of things I must do and number them 1 - 2 - 3... THEN STICK TO THE LIST!

I've got a pad of paper and pencil (in case I need to change the order of the numbers) Oh! The pencil needs sharpening. Have to go to the kitchen drawer for the sharpener. As long as I'm going to the kitchen I really should get some water for this plant by my bookshelf.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cute Pic

I saw this entitled


& thought I'd share it. -

Thanks to ebarry for this post...

Piglet Must Go!!!

The American Princess has posted a piece on, of all things, piggy banks and piggy toys. - Quite a wonderful read. You will have to go to her site to catch the whole story and conclusions I agree with.

It seems that pigs are being banned from ever appearing anywhere a muslum might show up. Heaven forbid they might die at the moment their eyes focus on a pig and the be denied their 72 virgins.

By the way. What do muslum wimmen get when they die?