Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stolen From Phil's Place

- Another Man's Meat -

I was visiting Phils Blog - Another Man's Meat - Which is the best place to go if you want to visit Middle America - and had commented on the Alito trial. The next day I read comments after mine and saw that Jay had made a comment after mine. I will not say I was disgusted or that I threw up because neither happened. I fully expected that ignorance would rear it's ugly head and had prepared myself with facts and logic. - Following is the comment from Jay and my response. -

P.S. Appypollyloggys to Phil for being in the middle -

Jay said...

Glad you're feeling better.

So...You're okay with a justice that believes women and blacks should not be allowed to enter college?

What part of your bible does that cover?
3:19 PM


prying1 said...

Phil - I hope you do not mind my answering Jay -

- I - prying1 - do wish that you - Jay - would get your facts straight before you post comments. The democrat Senators have been IMPLYING that Alito is a sexist/Racist. They have never come out and said it to his face!

Now you might ask, "Why have they not said it to his face?"

Because it is not true!

(Why did Alito's wife leave crying today? - The true reason not the made up one by the MSM!)

The organization he belonged to wished for Princeton to remain a boy's school which at the time was not sexist. At the time girl's wanting to go to a boy's school was considered abnormal. - At the same time we would have considered any boys wanting to go to a girl's school as either a pervert or normal. (Call me any name. I'm not running for office.)

The same organization wished that people who attended Princeton would have the qualifications to attend and not be given special 'points' because of ... (place reason here)

In the mean time I want to know if Senator Biden is a SEXIST and a HOMOPHOBE (a recently made up word that means any one who disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle - prying1's words! not Phils!) which is contrary to any liberal code! - -

I also want to know Why Joe Biden put on such a show concerning Princton over the last couple of days???

Do the Democrats really belive that Alito is not capable of filling the post or are they afraid that the country might return to the constitutional principals this country was founded upon?