Saturday, June 17, 2006

Senator John Kerry Admits He's a Dummy

Pretty funny article by Jim Kouri -

During the recent "Take Back America" jamboree...Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), received a less than cordial reception by the crowd of antiwar, Bush-hating Dems, so perhaps Kerry felt it safer to admit his stupidity than face the heckling and boos accorded Clinton.
Kerry never actually told the crowd he was a dummy, but look at the facts as he's presenting them: Senator Kerry -- the intellectual giant -- was conned by a man he called an idiot into sending 150,000 youngsters into battle. That doesn't say much for Kerry, now does it? Not too swift for a man who wanted -- and still wants -- to be President of the United States.
Actually, to be fair, it seems the majority of Democrats have admitted they are easily duped stooges and numbskulls. They did it when they claimed the Republicans "stole" the 2000 election from another intellectual giant, Al Gore. Yes, indeed they won the election but they were robbed by a man whom Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) said was stupid.

prying1 sez: Remember this next time you see the lefties call themselves "Progressives"

Since I'm a conservative and cannot think for myself I had to cut and paste this post. Thanks for your understanding.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

2 U.S. soldiers missing in Iraq after attack

Don't know if this has been confirmed or not. So much news comes out from Iraq and is later proven to be false. - I pray this is not true but thought it best to put it out there so people that pray can do so for these men.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The U.S. military says two soldiers are missing after their team came under attack at a traffic control point in Yusafiyah, Iraq Friday night, that left one other coalition soldier dead.

A military spokesman told FOXNews after hearing small arms fire and explosions in the vicinity, a quick reaction force responded to the scene. Coalition forces have initiated a search operation to locate and determine the status of the soldiers. They are currently listed as "duty status unknown." No other details have been released.

the above is from KHON2 Hawaii and the same story is in the Houston

Pray for their safe return and for the safety of Iraqi and Coalition forces.

Update: Apparently true - Chicago Tribune has the story. No Nmaes released as of yet. - Continus praying for their safety and confusion in the ranks of the enemy.

The last paragraph of the Tribune article shows how the enemy can easily sow disinformation that makes the good guys appear to be evil. " "What security plan are they talking about?" said Hussein Kadhum, 21, who was visiting the shrine Saturday. "The whole area is cordoned, and the police and army are everywhere and are searching everybody. So who can bring explosives inside this area unless there are people with the security forces cooperating with him?"
Update: - More of the story can be found here. - Family hopes for missing soldier's return -

I pray the enemy becomes confused and makes an error allowing these men to be found or make their escape.

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I'm Waiting !

I'm waiting for the day, as the first troops leave Iraq, for the 'progressive' liberals to proclaim that they are responsible for the step down in troop strength AND if only Bush had listened to them it would have happened sooner.
- prying1 - 16Jun06 -

You can quote me with this date when it happens.

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Iraq IS on the Road to Running Their Own Country!

Senator James Inhofe had an interview with Hugh Hewitt last Tuesday Thanks to Radioblogger for the following transcript.

Run up: Abdel Jassim is the NEW Iraqi Minister of Defense and Senator Inhofe had told Hugh the Minister stated, "I hate CNN!"
HH: I'm talking with Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, just returned again from his 11th visit to Iraq, just today, I imagine. Senator, I just want to pause on the defense minister of Iraq's reaction to CNN. I hate CNN. Did he tell you why he hates CNN?

JI: Oh, he said all they do is talk about negative things, things that are bad, and we have nothing but successes over here. And then he start enumerating the successes, which I can verify, because I'm there all the time. The number, out of 112 battalions, they have 62 of them. That's over half of them that are either level 2 or level 1. That means they can conduct their own combat. He made the statement, and this is one of the things that he says that CNN and some of the media keeps saying, they keep saying that America is leading them, and we're in the rear. And he said that's not true at all. We are leading, and America is offering support. In fact, of the last 500 special operations that took place, 75% of them were led by the Iraqis, not by the Americans. Only 25% were. Now if you go back, as I've done on almost a monthly basis, you can see how this changes. And a year ago, hardly any of them were led by the Iraqis. These guys...I was up in Fallujah during the last election, and they were so proud. They were going down there to vote, and they were targeted, because they were supposed to shoot any of the Iraqi security forces that voted. And they went down, they voted, and they came back, and they were real proud of it. And then, when I asked them the question, are you going to be able to take over the security of's kind of funny, because of the language problem, they said nein, nein. I thought that meant no, no, but that really means yes, yes.

