Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sacred Cows of the Left Put on the Barby!

John Lennon wrote 'Imagine' - A couple lines he left out were: -

"Imagine liberals are in power,
when North Korea gets the nuke...
They will kiss hineys and cower,
chanting good vibes till they puke..."

I get ticked off when I come across blogs that have the self righteous and condescending attitude of the left. Came across one tonight that was so full of logs stuck in pinko eyes that I had to come home to vent.

It starts off real nice on how America (U.S.A. for you PC Nazis that like to differentiate between the north and south continents.) was built on 'HOPE'. Goes on to say how wonderful 'HOPE' is and how 'HOPE' built this country. Sounds nice until the speal turns to (quote) "the Bush Administration, guided by their neo-con warmongers and evangelical Christian base, found in the attacks an opportunity to pursue their agenda of advancing their prophecies and ideology and exploited our fear." (end quote)

Hate Bush diatribe is so predictable. The rest of the sputum is Bush & Christians are filling our nation with fear and driving us to...

First off I'd like a definition of neocon. That seems to be the newest throw away word of the liberal lefties these days. It has no definition except, "People that disagree with me politically". 'Mindless drivel' is what I think as soon as I see the word neocon.

then the vacuous liberal poster sez:
Lets throw the Christians into the mix because everybody hates them. Hell, nobody has ever really met one to know that they really are not the way I'm describing them.

What the hell is:
"Agenda of advancing their prophecies and ideology" as if every Christian feels it is his God given duty to work towards nuclear annihilation of this planet so Jesus can come back and start over.

The next paragraph our intrepid liberal fills with conflicting statements that fails to recognize the achievements of the current Republican, "conservative" administration. And this post was on 21-Dec-05. After recent Iraq elections - It failed to recognize:

A dictator is no longer in power and his 2 sons are no longer on planet Earth raping 11 year old daughters of his country's citizens.

The citizens of a country now have the right to choose their own government.

A countryside ecologically ravaged through draining of marshes is being brought back to life just by opening dams.

The feminine gender can go to schools that were closed to them.

Mass graves are no longer being filled but instead being found and the remains of loved ones given proper burial.


I could go on but liberals refuse to recognize these good things. I doubt if any liberals will stop by to comment and say that these things are true without adding, "But Bush"...

Makes me want to whap them upside the head with my shoe.

Intrepid liberal sez:
(quote) "Religion and it's promise of a glorious afterlife is supposed to alleviate the fear of dying, and theoretically, the evangelical base of the administration'’s supporters look forward to the apocalypse so that they can be with their god." (end quote") Please note the small 'g' on God. This will help you understand where this person comes from. He hates religion and denies the good things it has done through the ages. - Prior to Jesus there is NO record of ANY charitable organizations. Not one!. Prior to Jesus there was nowhere on mother Earth (note small 'M') that did NOT have slavery. Cannibalism and infanticide were common practices throughout the planet!

Excuse me? If the Christian base was so anxious for the apocalypse why didn't they (and Bush) start throwing nukes the day after 9-11? The day of 9-11 I knew Christians and non Christians alike that would have cheered had we bombed Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt and any other stinking third world country that had Muslums in it...

Thank God we had cooler heads in Washington D.C. than in the neighborhood I live in.

Near the closing of his post this person says, (quote) "As much as I recognize and fear the terrorists who would destroy America, I also fear that the politicians of today will do nothing to make things whole again. (end quote)


Except for liberals like you. Liberals in America (no apology to the PC Nazis) are oppressed by their own minds. Those on the right are free! Or at least a lot more free than these close minded, self righteous liberals that are caught up in fear and loathing of all things Bush.

- All quotes came from: Common Sense - The posting is called politics of fear

(prying1 sez: Common Sense missed it in this one. This posting of his was anything but!!!)