Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two Books - The Greening of America and Farewell To Eden

I know it has been a while since I've posted. I have 3 posts in 'draft mode' and have not been able to get back to them. This one I will finish by making it short and sweet. Tonight I finished packing the books in the house. Still have to move them out of the house but they are all in boxes now.

During this phase I came across two books.

Well actually there was more but only two I'm posting on...

The Greening of America

by Charles A. Reich, Random House NY, 1970 (First Edition/Review Copy) -

On the cover, in Bold Italics is states: "How the Youth Revolution is Trying to Make America Livable" -

As I read that I asked myself, "When was it unlivable in America?" Guess I missed it as did many others including the parents ot those 'youth revolutionaries' who must have been alive since they produced the little darlings.

Second question I asked, (By the way, I was there. I was a youth that survived the late 60's & early 70's) Back to the question. "What the hell did those invoved in the 'revolution' care about making America livable? All we wanted was sex, drugs and rock and roll!"

OK! Second book

Farewell To Eden

By Mathew Huxley and Cornell Capa, Harper & Row Publishers, 1964 (First Edition) -

No, this is not a Steinbeck novel. The dust jacket shows a picture of a near nude (a belt only), primitive man with a bone through his nose holding a stone age bow and arrow.

Excuse me?


If I had to ground down rocks against one another to make arrowpoints in order to eat I would not consider it EDEN.

Hey buddy! Adam was kicked out of the garden and these people were part of the result. - The dustjacket blurb even mentions, "Casual practice of infanticide" for goodness sake.

This book is about one of the last (if not the last) stoneage tribes in Peru. I gathered from the title and picture that the author figured that mankind should have ignored these people whose dentistry consisted of having a kindly neighbor smack you in the jaw with a rock and hope the right tooth came out.

Further reading of the DJ blurb shows that the author is against society and plantation owners making slaves of these people. - That I will agree with...

I won't agree with the title however.


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