HH: Oh, okay.

JI: So those guys are excited, and they're proud, and you talk to any of the...I challenge any of your listeners to talk to any of our reservists, or the Guard that comes back, and they'll tell you that these guys are learning fast, they're good soldiers, they're disciplined, and they're looking...well, in fact, Dr. Rubai, the guy that you need to watch, too, the national security advisor, he said that by the end of the year, he's going to recommend that the coalition forces cut down to 100,000. That's going to be a military decision, but this is an Iraqi saying that.

HH: Let me ask you about the allegations about death squads, especially from the minister of interior, going out and cutting down Sunnis, and then the reprisal killings. How big a problem, the sectarian violence?

JI: Yeah, I don't think it's happening. It's funny, you hear about these little conspiracies, and these things that are going on, and when you're over there, you don't see it. Now I'll have to say this, the one minister I didn't talk to was al-Balani, and he's the minister of interior. So I don't have a first hand handle on that.

HH: What about the reports you've received on the Haditha incident?

JI: Well, this is kind of interesting. As the more we look into it, and I'm not really the one looking into it, the more that comes out, are misrepresentations of things that may have happened a year ago, or happened six months ago, and they kind of put them all together in this one area, Haditha. Now another interesting thing that was said by Abdel Jassim, he said Haditha is a bigger story back in the United States than it is here. I asked him about it, and he said oh, it's not a big story here. And that's one thing that I think we need to know over here. We keep conjuring these things up as if they're big stories, but they're not over there. You want to know another one that isn't, Mr. Hewitt?

HH: Yes.

JI: All this thing about reconciliation that the Democrats talk about, oh, they're going to have to reconciliate between the Sunnis and the Shiias, and all that, well, the defense minister said that that is another American issue, that the reconciliation has already taking place, and we are Iraqis first. Now I didn't believe that, and so I stopped's kind of a monument they have to the unknown soldier, and there were 9 honor guard people, very sharp soldiers standing there, and through an interpreter, I asked the guy that was leading that group, I asked him the question about the Shiias and the Sunnis. He said no, that's not...I'm a Sunni, my wife is a Shiia, and I can't tell you...I've spent the last nine days with these eight guys. I don't know which one is a Shiia, and which one's a Sunni. We're all Iraqis. And again, he claims that's an American issue, and I believe it is.

prying1 sez: "Everything you know is wrong Earthling! We must reprogram you!"

- It appears from what Senator Inhofe says that while all is not 100% well in Iraq things have moved along better than we know.

- I'm waiting for the day when the U.S. starts pulling out troops and the 'progressive' liberal socialists start shouting, "At last Bush is taking our advice! He is forced to listen to us! We were right!"

Sorry foil hat crowd. He is still following the plan you refused to believe in (much less admit existed) and it is working!!!

And why is it when the label 'liberal' gets bad connotations that these rectal apertures start calling themselves 'progressives'? Do they think they are fooling anybody?

Thanks again to Radioblogger - The MP3 of this interview is available on his site. His is a site you should visit daily. -

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Mexican Election and Sweeping for Illegals

A couple news items I read today placed together for comparison.

Operation Return to Sender - 2,179 arrests of Illegal aliens. Some are child molesters, violent gang members and past deportees who re-entered the country illegally. A quick run through the Google News hits with the words 'Operation Return to Sender' we can see 150 from New England (5 from Danbury, CT), 75/Chicago, 39/El Paso, 116/New Jersey, 47/Orange County, CA and apparently all parts of the country were hit.

Homeland Security says roughly half had criminal records for crimes that ranged from sexual assault of a minor (Around 146 perverts) to assault with a deadly weapon, to abduction. 367 of the arrested aliens were members or associates of violent street gangs. 640 of those arrested were fugitive aliens who had been issued final orders of removal by an immigration judge but failed to comply.

Those arrested in the operation came from nations around the globe, including Angola, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cape Verde, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Egypt, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Senegal, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan.

