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Monday Campaign Notes - 6/11/2007

Here it is Monday again, and my supporters are probably saying to themselves, "Didn't Cary say he would have this to me by Friday, so I could look it over before posting it?"

Well, yes, I did say that. I also said to a friend a while back that I thought I could handle being a Dad, involved in the church, work full time, AND campaign for president - never mind actually be president - without running into overtime.

Overtime has been run into. My apologies. Life has a habit of getting in the way of living sometimes, and for a working stiff like me that means that sometimes my goals have to be modified.

One goal I will not modify is that of getting the Career Politicians to pay attention to We the People. Last week, the Senate failed to pass the "comprehensive immigration reform" measure - or, as I like to call it, the "giving away what so many wait their turn for" measure - and President Bush has the gall to claim that he will "talk to the GOP members" who voted against the measure. Funny, but it seems to me that those who voted against the measure were doing something a lot of people on the Hill haven't been doing - they PAID ATTENTION TO THEIR CONSTITUENTS - you know, the people they supposedly "represent" - and decided that maybe the American People really don't want to give away the farm.

I have been accused of being against immigration. Quite the contrary, I am all for immigration - legal immigration, within the boundaries and quotas that are currently in place. I have been reminded (see the comments) that my ancestors were immigrants. I have reminded right back that they were LEGAL immigrants. Oh, and they were self sufficient, created value from the natural resources, provided employment for others, were involved in government, and generally added to the country, instead of taking away.

I say all of that to say this: I care very deeply for this country. I will not allow this country to be sold up the river, given away in an immigration scandal dressed up as "reform", or corrupted any more from within. It is time for We the People to once again wrest control of this nation away from those who are making their living from the political machinations of the Hill and hand it back to the general populace, where it can be safeguarded better than it has been.

If you feel you are Out of Voting Choices, then choose to Make a Difference - write in Cary Cartter for President in November 2008. Please help me get the word out.

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