Saturday, September 02, 2006

Do You HATE Phishing Emails?

If you absolutely hate phishing emails and wouldn't mind spending a little time making them less profitable for the perps here is an easy way to do it.

For those of you who fart around on the computer all day not really doing anything here is a chance to put your talents to a good purpose. You will learn a lot through this program. It will take you up a level or two.

Join the Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination Squad

CastleCops and Sunbelt Software announced a new anti-phishing community, the Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination (PIRT) Squad. This will be a community at CastleCops solely dedicated to taking down phishing sites. It's the first public takedown community we know of, and we hope to start nailing these sites as quickly as possible. CastleCops thanks Sunbelt-Software in its press launch of PIRT. The tool has been written by CastleCops.

There are different levels to join in on the fun of knowing you are stopping criminal activity.

Join PIRT - Submit Phish - Handlers - Global Teamwork -

They have a forum where PIRT members can communicate with other phishing terminators. - ***Please note the 'Paul' on their boards is not me...*** -

If you know of someone that might be interested send them the link to PIRT - You can right click on the title of this post and copy the link location to insert into emails -

Be careful out there! AND - Lets get them before they get us!

Hat tip to Ed Dickson at Fraud Phishing and Financial Misdeeds


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Which WWII Army Should You Have Fought In?

Bill's Comments posted a link to the following quiz. "In which World War 2 army you should have fought?" - Bill and I would be fighting shoulder to shoulder in the Polish Army to the very end. (End of the enemy we hope!) -

In spite of all the Polish jokes we hear (or 'used to hear' before the PC crowd spoiled the fun) the Polish army and government continued to fight even though their country was lost.

I'd like to think Bill and I would do the same here in the U.S....

You scored as


Your army is Poland\'s army. Your tenacity will form a concept in the history of your nation and you\'re also ready to continue fighting even if your country is occupied by the enemy. Other nations that are included in this category are Greece, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands.



British and the Commonwealth


United States


Soviet Union




France, Free French and the Resistance








In which World War 2 army you should have fought?
created with


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Friday, September 01, 2006

Thursday, August 31, 2006

San Francisco Rampage MSM Coverage

Regarding Omeed Popal. The Hit and Run Driver who mowed down Jews in San Francisco. - Once again I left a comment on another site - Verum Serum - and decided to bring it over here. (Slightly modified for clarification on a point.)

The way the media handled this one just shows that they cannot be trusted to give us ALL the facts. That the guy was a Muslum rolling over people in a predominately Jewish Neighborhood might have deserved a mention from the get go.

Most I've learned about this came from blogs. Bloggers doing the work that used to be the job of investigative reporters.

Not once on the radio news have I heard about his aiming to kill people on the steps of a Jewish Community Center. Thank God that through the entire rampage there was only one killed.

Now they will declare him nuts and that's it. We will hear no more.

One thing I did yesterday and will continue today is to ask people if they heard about this event. Let them know that it is considered 'road rage' and not a 'hate crime' to run over Jews (and whoever else is in the way) in America.

Those I talked to yesterday, blacks, whites, browns all agreed that it sounds like a "hate crime" to them.

I'm telling people that the liberal town of San Francisco has a mayor that considers rolling over Americans "Road Rage". That the man stated he was a terrorist and a policeman said he isn't because not all those injured were Jews. I want the same policeman to tell those that had the SUV bearing down on them that they were not feeling terror...

I'm hoping that by sharing this bit of news with people, news the MSM is not sharing, might help direct their thoughts this coming election period to the fact that terrorism is in America in a more subtle way than we know (if you want to call this subtle) and that the Liberal Progressive MSM is screening it from us.

Of course the Liberal Progressive MSM would say it is for our own good.


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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So What! They Are Only jews...

I'm ticked! - A descendent of Arab origins runs over people in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods and what does the MSM say???

Had this happened in a known homosexual district of San Francisco by some Texan We would hear about it. If it was a black neighborhood in L.A. or New York by a follower of Duke the news would be blaring the fact. Had it been an AmerIndian reservation by anybody they would report it...

