Sunday, January 20, 2008

Once Again! The Lost Poetry Corner

Listed a bunch of "Unknown and Lost Poets" this weekend. I really mean UNKNOWN!!! - Googled the names of both books and authors, separate and together with quotes, without quotes and most didn't even register.

They used a vanity press and did not know how to market themselves. The copies I got are all like new 'review copies' that were sent to Dion O'Donnol because he did promote poets and poetry through various means. Newsletters, clubs etc... - All published in 1980.

Even so, after 28 years of no promotions, being manufactured prior to the Internet explosion these names are virtually unknown. So if I expect to sell the books I better promote them. - To quote Ralph Kramden, 'And Away We Go'.

The following Lost Poem comes from "Poetry to Remember" by Sara Webb Keaton - Publisher: Dorrance and Company - 1980 (First Edition, not stated) - All I could find other than the copy I have listed at my book store is three copies stuck in the bowels of Higher Education Libraries. (Saw them through WorldCat)

A bunch of different subjects are poeticized in this book but I'm a slow typist and am only going to give you one. This is one I liked.

Margin of Profit

"I'll trade my dog for your wagon,"
Said Tommy to big Biff Lane.
"And I'll throw in my football too
And also my watch and chain."

"I'll trade." said Biff, "I like your dog.
Come! Flash, old boy, now you're mine."
Little Tommy smiled, he had a new ball,
and the watch didn't keep good time.

"Flash had always come back,"
Tommy mused as he happily rolled away.
"Gee! this was great, it was real fun,
He couldn't help it if Flash wouldn't stay."

He had traded before for this thing and that
And always came out ahead.
He was getting tired, it was time to go home,
But he must wait on Flash instead.

Morning came and still no dog.
Biff Lane must have him on a leash.
Now Flash was no longer his,
This had gone far beyond his wish.

With tear stained eyes he traded back
And paid extra a 'bit of cash'.
But never again did he speculate
Or trade off his good dog Flash.


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