Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Justification by Bush's "Friend" for Secret Tapes

Today on Hugh Hewitt's blog (2-22-05) he states:

By a "friend." Who very publicly identifies himself as an "evangelical." Is there a pastor/theologian who can support such conduct or, having had it revealed, support the continued possession of the tapes as opposed to their immediate return to the president? Secret taping is illegal in many if not most states, and I doubt very much if there is any theological justification for the deceit or the continued possession of the tapes, but I will be happy to read any that are offered.

prying1 sez:

Although I am not a theologian or a pastor I have been a Christian for quite a few years. The only theological justification I could come up with demands being on "the dark side" and using Satan's type of logic...

It is necessary to twist ones conscience to pull a trick like that. It appears that Doug Wead, for monetary gain through book sales, has done just that. The question remains, will he redeem himself (at least partially) by turning over the remaining tapes to the White House. He has a choice to climb back onto the path to the wicket gate or wallow in the slough of despond.

Update: 2-23-05 - On Hugh Hewitts show today he announced that Doug Wead is sending the tapes to the President. - Apparently he prefers the straight and narrow path to the slough...

Good for him. Now it is up to us to walk in forgiveness and welcome him back to the fold! Now I will suggest people buy his book.

UPDATE TO UPDATE: - 10 MINUTES SINCE LAST POST! - I did a Google search and found Doug has a website. - http://www.dougwead.com/ - I love a happy ending!