Once again I ask, "What does the MSM say???...

Mercury News -
One dead, at least 15 hurt in hit-and-run rampage

S.F Chronical/SFGate -
Up to 14 hurt in SF hit-and-run spree
1 critical; driver believed to have struck, killed a man in Fremont earlier

Bloomberg -
San Francisco Motorist Drives Into Pedestrians, Injuring 13

Forbes.Com/Associated Press -
1 Dead, 13 Injured in Hit-And-Run Spree

Not one of these mentioned that it was predominatly Jewish neighborhoods. This person finally identified (no thanks to the P.D. who knew but wouldn't tell) through license plate I.D. as Omeed Popal of Fremont, CA rolled over people.

and Thank God only one died (so far). I'm sure the relatives of the one dead and those injured plus their loved ones wish it had not happened but it did.

The picture above is from a wedding photo believed to be around two weeks ago (from time of this posting - 8/30/06 -) shows "Omeed Aziz Popal" with his new bride Nahid - who might be thrilled with the newfound status - Apparently she is still in Afghanistan after their arranged marraige... -

Running a Google Search on the name Omeed Popal (no quotes - only 13 hits at this point in time!!!) - I came up with one traffic case in Turlock, CA (might be or might not be the same person. It is the same name...) - A German page of 2006 graduates from some school that was non related to anything here AND pages related to the Middle East (Afghanistan in particular)...

OK! So we have someone with a Middle Eastern background running over people in Jewish neighborhoods with an SUV and then WE HAVE - the mayor of Frisco in a long and boring press release - saying, "ROAD RAGE" was the cause!

A cousin is quoted as saying he was on meds but missed taking them...

This is not related to ''international relations'' the mayor newgate (who is proof that FRISCO is the home to fruits, flakes and nuts at least as far as voters go!) sez as an appeal to the MSM to not dig any deeeper.

PRYING1 sez: (please note the caps I placed in the prying part of my online name - I'm shouting here to ask others to do their own bit in this PRYING game. - I normally prefer being humble w/lower case/ie prying...1...)

What we may have here is the MSM covering up for a terrorist action. Note the singular! TERRORIST! This is not the first time. The shooter in Washington State was a supposed loner who targeted a Jewish 'hangout' less than two months ago! What has the MSM said about that bit of crappola recently? - LET ME HEAR YOU!!! - - (SILENCE) - What was on the news today? - Katrina one year after! - and a non-event - Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ernesto! - Nothing about a man of Middle Eastern descent between the ages of 18-45 running over American citizens in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods in San Francisco.

Not one word from these jokers on the MSM asking the obvious questions, "if this could be terrorist related." The relatives come out saying he is nuts - A cousin of the suspect, Zarghona Ramish, said Popal was a good guy, but had mental problems. - Popal "thought the devil was coming to get him," Ramish said. -

But not one word from the MSM asking the tough questions. I'm certain they don't want to offend anyone and as a result will let the tough questions go unasked. Move along! Move along! Nothing to see here!

Although if we are to believe newcomb it is not a "HATE CRIME" like it would be if it were homosexuals or blacks targeted. Not that I am in favor of any hate crime legislation but the people up there in Frisco sure are quick to dump water on the suggestion. And this before there is any opportunity to check the motives of Popal.

So What! They Are Only jews...

What we might have might be a single nutball operating on his own. OR we might have the beginnings of a new form of attacking America. Sleeper cells of one stepping out of 'character' to kill infidels then run under the cover of insanity. - And the MSM does no follow up. We are expected to keep our head in the sand...

"Kill a few jews here or there. The christian infidels won't care." After all. They didn't stop Auschwitz. Why should they stop this form of warfare? - They won't because the MSM won't reveal the truth! It was Jewish neighborhoods this fellow was in running over people!!!

I don't know if this is really terrorist related and none of us will if the powers that be sweep this under the rug. Which it seems they are intent on doing...

Hat tip to Hugh Hewitt - - - check Hugh's posting on this subject....

