Saturday, April 09, 2005

Breast Cancer Cure - Cells Aged and Killed!

Thanks to My Biotechnology for the heads up on this one. Quite a nice blog he has going and lots of interesting items.

It seems A Korean research team has developed a way to selectively age and kill cancer cells for the first time in the world. reports:

The team led by Yonsei University biology professors Cheong In-gwon (47) and Lee Tae-ho (49) announced on April 3, saying, “We are the first to confirm the fact that cancer cells stop growing and start aging and eventually die when the gene ‘MKRN1’ is injected into them.”


Professor Cheong and his team separated breast and cervical cancer cells from the body and cultured them for a month before injecting them with MKRN1 genes. As a result, the growing and dividing cancer cells began aging and finally disappeared. This was possible because the genes suppressed the function of an enzyme called “telomerase” that helps grow cancer cells, which only works on cancer cells.


“This research was done in the lab, but it is as good as having developed an actual therapy since we’ve experimented on human cancer cells instead of those of rats,” Professor Cheong said.

Cheong anticipated, hence, good results from the clinical tests soon to be performed on real cancer patients.

The research result is reported in the latest edition of the famous biotech magazine: “Genes and Development.” (Reg. Req.)


prying1 sez: I know I'm not up on all the news. I get most of it from the radio but it seems to me this is BIG. Wondering why there is not rejoicing in the streets over this...

Spitzer AIG Google and Ethics

Maybe I'm missing something here. A politician runs an online ad and with Google links that ad to some work he is currently doing. His opponents call foul. Google link is pulled. So what am I missing? has: - quote - Eliot Spitzer was accused on Wednesday of blurring his role as New York attorney-general with his political ambitions to run for state governor after his campaign office paid Google to link a search for “AIG” to a website promoting his gubernatorial bid.

AIG, the world's largest insurer, is at the centre of investigation by Mr Spitzer and others regulators into alleged improper accounting. - end quote -

NY Post has a quick blurb on State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer using Google for a "sponsored link" so that searching 'AIG' pulled an ad for Spitzer. The ad is for a webpage for people to learn about and contribute to his (possible?) run for Governor.

Ok, I understand that the investigation into AIG finances are ongoing and the opponents to Mr. Spitzer running for governor are throwing sand in the air over this but I don't see where it is illegal OR unethical for him to link his ad to work he is currently doing.

Yahoo News has a bit of an article about it. I can see why he pulled his ad/link off. It seems instead of standing up to opponents the 'in thing' for politicians to do is bow and scrape and act like a weak girly man as they exit backwards apologizing and sniveling any time someone criticizes them.

I'd rather see him stand up, tell his critics to go cry in their porridge and keep the link.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Open Letter to CA Congresswoman Jane Harman

After taking an online poll at Jane Harman's website I decided to back up my feelings with a letter. Now is the time to notify your representatives on how you feel on issues...

Dear Jane Harman. You know as well As I do that during the Clinton administration the Social Security was in 'Crisis'. Bill Clinton and AlGore both said so. The Democrats were wanting to do something but were afraid to make any move because they had been scaring the 'old folks' that the Republicans wanted to steal their Social Security. So they did nothing. Fear of losing their cushy jobs caused many to falter in the steps they should have taken.

Now we have a president that is not filled with fear. Now is the (perhaps) last chance to change Social Security and work toward making it viable.

I'm asking YOU to be bold, stand up and do what is right. Please don't just fall in lockstep with the Democratic party on this one. Your constituent's children are depending on you. Please work towards crafting a plan to straighten up the Social Security mess and help President Bush get it through Congress.

Guilt Laden Email Stopper

Don't you just hate those "send me to ten of your friends" emails that have been around for years and every so often they come around again (and again, and again...). How about the ones that tell you if you pass the message on Bill Gates is gonna send you money. Ever gotten the one that promises to print coupons from your printer for a dinner at the Outback etc... Just forward this to 10 friends and you will have good luck for 10 days. Personally I get real irritated from them.

Really bugs me because the original sender knows nothing of sending emails BCC. The dang thing has an email list that is a spammers paradise. And now you know your address is in the mix being forwarded around the planet endlessly...

Well here is a link to send back to the sender. Hopefully they will get the message. Bonus deal!!! - If you send it to every address that is in the original email then you can expect your address to travel around the globe in perpetuity. Again...


Another fun spot to visit and sent to these emailers is Snopes Urban Legends"Little Billy 'Smiles' Evans" for one of the most pathetic pleas for help ever heard or seen on the internet.

Poor Billy! He needs your help. If you won't help him Who will? I know I'm not going to.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Here it is! Hot off the keyboard! Cross-eyed Bear got the scoop on Drudge!

- Quotes:

Teresa Heinz Kerry has called for the U.N. to oversee the election of the new Pope.

Speaking to reporters, Kerry said "The possibility of right-wing infiltrators hacking into the Vatican mother computer cannot be denied. It's clear they already know how to do it, based on the obviously fraudulent results here. Can you imagine what would happen if someone like Clarence Thomas becomes the next Pope? It'd be a disaster."

