Friday, December 09, 2005

Both Liberals and Conservatives Demand Government Handouts!

Envoys from the two major camps of American politics converged on Washington DC today to make demands of the government. Both the liberals and conservatives met at the gates of the White House and quick thinking gate guards averted a riot by separating the groups to the right hand and left hand sides of the gates. Slight jostling as positions were taken was all the contact between the opponents.

Conservatives demanded free kits for washing out ear wax be distributed to all liberals throughout the country.

"It is obvious that liberal groups need these kits because they cannot hear the words, 'Bush didn't lie'.", said a man identifying himself as Red Stater. "It has been shown over and over again for the past couple years that everyone, even leaders of other countries, thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. He even gassed his own countrymen. The libs keep screaming, 'Bush Lied, NO WMD's', and can't hear when they are told it is not an issue. Bush did not lie. He may have been misled but he did not purposefully mislead the people of the U.S.A.. We want their ears washed out and we feel that the only way they will do it is if they get the kits for free on the government dole."

The liberals on the other hand were demanding that bottles of Ipecac be distributed to everyone left of center. The leader of the group, Chuck Tupp, stated, "We need this stuff because it is getting harder and harder to regurgitate the pap the Democratic party and the mainstream media keeps feeding us. It is the government's duty to supply us with Ipecac as part of health care entitlements."

Many Democrats have been looking at the news, listening to Dean, Polosi and Kerry and finding it hard to spit the talking points out. Some are not even swallowing the daily transcripts from the DNC.

Said one recent convert from Democrat to Republican, "I had to switch parties. I couldn't swallow the garbage any more. The dry heaves are not fun."

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pick Your Side!

You are faced with a choice. Which side will you pick? The side that gets scammed and loses money or the informed side?

Click here for the answer!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Jokes?

Thanks to Mild Mannered Reporter of the Rosemead Times for the inspiration on this post.


A young lad crept up to his community's nativity scene and plucked the Baby Jesus from the manger. He ran home and hid the ceramic piece in his closet. Then going to his desk he started a letter.

"Dear Virgin Mary, If you want to see your Son again bring me a bike for Christmas."
OK, I know it is a an old joke. How about this one?
What kind of jerkwater town hires the village idiots to run it's libraries?

Memphis, Tennessee...
What? You don't think that is funny? Well every good joke has to have a bit of truth in it. The first joke is what the library officials in Memphis did. They plucked the Little Baby Jesus from his bed of straw. Woke Him out of a sound sleep too!
World Net Daily has the story which I will summarize in the following few lines

Saying it would be "inappropriate" to include them, Memphis, Tenn., library officials have banned Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the wise men from a promotional nativity scene leaving only the stable animals and a shepherd boy.

According to a statement from Alliance Defense Fund, the controversy arose when Brandi Chambless, a member of the music ministry at Broadmoor Memphis Church, submitted an announcement for display on the library's community shelves regarding the church's upcoming Christmas show. Library officials accepted the announcement but told Chambless that she would have to remove the "inappropriate" figures of the baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, and the wise men from an accompanying nativity scene and limit it to farm animals alone.

Now I don't know about you but I have to wonder about the IQ of these people and if it reaches the level of a cabbage? Well I guess it does come close to cabbage level because the so called 'library officials' have backed off after the news went out and the Alliance Defense Fund informed them that stupid is not the way 'librarian officials' should act.

In all fairness it was the Memphis Library Branch in the backwater town of Bartlett,Tennesseee where all this brouhaha took place not at the Memphis City Proper.


The story is not over yet!!! Is this a great country or what? There is always more fun to be had! has a blurb on the story which gives credit to the Mayor of Bartlett for the resolution and does not mention the letter the ADF sent informing the parties about the Constitution of the United States. - Hmmm??? Would the station be ignorant of the ADF and their part in this? Does the Bartlett Branch of Memphis Library System have a copy of the Constitution on their shelves?

- quote from - Brandi Chambless is one happy woman after hearing her nativity scene will be now allowed in the Bartlett Library. It took an order from Bartlett's mayor to put Christ back into this Christmas display. Chambless is thrilled, "It means so much and we're very thankful to the mayor for doing that." Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald heard the library had banned the religious figurines from a nativity display and would only allow barnyard animals to be shown. That's when he picked up the phone and called Betty Anne Wilson at the Central Library, "Mayor McDonald has requested the library put back the nativity scene at the Bartlett Branch library and the library is going to honor his request." That's great news to the folks at Broadmoor Baptist but Chambless says this crusade may not be over yet, "We don't believe it would be fair to have the citizens of Bartlett have one set of rules and have the citizens of Memphis have another set so we're gonna look at it a little closer." The concern is the Memphis library system still has a policy banning overt religious items from public display. Could that change? Wilson says the matter could be reviewed, "If someone asks us to review our policy we normally do but will we change our mind? That's hard to tell. It depends on a whole lot of circumstances both in the library and the city of Memphis." Right now, Brandi Chambless' priority is to put this figurine where she says it belongs, "We're going to go in and place this figurine in the window and I think that's a great step for us." But it may not be the last in this Christmas controversy. - end quote -

prying1 sez:


- Oh! Excuse me a moment. Someone is pounding on my front door and hollering in German.

Con Artist Caught

- 9 AUG 08 had a hit from N. Las Vegas via a Yahoo Search for David Napstead - PLEASE - Leave a comment if you would. -


Last October I posted a blog on a con artist called "David Napstead". Typing the name into search engines brought up my post. AND a site from Kentucky saying he was on parole from that fair state. I had a few hits a week on the name mostly through Google and Yahoo search engines. I was able to watch the hits through Site Meter. It showed where the hits were coming from and I encourage you, Dear Reader, to get Site Meter. Quite a handy Blog tool!

One Google search for the name David Napstead was from New Zealand. How'd That Happen?

On my post I encouraged people reading it to comment on his whereabouts. A few did.

Wasn't until this evening that the message came through that The Wynn in Las Vegas was where the fun stopped for 'David'. I will recommend The Wynn as a place in Vegas that does not put up with nonsense. Something 'David' should have known.

Guess he didn't watch enough TV...

Update: - Comments have a way of disappearing so I thought I'd bring them up into the post itself. -

Comments follow:
Good post.
mild mannered reporter | Homepage | 12.09.05 - 5:44 am | #

Another thought. Good work on tracking this guy. A lot of criminals go to Las Vegas to blend in and scam, but Las Vegas has cameras everywhere. Good for Las Vegas. Take care.
mild mannered reporter | Homepage | 12.09.05 - 5:49 am | #

Seems to me if I were a crook Vegas is tha last place I'd go. I imagine there is more communication between the casinos than we know. The casinos want the money and are not about to share it with small time hoodlums.
prying1 | Homepage | 12.09.05 - 11:18 am | #

Casinos have some of the most high tech security available and they always update it and hire top quality people to man it.

Besides that they don't tolerate much nonsense.

Our friend should have stayed somewhere less watched
Ted Richardson | Homepage | 12.10.05 - 1:20 am | #

What do you mean "OUR" friend?
prying1 | Homepage | 12.10.05 - 10:15 pm | #