Friday, May 27, 2005

Is God Moving Men's Hearts to Pray?

Recently a few men started a prayer group in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County.

Inspired by a prayer warrior, Dick Simmons, from the Washington DC area, head of Men for Nations this is one of many prayer groups Mr. Simmons has seen birthed. The morning meetings, from 5 AM to 7 AM, average around 19-20 people. Since the first group started there has been a few other nearby locations to catch the Spirit and more groups are forming. There are 5 pastors and the men involved are from several churches. Denominations and doctrine do not enter into the prayer time. All involved simply desire to hear from God and pray according to His will.

Every man's life has changed dramatically as a result of committing to these meetings. Most evident is a commitment to repentance and holiness and a growing desire to walk in God's perfect will. Each is walking in joy knowing that years of bad habits are sloughing off. More Word time and an increased knowledge of the presence of God in their lives are added benefits.

Getting up before dawn is not easy and all have found their internal clocks still need adjusting after 6 weeks of near daily meetings (except Sunday). None appear inclined to quit. Indeed, it seems each has made a lifetime commitment to early morning prayer with other men of God.

Just wondering if this a just a local (U.S.A.) thing or is God moving more people in other areas of the world to form interdenominational prayer groups?

I'm asking Christians to leave a comment one way or another.