This operation began 26MAY06 and ended Tuesday 13June06. No indication when the next sweep will be. Perhaps after several have returned and the number of illegal criminals has refreshed above the 2179 arrested.
next story:
DEBATING U.S. IMMIGRATION POLICY - IN MEXICO ~ Alan Wall reports (Italics are Alan's words - Bold is the Candidates): On June 6th, 2006, there was a presidential debate in Mexico. Five candidates were in the debate, and they were given five topics to discuss.

One of the topics was "Migratory Foreign Policy"

The "migratory" part refers to U.S. immigration policy, not Mexican immigration policy!

(only 2 of the candidate's promises follow - There is more in the link above)

Calderon made three immigration promises:

"First, that all the money collected in the Mexican consulates in the United States stay there to help our 'paisanos'." Translation - more meddling by Mexican consulates.

"Second, I am going to promote a migratory accord with the United States so that those who are there and have been there five or six years can have legal residence."

Sounds like what President Bush wants. (the rattling sound is prying1 shaking his head yes)

"Third, Whoever wants to go and work for a period of months or seasons each year, will do it legally and with papers."
Calderon is calling for the U.S. and Canada to finance development in poor regions of Mexico. There might be some merit to that idea, but why should we pay for that if we're simultaneously allowing mass immigration from Mexico?

AMLO - Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (known by his initials AMLO) - AMLO promised a no-meddling foreign policy:

"We are going to be careful not to meddle in the internal life of other countries
and other governments, because we are not going to permit that they meddle in affairs that are only the business of Mexicans."

That sounds good. But you have to understand that when AMLO says he won'’t meddle in the affairs of other countries, that rule doesn'’t apply to meddling in U.S. immigration policy.

Lopez Obrador said that, "the principal subject of the bilateral agenda with the Untied States has to be the migratory issue."

Nowadays, that would be true of any Mexican government, of whatever party.

AMLO continues,

"We are going to convince the members of the American government, and the Canadian government, that the best relationship between a strong economy and a weak economy is cooperation."

He wants to make a NAFTA accord that will help Mexico in "the growth of the economy in our country and to create jobs."

AMLO's proposal is actually quite similar to that of Calderon (see above). He wants the U.S. and Canada to finance Mexican development.

But, AMLO doesn'’t want us controlling our immigration policy:

"We have to convince them, persuade them that nothing will be resolved with walls, with raids, with the militarization of the border, with heavy-handed threats."

prying1 sez: We (the U.S. and Poor Mexican Peasants) are screwed! - Unless we can wake up the U.S. Senate and Congress to the fact that we currently have enough "guest workers" and that border security comes first the Poor Mexicans will have a government that has no incentive to change. Please note that no mention was made in the first story of terrorists captured.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Typical Scene in an American Home

Husband and wife sitting in front of their individual personal computers.

Husband: How did that happen? Hmmm. Oh, I clicked the wrong button. Thats better. Gosh, well, I guess I'm talking to myself.

Wife: Oh, I'm sorry. Does it bother you that I have a one track mind?

Husband: You have a one track mind! I think not. At least you knew that I was talking.

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Religious Right is Misrepresented concerning STD/HPV Vacines!

Some disinformation is being spread by the anti James Dobson crowd. - Here is the skinny: has a story entitled, "Why the Religious Right Fights Cancer Prevention" (dated 13Jun06). When I read that my heart sunk. "Who on the religious right would do that?" was my question.

Alternet Quotes: Conservative groups have caused an uproar by opposing a vaccine for the second-deadliest cancer for women. - and - The Food and Drug Administration advisory panel approved a vaccine for the human papilloma virus (HPV) last week. The vaccine appears to be 100 percent effective at protecting against the most prevalent viruses that cause cervical cancer. While public health professionals view the vaccine as miraculous, many conservative organizations oppose it on the grounds that it might encourage promiscuity among adolescent girls. Now that the FDA has approved the vaccine, conservatives are already working feverishly to limit or even prevent its use. - end quotes -

Well, the Alternet article mentioned Family Research Council and also had a link to (Caution! Typical leftist profanity (f word) in the title of this link) a Feministing article who names a Dr. Finger and Focus on the Family.

Feministing Quote: He (Dr. Finger, a liaison between the CDC and Focus on the Family) has also said that if "people begin to market the [HPV] vaccine or tout the vaccine that this makes adolescent sex safer, then that would undermine the abstinence-only message." For the record, Finger would also be wary of approving an HIV vaccine, should one become available. - end quote -

Well I figured I'd go to the source and see what both organizations really say about Sexually Transmitted Disease vaccines.

