Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fairness Doctrine Stinks!

Was reminded today that the fairness doctrine is being bandied about as a viable solution to the woes of leftdom.

Did a Google search of the news on it to see what's up. You know. To get both sides of the issue.

Found one piece from "The Vanguard - a Student Run Newspaper" (Portland State) - Jesse Thiessen wrote a piece and titled it,

"Let 'em say what they want"
with the subtitle,
"Reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine would regulate radio broadcasting to death"

First I would like to comment that the article was well thought out and written. The last student newspaper article I read had mis-spellings and poor use of punctuation. But that was a different (read IVY LEAGUE) school. - Rest assured I'm not an English major but nothing jumped out at me as I read the article. Except that Jesse Thiessen has common sense. Plus he did a bit of research to write the piece.

If he desires a job in any writing capacity I think he should find little trouble getting it. Unless he gets blackballed...

If you have not clicked on the link above yet here is a SECOND CHANCE to do so.

I had to leave a comment and then bring it here so it will be in my 'journal'. - I'm sure Jessie would appreciate your leaving a comment attached to his article. Pro or con, Let him know how you feel. -

prying1's comment and feelings about the Fairness Doctrine:

Good article. But I agree with you on so many points so perhaps I'm just a bit biased.

Well! Perhaps a bit more than 'a bit'.

One thing not mentioned is "Air America".

The left tried to 'entertain' the citizens of this great land and failed miserably. Perhaps people can hear comparisons of Bush and Hitler only so many times before switching to the sappy, love song stations. I tried to listen to their hosts reflecting their points of view and found them boring at best.

If the left really wanted to hear opinions they agreed with they could have and should have listened to their own. They didn't, Air America failed and now they want the rest of the U.S.A. to suffer as a result?

The term 'rectal apertures' comes to mind...

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