Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More On (or is that Moron?) Spam Emails

Twice yesterday I received messages from friends that their email addresses were compromised and not to click any links until further notice. One was from a MSM account and the other a Yahoo account.

One lead to http://pvc0.ukparasd.com/ (AKA - http://medicaltoystore.net/ - which touts itself as Canadian Health & Care Mall {also Canadian health&care mall} ) which is one of those cheap pill pages. How those sites ever make money I don't know. The competition is immense and they all have the same cookie cutter web pages on them. I just hope that their stuff is not poisonous. Had a friend say that probably all they send out is sugar pills anyway.

The other website that used a friends email address and list of friends addresses is: http://www.snnsn.com/ - Supposedly selling cameras and computer related items. Just thought I'd put this out there so people that might be wondering about using either of these sites will have a chance to find out that there are some people that have been spammed by them.

The owners of those sites might say that they contracted with some other outfit that spammed people. If that were true then they are guilty of not doing their homework and making sure they are dealing with reputable outfits. that excuse still does not assure me that putting my credit card info into their site will be a safe thing to do.

Any outfit that does business like that will not get my dollars

Another thing is when you get a forwarded email with a long list of emails send it back to the person who sent it to you with a reprimand. Using BCC is easy and if they don't know how to use it (AND delete previous email addresses) they should not be allowed on the internet. They only make your email address susceptible to spammers and hackers.


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