Focus on the Family position statement (PDF reader needed) -

Recognizing the worldwide detriment to individuals and families resulting from HPV, Focus on the Family supports and encourages the development of safe, effective and ethical vaccines against HPV, as well as other viruses. The use of these vaccines may prevent many cases of cervical cancer, thus saving the lives of millions of women across the globe.

Therefore, Focus on the Family supports widespread (universal) availability of HPV vaccines but opposes mandatory HPV vaccinations for entry to public school. The decision of whether to vaccinate a minor against this or other sexually transmitted infections should remain with the childÂ’s parent or guardian.

Family Research Council statement:

The Family Research Council welcomes the news that vaccines are in development for preventing infection with certain strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV). We also welcome the reports, like those we've heard this morning, of promising clinical trials for such a vaccine. Forms of primary prevention and medical advances in this area hold potential for helping to protect the health of millions of Americans and helping to preserve the lives of thousands of American women who currently die of cervical cancer each year as a result of HPV infection. Media reports suggesting that the Family Research Council opposes all development or distribution of such vaccines are false.

Took me less than 10 minutes...

Other stories had the same spin with right/left politicians...

In none of the stories I read was there a mention or concern of contraindications...

For the full Merck release news story without the spin -Click Here-

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Eternal Atheist Jokes

Not to be outdone by Christians atheists have opened a brand new dial-a-prayer service.

Dial the number and nobody answers.


A young lad who's parents were atheists upset them recently by asking them, "Do you think God knows we don't believe in Him?


An atheist was fixing his house when he smacked his thumb real hard with a hammer.

"Jesus Christ!" he shouted.

Suddenly, in seconds, clouds blew overhead darkening the sky. The atmosphere seemed to thicken making it difficult to breath. An electric snap seemed to be in the very air around him and a gentle voice said, "Don't blame me. I wasn't holding the hammer."


A local Catholic priest and a Presbyterian pastor were fishing by the side of the road. They thoughtfully made a sign saying, "The End is Near! Turn around before it's too late!" and set it up so passing cars could see it.

A couple of cars stopped and the occupants chatted with the religious men. Both felt moved by the conversation, believed the holy men of God, turned around and went back the way they had come.

An atheist driving along quickly read the sign and shouted at them, "You religious nuts are all full of crap!", as he sped past.

A few moments later the priest and the pastor heard a big splash.

They looked at each other and the priest said to the pastor, "Perhaps we should have just written 'Bridge Out' instead?"


Two atheists were talking and one said, "I'll prove there is no God. If there is a God there must be a devil and I adjure him to come and take me to hell!"

Suddenly, a puff of smoke, and a repulsive demonic figure smelling of sulfur appeared and dragged the man kicking and screaming away into another puff of smoke. Both instantly disappeared.

The second atheist said, "Hmmm... Perhaps it would have been smarter to try having God to take him to heaven first."


There was a Christian lady who lived in an apartment next to an atheist. Everyday the lady prayed loudly enough that the atheist could hear her through the thin walls. The atheist thought, "She sure is crazy, praying all the time like that. Doesn't she know there is no God?"

One day, she ran out of groceries. As usual, she was praying to the Lord explaining her situation and thanking Him for what He was going to do. The atheist heard her praying and thought to himself. "Well I'll teach her a lesson!"

He zipped to the grocery store, bought a bunch of groceries, took them to her door, rang the door bell and then hid around the corner to see her reaction.

She opened the door, saw the groceries and began to praise the Lord with all her might. Jumping, singing and shouting "Hallelujah!"

The atheist then came out and told her, "You're nutty lady! God didn't buy you that stuff. I bought those groceries!"

Well, she broke out and started shouting and praising the Lord even louder.

When she finally quieted a bit he asked if she misunderstood what he had told her.

She said, "I knew the Lord would provide me with some groceries, but I didn't know He was going to have an atheist pay for them!"

Thanks to Cary for the following:

God Bless you all!

Legal Disclaimer: The aforementioned "blessing," while given freely, is in no manner warrented, guaranteed, or contracted to actually deliver a blessing, real or imagined, unless the blessee wishes to receive said blessing in the manner in which it was given; i.e., with the love and grace of God, in the Chrisitan belief system, with no expection of reciprocation.

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