Friday, October 21, 2005

David E. Napstead - Con Artist Loose in California

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9 AUG 08 had a hit from N. Las Vegas via a Yahoo Search for David Napstead - PLEASE - Leave a comment if you would.

Good news for Kentucky that David E. Napstead was last seen working out of the Los Angeles area of California. - [UPDATE] Anonymous left a message that David E. Napstead was seen working (if you want to call it that) in Reno Nevada - [End Update] Kentucky Parole Board released David Napstead from Adair County prior to 9/14/2005 - According to this link (best seen through Internet Explorer and perhaps subject to change)- Kentucky Parole Eligibility Listing - July 2005 - David E. Napstead was given parole from prison in Kentucky for:

NAPSTEAD DAVID E CD178893 04CR00095 THEFT BY DECEPTION > $ 300 12/28/04

The name "Napstead" comes up close to a blank in Google.

I have a feeling Kentucky was scammed by an alias!

I work in a printing shop near the LAX airport - L.A. California -

On 9-26-05 a man identifying himself as David E. Napstead came in and ordered business cards for Primetime Cellular - The name on the card is David Napstead

- He first paid the down payment ($20.00) with cash and asked if he could redeem the cash with a check for payment in full when he picked up the cards. Trusting souls that our shop was we agreed.

Needless to say the check bounced big time with "Account Closed" on it.

Calling the number on the card gets a message that the owner of the number "is not accepting calls at this time." - That message might change as he utilizes more scams.

The reason I am posting all of this is to let people typing David Napstead or David E. Napstead into Google know that they have dealt with or are dealing with a small time scam artist. "Primetime Cellular" as of this date and time (via Google search with quotes) does not appear to be a real company in any way shape or form.

Our shop apologizes for allowing this scammer to have the business cards and we should have known something was fishy but that is the problem with small time thieves. They often times appear to be honest and trustworthy but in reality their hearts are filled with some of the most vile of the seven deadly sins. Greed and Sloth are evident in David E. Napstead's life.

I would suggest if you have knowledge of his whereabouts or have been one of his victims you contact your local police department and file a report. Hopefully your loss was small and I pray that you pray for his salvation.

That will be the only way his life is changed! And the only way others will not be scammed...

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I have a guy named David Napstead chained to the wall in my cellar.I've got a recording down there playing old Barry Mantilow and Beach Boy songs 24/7.
Quantumthought | Homepage | 10.28.05 - 6:21 pm | #

This guy turned up in Reno, Nv. Scamming people in local bars.
Anonymous | 11.14.05 - 7:57 pm | #

QuantumThought - Switch from the Beach Boys to Tom Jones -

Anonymous - Would be nice to have a pic. - Any chance??? -
prying1 | Homepage | 11.14.05 - 11:44 pm | #

This gentleman is in Reno, NV ripping off car dealerships and running the same scams. Steer clear!
Nichoel Seymour | 11.18.05 - 5:36 pm | #

Recent visitors to this posting show that Carmichael, California has someone searching through Google for the name David Napstead. Hmmm. Who will snatch a pic of him for me to post?
prying1 | Homepage | 11.30.05 - 11:35 pm | #

Saw Napstead in Las Vegas 12/4/05, dining at Okada at the Wynn Casino. He ordered the $150 kobe beef teppanyaki. He told us he played for the Oakland A's for seven years before a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago sidelined his career. Said he was staying in a parlor suite at the Wynn while he was opening his 12th Primetime Cellular store--this one at the Fashion Show Mall. He claimed the other stores were in the SF South Bay. He tried to sell us (and the people at the next table) $400 Sprint Samsung phones that just came out--but at his cost of $150. I don't think anyone bit. Very interesting to read that he's a scammer! I didn't get a photo of him, but he looks like a light-skinned hispanic man, of average or less than average height and slight build.
Anonymous | 12.07.05 - 5:04 pm | #

We were sitting across the table from him and can verify the above womans comment. So obvious a braggard we were embarrassed for him, smart looking him up "Ms. bureaucrat" before falling for a scam, good job. Who the hell would pay $150 for a piece of meat unless you were rich or using free money. My wife commented to me that night why this guy would not sign the dinner check to his parlor suite with the 50" plasma as he was bragging about. Look at the above comments description and add short crewcut close to balding (very thin on top) and fast talking squeaky/high pitch voice. Definitely raised our attention when he said he played for the A's as he did not look the tall athletic type at all. Beware anyone of this description trying to sell you cell phone delivered to your door.
anonymous | 12.07.05 - 6:32 pm | #

Mr. Napstead was arrested on the evening of Tuesday, December 6, 2005 at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel. Kentucky authorities are on their way to pick him up and take him back to prosecute.

Wynn Las Vegas Company Official
Anonymous | 12.07.05 - 9:35 pm | #

Thanks Mr. Wynn Las Vegas Company Official - I do hope the Kentucky Authorities do a better job of checking this joker's past and find out who he really is. I have a feeling the Napstead name is an alias.
prying1 | Homepage | 12.07.05 - 10:52 pm | #

Gravatar I'd also like to thank the two anonymous commenters for their part in seeing this character removed from the streets.

A prayer for Mr. Napstead:

Lord, Reach this man and change his heart. - Amen.
prying1 | Homepage | 12.09.05 - 11:22 am | #

I say reach him, but rather with a very blunt object to the side of the head!
Reach his victims by repaying their losses!
anonymous | 12.19.05 - 8:42 pm | #

anonymous - I agree up to a point. A bip upside the skull might get him to think a bit but in the long run he would be back to his old ways in no time.

This character is only going to continue costing society unless he gets a change of heart or until someone really gets pissed off and kills him. I do not think he deserves the death penalty. From my experience the change of heart only comes through a relationship with the Living God.

