Friday, October 13, 2006

Zango - 180Solutions - Scams, Problems and Headaches!

Since I posted on Zango on Sept 30, 06 I've been getting a lot of visitors typing in "Daniel and the Bus" with or without "Zango" tagged on. I can only surmise that people get to the point I wrote about in my posting (Zango wants to download an .EXE file) and they back off to check it out first. Good for them!

UPDATE! - Some people coming by only want to see the video, Daniel and the Bus, and could care less about Zango. They know it is bad stuff. - So! here is a link to go see the video free for nothing! Without mucking up your computer. -

Some of the other stuff on this webpage is tawdry at best. Surf there at your own risk. Especially since Zango owns the site!

- http://"target="_blank"> -

For those wishing to know more about Zango continue reading...
I can only feel sorry for those who click to download and then install the program. It comes from a company that can only be described as disreputable at best.

Benjamin Edelman has a webpage entitled, The Effect of 180solutions on Affiliate Commissions and Merchants which says this:

Software from 180solutions (also known as MetricsDirect) redirects many affiliate commissions to 180. As a result, merchants pay commissions to 180 (and its advertiser partners) even when no commissions are payable under the terms and conditions of merchants' affiliate programs, and even when commissions are properly payable to other affiliates. 180 causes these commissions to be paid via at least 84 different affiliate accounts, using multiple intermediary domain names that redirect affiliate tracking HTTP traffic, making 180's activities particularly difficult to track and to prevent.

prying1 sez:
I'm not a brilliant person but that sounds disreputable to me. Some people think that 180solutions and Zango are trying to clean up their act but until they do and get a proven track record it is best to avoid them.

Quotes from's Forums re: Zango is related to 180solutions, Inc. - a well known Adware supplier - we help plenty of people get 180solutions infections off their computers. Beware of installing anything from them - you may get more than you bargained for.

Like maybe the Zango Search Assistant? From Zango: "While the Software is installed on your computer, Zango may collect information about you and the websites you visit."

I had Zango on my PC, and at first thought it was a game site that my daughter had downloaded. For a couple days, I didn't bother looking into it, but then IE kept getting redirected to at startup.

My firewall was screaming that a couple of .exe programs were attempting to send info out. I did not recognize the dns they were going to, so I ran SB S&D, Ad-Aware, and HiJack this and they discovered quite a few problems: Browser hijacker, adware, spyware, and the toolbar was loaded with ads which were always different.

I cleaned up all remnants of Zango, and the PC was fine again.

I would suggest re-thinking using Zango.


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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Schwarzenegger On Jay Leno's Tonight Show

But Not Phil Angelides

Most people have heard by now that California has a "STAR" for a governor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

As governors go he has had his ups and downs. Some things he has done were good in my opinion and other things he has done were pretty stinky. That is once again in my opinion.

Since I'm always right we will hold my opinion in high esteem and run with the previous paragraph. (Please don't quiz my wifey-poo on me being always right. She might bring up that one time...) Ignore the fact that what I thought stinky the libs loved & vice versa...

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Calif.) appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno - 11 OCT 06 -

What will not be on Jay Leno's show (at least at this point in time) is a rebuttal performance by Phil Angelides who is running against Arnold.

The Phil Angelides campaign said the television show is being unfair, and a California congressman filed a complaint on Phil Angelides' behalf with the Federal Communications Commission. - - More here from NBC4 TV - - The idiot campaign operatives WANT Phil Angelides to go on the Tonight Show!

Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Calif.) is currently leading over the Angelides campaign with double digits.

If The Tonight Show With Jay Leno had Philly Baby (not to be confused with Philly Cheese Steak) come on the show three things would happen.

1: Half the audience would fall asleep.
2: The other half would switch to Letterman.
3. Arnold's lead would go to triple digits.

I say in the interest of fairness NBC should let Phil Angelides go onstage with Jay Leno! Better yet, AMERICA should demand they do so! After all. Many people who watch Jay Leno are not old enough to know who Mr. Peepers is and this would give them a chance to see what they missed by being born so late in the last century.

(Guess which one is running for the Governator's job?)

Angelides promises to run the California into the same dirt that produced the tainted spinich. California can expect higher taxes, drivers licenses for illegals, higher wages for union members which is all the state has for it's employees and most likely will Phil Angelides will pull any National Guard off their current border duties...

He would do all this and more after mesmerizing into an opiate like stupor every living creature in the state.


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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"One Night With the King" Looks Promising

One Night with the King - The Story of Esther -

I just found and watched the preview and it looks like one of the Hollywood spectacles that old timers like me are likely to enjoy.

It has swords in it so I'm sure Hugh Hewitt and Emmett of the Unblinking Eye will approve. Looks to have romance too but hopefully the sword scenes will make up for that.

- Rated PG with the notice, "Violence, Some Sensuality and Thematic Elements. -

When I read the words Thematic Elements on the ratings notice I had to ask, "What the heck does that mean?" - I could figger out the violence & sensuality on my own but this was new to me. It has probably only been around for 10 years or so. - Anyway! So I did a search engine run on it. - Here is what I found on the Motion Picture Association of America's web pages:

(from F.A.Q. page)

- Question: I have noticed "thematic elements" in the rating reasons - what does that mean?

Answer: Thematic elements are those elements of a film that do not necessarily fit into the traditional categories such as violence, sex, drug use and language, but may be of particular concern to parents. This rating reason raises a warning to parents to learn more about a film before they allow their children to view it. These thematic elements may include death, coming-of-age issues, verbal abuse, illness, abortion, and other serious subjects or mature discussions that some parents feel may not be appropriate for their young children.

Looks to me to be a rather vague term to use in rating pictures. I tried to see on their pages why "Thematic Elements" was used for this picture but could not find anything to even give a clue. - I thought, "Maybe they want to warn Muslum parents that it is a positive story about Jews." -

Then, in my search for more I hit a web page and remembered I had heard of "Thematic Elements" before. Nehring the Edge posted on the movie Facing the Giants with his article, "JESUS LOVES YOU BUT HOLLYWOOD THINKS YOU’RE A JERK" and the link he provided to the news article that used the term.

I did find a page of reviews from some real live people (not paid critics) that have seen the movie. - This site the reviews are on - IMDb "The Internet Movie Database" - is a good one for U.S. visitors to bookmark because it has movie theatres searchable by zip code. What's showing (with links on the titles), phone numbers and times. - Pretty handy -

Did I get sidetracked?

I guess so.

Here is the link to the trailer! Watching it sold me on seeing it on the big screen. Filmed in India so the palaces are real and not sets. Looks to be a real good film.

See you at the movies!


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