Friday, May 06, 2005

Radio Blogger Sets Record at Disneyland

Radio Blogger, Generalissimo Duane - The Producer of Hugh Hewitt's radio show went through hell and lived to tell about it. The May 5th show was broadcast from Disneyland. Hugh, in his usual perverse fashion thought up a torture for Generalissimo Duane that surpasses anything the bleeding hearts would allow for terrorist prisoners. Fifty nonstop trips - in honor of Disney's 50th anniversary - through the Disneyland "It's a Small World".

Anyone who has ever ridden on this knows how the song can stick with you for the rest of the Disney experience. I figure for Duane it is going to take at least 3 weeks to recover.

Duane was on the 50th trip through when the show ended. Hugh claimed that he had not accomplished the goal. "So close but not good enough", Hugh said. This was said after he had given Duane the hope that if he was on the 50th trip it would count. Pulled the rug out of Generalissimo's crowning achievement in life. I wrote to Generalissimo to give him encouragement.

- Email do Duane - quote -
Ask Hugh if he believes in the Bible. It says - Out of the mouths of
two or three witnesses every truth shall be established - There has
been more than 3 witnesses (counting myself) that will verify Hugh
said getting in the ride on #50 counted.

Jesus said "It is finished." before he died even though he had not yet
given up the ghost at that point.

I believe as the boat entered the building on ride #50 you to had the
right to claim as Jesus did, "It is finished."
- end quote -

God Bless generalissimo Duane - Radio Blogger - A true hero!

update: Rob Ismael, who joined Duane on the ride as moral backup has been bloging on this as well. He hopes to find the tape of Hugh saying, on the ride for number 50 counts. Check out his site and be sure to leave a comment. He needs encouragement too.