He is intellegent and could make a very decent living without stealing but has chosen the easy way out. Con artists really do not have to work because the impulse in men's hearts is to get something for nothing (or very little). With that promise a gullible person will part with the contents of their wallet every time.

I know this because I had a good friend that worked all kinds of scams.
Getting free money was like taking drugs to him. He was addicted and refused to get Jesus in his heart because he knew that God did not want him to steal. (he did believe but would not receive...)
prying1 | Homepage | 12.19.05 - 10:56 pm | #

Update 9 Aug 08 - Bringing comments onto the main page in case they get lost. *** 9 AUG 08 had a hit from N. Las Vegas from a Yahoo Search for David Napstead - The following comments reach back to Sept, 06

Quite a few visitors from Vegas lately coming through this page - (6-15-06) - Leave a comment if you've found this info useful in any way. -

Really I'm just curious of why the sudden resurgence of interest in Mr. Napstead?
prying1 | Homepage | 06.15.06 - 5:33 pm | #

Gravatar Well Kentucky did not do a good job of holding him then. Mr. Napstead was back in Las Vegas his past few weeks running scams about he does debt consolidation and promising people to help them pay a bill and then you giving him half and the paying the rest when you can. He targeted people that where in debt bad. But the scam is he would pay from a Bank of America bank account with check debit and show you that the balance was 0, get your money and then leave. Problem was 2 days later these people where contacted and told there was insufficent funds in that account. And that there payments needed to be paid again, on top of this he was stealing stuff from the houses of the people he befriended. But he was once again discovered due to this board and was arrested at Denny's on W. Sahara today. He has several warrants for his arrest in Kentucky and is in the Clark County Jail without bail, and the exradition hearings to take place. But anyone running into him his birthdate is 3/30/1971 as listed on the Kentucky Parole Board website. He was carrying a California drivers license listing his adderess of 37089 Spruce St still. Everyone beware, this individual has no conscience about taking your money.
Anonymous | 06.16.06 - 4:03 pm | #

Gravatar Thanks Anonymous - Curiosity satisfied - Anyone who has a claim against Mr. Napstead might want to contact the LVPD. Not that you necessarily will collect anything but your testimony might keep him behind bars a bit longer!
prying1 | Homepage | 06.16.06 - 5:29 pm | #

Gravatar Your welcome, and here is the record from Clark County Detention

Inmate In-Custody Status
ID: 01198815
Age: 35
Race: White
Sex: Male
Case: 06F11490X
Status: Active
Related Case:
Arrest Date: 6/16/2006
Detainer: N
Cash Bail: $0
Surety Bail: $0
Housing: Call (702) 671-5700
Sched Department: INITAL HEARING
Sched Date:6/20/2006
Sched Time: 7:30 AM

Courtesy of this website: cc...todySearch.aspx
Anonymous | 06.16.06 - 7:23 pm | #

Gravatar Mr. Napstead is in jail in las vegas as of 6-19-06 thanks to Nationwide Realty. They did a number on him he'll never forget. This man was finally coned and was left with nothing but problems. It was done VEGAS style just like the movies. I even felt bad for him, the poor guy is looking mighty funny these days. God forgives the brotherhood dosent.
Steve | 06.23.06 - 1:32 am | #

Gravatar Now I've had a visitor from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada - Sep 17 2006 7:31:37 pm - 8 minutes 11 seconds spent on the page - Referred from a Google search - Buzzwords = david napstead -

Don't tell me he is up to his old tricks again but has left the U.S.A.

God save the Queen! (or whatever line they use up there...)
prying1 | Homepage | 09.17.06 - 9:17 pm | #

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Search Engines and Blogging

Just stopped by and checked some of the records they keep. One thing they do is keep track of some of the ways visitors are referred to my pages. For example I could see that my posting called Katrina Pics pulls up one of my posts quite often. Sorry to all the visitors. All I did was link to aka.alias and mentioned that there were some Katrina pics there but The Photo Album had some really beautiful pics. I Hope they check out some of the photographs there. Much prettier than Katrina Pics...

My post on the scam called the Rife Bare Cancer treatment gets a couple hits a month. - I hope it keeps some people from wasting their money and may the perps starve for lack of customers...

Terri Schiavo is one of the main news items I've blogged about that people look for through various search engines. I've a few post concerning her and the ungodly way she was murdered and I guess some of the search engines still have me near the top concerning her.

AOL search has me third in line for the word Muslum. I had some joker tell me I misspelled the word. All I can say is that I can show him books from the last century where they were called musselmen. (I believe it was pronounced Moo-sell-men at the time.) So the name is not written in stone. I replied to him that I was spelling it the right way for the next century. - - He was not amused. - - I'll keep on spelling it the way I want to. I'm self centered that way.

A couple of posts I did on toilets - 1 - and - 2 - Get hits from the term Toilet Humor being typed into the searchers. Looking back on one of those posts I see that Yahoo has removed the pages and the pics are no longer available. - Guess next time I'll save the pics and upload them to Ranchoweb. - Be sure to click on number 2 above and save to favorites for a slow day. Quite a wonderful read. Really funny stuff!

Sometimes it is obvious what the person is looking for. 'Katrina Pics' is a perfect example of that. I've got to wonder what the visitors from 'Toilet Humor' searches are really looking for.

As for one recent searching visitor who came through Yahoo's engines I'm not even going to speculate the motives. At least not for too long. Why would anyone type in - 'eBay Auctions Spankings' - ??? - Oh well! The prying1 blog placed number 10 on the list. Whoo Hoo! Just wish they had left a comment. Maybe my post just wasn't what they expected or hoped for...

prying1 sez - Check the sitemeter link at the bottom of the page if you would like to get an idea of where your traffic comes from. - It can be entertaining and it is free.