Friday, November 25, 2005

Washington Post Continues Pressing 'Bush Lied' Diatribe

Someone needs to let the Washington Post know that the 'Bush Lied' line is dead.
I heard a caller to Hugh Hewitt's Radio show ask the following question and I thought it a good one.

Where is the smoking gun evidence that President Bush was the only person in the world that KNEW Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction? Where is the evidence that Bush had that information and still went forward with WMD's as one of the points/reasons for invading Iraq?

The premise of the leftist/socialist argument that we are in a war that is a "mistake" is based on "No WMD's... - All the rest of the points are left out of their argument.

In the Washington Post OP-ED piece, The Phony War Against the Critics (Friday, November 25, 2005), Michael Kinsley proves this throughout his pro Saddam Hussein diatribe.
Interestingly, the administration no longer claims that Hussein actually had such weapons at the time Bush led the country into war in order to eliminate them. "The flaws in the intelligence are plain enough in hindsight," Cheney said on Monday. So-called WMD (weapons of mass destruction) were not the only argument for the war, but the administration thought they were a crucial argument at the time. So the administration now concedes that the country went to war on a false premise. Doesn't that mean that the war was a mistake no matter where the false premise came from?
~~~~~~~~~end quote~~~~~~~~~~

What Michael Kinsley does in this little paragraph is to make a statement, ignore it, and make a point based on his opinion. At least it was on the op-ed page this time instead of on the front page.

prying1 sez: Please don't worry about Michael's infecting the country with his Pro Murderous Thugs commentary. The Washington Post is fast losing readership.

The Post stands to lose millions of dollars in ad revenue because Hecht'’s, the last local department-store chain, is changing to Macy'’s, which will spend more of its ad dollars nationally. And the Post continues to lose readers. Sunday circulation has dropped 3.5 percent in the first half of 2005, falling below 1 million readers for the first time in years.

The day may soon come when Michael Kinsley and others on the Post will be vying for the Moron dot org crowd to read their blogspot posts.