More at Cross-eyed Bear...
- end quotes -

Prying1 sez: Ignore the little 'satire ahead' tag at the top of Crosseyed's article. This is for real! Some right wing conspiracy nut put the tag there to fool you...

Write to Kofi today and demand his son, Kojo be elected Pope!

Chicago pharmacist Forced By Government To Ignore His Moral Values!

Michael Medved today had a segment dealing with a Chicago pharmacist that refused to dispense the 'morning after' pill. The Chicago Sun Times has the story (in a twisted sort of way.)

I work in a printing shop (Century Press in Inglewood Calif. Plug, plug)

I have to wonder if a local adult book store walked through the door and demanded we print pornographic images for them would the government force us to do so? I think not. It would be the same spiritual/religious/moral choice on our part that would be trampled by any government rules/laws to force us to do so.

Yahoo IM - Instant Messenger - Phishing Attacks

Information Week sez: Victims get instant messages that appear to be from friends and end up at fake Yahoo-like site. -

Phishing is an attempt by thieves to steal information from you by tricking you into giving it to them. A phony web page is set up to look like a real page from a trusted company. Users are encouraged to log in and supply personal information (CC numbers etc.) and their information is captured by the scamsters. Banks, Credit Unions, Auction Sites and NOW Yahoo & MS IM's are subject to these scams.

Yahoo Messenger is the target of a phishing attack in which victims receive messages that appear to come from people on their buddy lists. When they click on a link in a message, they're transported to what they believe is a Yahoo Web site, where their login information is taken down by perpetrators. A Yahoo spokesperson confirmed the attack Friday.

Informationweek has a blog that is well worth visiting.

If you are not sure if an email or IM came from your friend then email them (From a different window) and wait for the reply. You might want to set up a code with good friends to verify the message is from them. For example start or end messages with initials or GBYAY!

Update: Check this link to an article on Microsoft sueing pfishers.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Turn the Radio Off!

OK! I'm ready to gripe. If you are in a good mood I suggest you leave. Otherwise you may be as ticked as I am by the time you finish reading this.

Know what I hate about radio?

(Crowd in background) "NO! What?"

Some of the commercials really tick me off.

"Which commercials?" they ask.

Well, you asked for it. The ones I absolutely abhor are the ones with two wimmen talking and they are both so, sooo syrupppy happy and continually giggling and absolutely nothing is funny. Could be about which bank they use, favorite window installer, where they want to be buried, which house painting company or even perhaps a home loan company. It doesn't matter what they sell. The conversation is contrived and of course they share the stupid phone number back and forth 6 times in the allotted minute. I do have to say that after the minute is over I THANK GOD I'm not married to either of them.

Next is the commercial that has a helpless male with the woman coming to the rescue. I mean, this guy is so dumb that he doesn't know how to look in the phone book for a plumber. You just know that he sits on the edge of his bed in the morning staring at his socks. Wondering which one goes on which foot. Then the happy, happy, happy, happy sounding woman comes on and fixes whatever the hell problem was with a wave of a hand and leaves the guy looking like only a sex change operation can help him. Then he will know how to handle lifes little problems. Like how to dial information for a roofer. The commercial ends with the world knowing that he is just typical of all men. Totally incompetent and too stupid to know it...

Another is the fast talking legalspeak that explains if you get a home loan, buy a car, find true love on a web site or open a can of dog food from the bottom you will not be covered by any warranty expressed or implied and you might as well eat the dog food because they will come to take your home, car, your true love will leave you for the plumber in the other commercial and you are just out of luck buddy! You should have listened to the fast talking legalspeak harder!!!!

Ok, My question is, Do people really call these outfits? I guess so because they keep making the commercials. Would help some if I wasn't addicted to listening to talk radio. But with out it I wouldn't know which sock to put on which foot in the morning. (sigh...)

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Word of the Day

This being Sunday and all I figured I will give a touch of what went on in the church I attend (I would say, "My church" but I don't want to offend anyone who thinks of the church as always being 'universal';-)

Anyway, two things that really hit home. One is that the past week has predominately been centered around 'death'. Both Terri Schiavo and the Pope. But we have been told in the Word that, "death is swallowed up in victory". Through Jesus, Who conquered death through His resurrection, we need not fear it. It is simply a portal to a better place.

The second thing I caught was that through Jesus we have true freedom. Freedom from the effects of sin. Freedom from chains (habits) that bind us up. Freedom from oppression and depression that can so easily beset us.

This freedom can be found in a commitment to put good habits, thoughts and actions into our lives. Over time the bad habits, thoughts and actions will be pushed out of our hearts. I don't mean to make it sound easy because it does take a commitment that can be broken in a moment. Here is where the power of Jesus Christ comes in.

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our
sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness" - I John 1:9 -

Jumping the hurdle of self righteousness, pride or shame mixed with a dash of prayer will bring us into contact with Him and He will set our feet back on the path He has set before us.