Monday, January 30, 2006


AubreyJ has a post that asks the tough question. "Who is this guy?"

quote from AubreyJ's post - NASA's senior climate scientist, James Hansen has accused the Bush administration of trying to stop him from speaking out about global warming. Hansen has also said that he has had threats from NASA officials too but these threats have come to him only by phone.
Dang-- nothing in writing???
** NASA is censoring me, says global warming scientist
** Top NASA Scientist Says He's Being Silenced on Global Warming
** ....More of same from recent headlines..... - - end quote

The challenge was put forth by Sir AubreyJ -

So... Fellow Bloggers out there...
Who is this Guy???


I took the challenge (Google helped) and posted an answer in his comments. Whether your view is the same as mine or different, jump on over to AubreyJ's and throw in a wooden nickels worth of research and two cents worth of your point of view on 'this guy'...