Thursday, October 06, 2005

I Hear but Don't Believe

On the news tonight I heard concerning the threat of BOMBINGS on New York subways, "'High level officials' downplay the threat..."

I ask, "What are the names of these 'High level officials'?

The TV News did not say...

Do the 'High level officials' really know more than I do? Do the NewsReaders know more than I do?

I place these 'High level officials' in the same categories as I mentally place whatever groups give out the medals and ribbons in the 'Award Winning Newscasts' from which I heard this tidbit of news. Three steps down from Used Car Salesman Awards...

Personally I place more faith in the awards given out by Road and Track Magazine than I do with the TV News Awards.

Perhaps I've become a bit too cynical but I would be more apt to believe that the TV NewsReaders would prefer the subways be full to capacity and have the bombs go off so they can report it than to have the people be wary, the bombers captured and no-one hurt.

I would blame Dan Rather for my cynicism but it started long before his getting caught doing what he did best. That is, fooling his avid fans (They still say the memo's were forged but the info was true. And we are supposed to nod our heads yes...). I knew they were lying to me in the 70's but since I'm conservative I'm evil and want to control the world with cameras in every bedroom and guns for every one who is not a southpaw. Why should I be listened to?

I'd rather trust a liberal blogger than a NewsReader on TV. They may both be lying but with the liberal blogger you at least have it in writing. Unless you record the newscast there is no proof of what they said and your head is too full of mush to really put it together. Unless you walk out in the middle of a sentence as I did.

"'High level officials' downplay the threat..."

I ask again, "What are the names of these 'High level officials'?

Film at 11!