Sweetness and Light has a piece on this 'unfortunate accident'

Update: had this piece on Omeed Popal's 5th Court appearance (article Dated 22 Nov 06)


A man accused of running down 18 people in an alleged hit-and-run rampage in August has responded well to new medication and is competent to stand trial, a San Francisco Superior Court judge ruled today.

Omeed Aziz Popal, a 29-year-old Fremont man, smiled and offered greetings to his family for the first time in his fifth court appearance today and answered two questions asked by Judge Mary Morgan with clear affirmatives.

Deputy Public Defender Sandy Feinland said the change was due to a positive reaction to new medication. After the hearing, Feinland told reporters the new medication "relieved a lot of his symptoms," though he would not expound on Popal's condition.

Popal is charged with 18 counts of attempted murder in connection to an Aug. 29 incident in which the driver of a black Honda Pilot struck several people on sidewalks and streets in the northern end of San Francisco. Popal is awaiting trial in Alameda County for the alleged hit-and-run murder of man in Fremont earlier that day.

Morgan ordered Popal's psychological report to be filed confidentially with the court and said that criminal proceedings had been reinstated.

Inside the courtroom, Popal's family and friends occupied three rows of seats and reacted with a gasp as the judge made the announcement. They refused to comment as they left the courtroom.

Popal waived his right to a quick and speedy trial today and he is expected to return to department 12 at the Hall of Justice at 9 a.m. on Dec. 5 to set a date for pretrial hearings. Popal has not yet entered a plea.


Wikipedia has a page devoted to Omeed Aziz Popal - Only thing missing on Wiki are updates as to the status since Jan 7th, 2008 When the San Jose Mercury News reported Omeed Aziz Popal to stand trial for murder...

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Monday, August 28, 2006

On Family Feud They Would Shout, "GOOD ANSWER!"

An Air Farce Buddy sent me this one via email. I did not check it on Snopes cause I did not want to find out one way or the other... - I did Google the Ed Ade..aka.."Gun Slinger" line and came up blank. - So it goes...

Anyway, For your enjoyment! Behold! Another email making the rounds!

Katie Couric, while interviewing a Marine sniper, asked:

"What do you feel when you shoot a terrorist?"

The Marine shrugged and replied:


(hard to fault a GI that eloquent)

~~~~Ed Ade..aka.."Gun Slinger"~~~~


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The Importance of Joy Revisited

I finally got online this morning - (Bad phone lines I think) - and after perusing the news I checked my sitemeter. One visitor had come through Google using the search term - the importance of joy - (no quotes).

I clicked on the Google search link. Lo and behold my posting by the same title was number one. That brought some joy to the old ticker.

After playing around a bit I clicked on the same link and I wasn't number one any more. What happened there? Oh well. I'm not going to lose my joy over it. - For those of you who missed it the first time here is the original posting in full:

In The New Testament 'joy' is mentioned in a repetitious manner. The letter to the Philippian church has the line: "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again rejoice." (Phil 4:4 NIV) - The book of Thessalonians 5:16 says, "Be joyful always." Jesus had sent out 72 disciples (Luke ch 10) to announce the "Kingdom of God is near." and they came back with joy and said, "Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name." Jesus' replied, " not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven."

Why the instruction to rejoice? Digging into the Philippian and Thessalonian text a bit further each gives similar answers.
(Phil 4:4-7) - Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
(1 Thes 5:16-24) - Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

Do not put out the Spirit's fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.

May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.

The reason God commands us to be joyful is that it brings peace into our hearts. A friend once told me that he thought that men everywhere desire peace in their hearts and minds more than anything else. Not the kind of peace that is an absence of war but the kind of peace that is the presence of tranquility. By cultivating a spirit of joy in the inner man it will radiate into other areas of our lives. Indeed, it will radiate into the lives of those around us. Serenity, enjoyment, delight, happiness will increase in this world if we, as individuals seek to follow this directive of God's word.

Sounds Pollyanna-ish but it does work. In case you missed it the 'how to' is given in these scriptures. Pray without ceasing and giving thanks for God's blessings. How much will that cost?

Just your entire life.

It is worth it though...


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