Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ports Deal Leaves Funny Taste In Mouth

The more I learn about the DP World ports operation buyout the more I'm starting to vacillate. Originally I heard that this company was being given the SECURITY CONTRACT. It was on a late night talk radio show out of Colorado. Apparently the host had not done his homework or I misunderstood the argument. I have since realized it has the OPERATIONS CONTRACT that is being sold. Big difference. The company does have the expertise for the job and has proved it world wide.

I wish I could afford to make blogging a full time job but I don't get enough hits on the little ads on the side bar to pay for candy bars much less the electric bill to run my computer. As a result the time I have for research is limited. I'm at the mercy of the MSM at times and the MSM is at the mercy of inept reporters. Because of this the information I get is usually biased, one sided, or incomplete.

I do listen to Talk Radio and get filled in on a lot of issues from talk show hosts I trust and some I that don't trust. Two of my favorites are Rush Limbaugh and Hugh Hewitt. Rush is in favor of the deal and Hugh has his doubts about it. At the moment I am siding with Hugh.

DP World would not serve itself or the country that owns it (It is not a private corporation) by paying 6.8 Billion just to ship a bomb into a port and blow it up. They could do that without putting down the cash and then by the port at the fire sale. Not that is or ever was my fear but I did hear a caller make the suggestion. At this point DP World would best serve it's own interest and the interests of Dubai by working hard to make sure this doesn't happen if the deal goes through.

Daily Kos has it usual tin foil hat conspiracy theorists working overtime to come up with "What if's" and "Maybe Bush's" to fill an encyclopedia. They appear to be scrubbing the's & DP World's website for evidence that Bush started the French and Indian Wars to drum up support for the American Revolution. Most of the tripe on their articles and comments can be ignored.

For example - 24JAN2006 Dave Sanborn, DP Director of Operations for Europe and Latin America has been nominated by US President George W. Bush to serve as Maritime Administrator a key transportation appointment reporting directly to Norman Mineta the Secretary of Transportation and Cabinet Member.

The Kosites are running amuck with payoff theories etc.. It just might be that Dave Sanborn is the right man for this job. He certainly has quite a bit of experience in the field.

I heard a talkshow host last night say that he thought the deal should go through because it would be good for U.S. relationships with the Middle East. To back out now would make the Muslum world dislike us even more. I think if the Muslum world is going to jump and scream and murder and destroy property over cartoons I don't think this ports deal is going to have either a positive or negative effect on them. They will continue in their uncivilized behaviour either way.

My main concern is if there is any chance of a fanatical Muslum being on the board of directors or in a place of confidence in the company could he pass on sensitive information to his terrorist buddies. I'm not certain at this point if there is any sensitive information that would flow to the headquarters of DP World that we should even concern ourselves with this question.

The security at our ports is abysmally poor already. This deal needs a lot more scrutiny before going through.

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