Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Obama and His Changes

As Obama entered the Oval Office a sense of satisfaction rose up in his breast and filled him with pride. The time line called for 3 years but everything rolled right along and fell into place more quickly that they had imagined. Little did he know that it would be only a year and a half after being elected and taking the oath of office that the plans for change would be completed.

Well, not quite completed. there was still a bit of work to be done. Engage the new Congress. All of the new members were ready to step in months ago. - Present the new Constitution. Hard to believe it was written in the 70's and although never implemented (Yet!) it withstood the test of time and needed no revisions. - Convince the people that all of the changes are, of course, for their own benefit. "After all. They elected me for 'Change'." he thought.

What changes there had been! Nationalizing the health care system, the energy system, communications systems and the transportation industries. All government controlled and he was in charge of the government. People had clamored for him to fix things and soon all would be running with a precision that only a well run government could implement.

The people that REALLY elected him wanted socialism. He had made clear his agenda to all who cared to look beneath the political veneer. Now they would have it and he would make sure they got the best socialistic country in the world. None of this namby pamby stuff like the Danes and the French. America would be a true socialism run BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE.

Suddenly the door opened and two of his top advisers and friends entered followed by 3 men in uniform with weapons at the ready.

"What's this about?" said Obama.

"C'mon" said one of them. "Did you really think that you would end up on top of the pile when these changes were fulfilled? We've people with much more intelligence than you that will be running things."

"WHAT?" Obama exclaimed.

"We've set up a nice out of the way place in a beautiful Caribbean banana plantation for you. There are still a lot of rural people clinging to their guns and religion out there and we think it best you be protected from them. Plus you will get a lot of exercise and stay in shape by picking bananas. It will be your contribution to this whole new world. Don't worry. I'll take care of the country for you. After all, I am Your Biggest Fan."

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