Thursday, July 20, 2006

U.S.'s Disproportionate Overreacting

Nathon Tabor has this piece he wrote:

What If We Were In The Shoes Of The Israelis?

"After digging under the concrete barricade that had been built in 2004 between Mexico and the United States, a small band of Mexicans, members of a militant separatist group that had infiltrated key parts of the Mexican government, kidnapped three U.S. Border Patrol Agents and scurried them back to Mexico."

"In the last year or so, crudely-made missiles had been coming across the south side of the border, mostly from the hotspots of Mexicali, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, and Matamoros, and had been hitting U.S. towns and villages from California to Texas. It was the final straw for the current President of the United States who had been trying desperately to balance his War on Terrorism with some sort of accommodation with his country's southern neighbor."


"The U.S. government had tried for more than a decade to reach some sort of peace accord with Mexico, including uprooting the entire American population of New Mexico from just south of Alamogordo and west to Silver City. Giving up this land to Mexico had been instigated by the Republican President, a former army general and hero of the Vietnam conflict but had caused a year of rioting in many of the American side of the border towns. - ...

Tabor goes on to tell of Venezuela and Cuba funding the Mexican Terrorists and the U.S. finally firing back. - Then the world gets upset at the U.S. -


Would the appeasement in this fictional story work? Of course not. Just as it hasn't worked for Israel. Many people think that the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah started when the Israeli soldiers were kidnapped. That is not true.

The key socialistic words of the day are, "Disproportionate" and "Overreacting". The anti-Semitic pushing of the words are pretending the operations by Israel are simply because of the kidnappings... As usual those pushing the words are ignoring facts and history and hope the rest of the world does also.

The Hezbollah would do well to get out of Dodge. They won't because it damages Israel's reputation to have to fight them in residential areas. Hezbollah should run and hide like the scurrilous dogs they are but instead they stay and hide utilizing their methods of concealment behind children, women and old men. This shows that they really are cowards and that they could care less about the INNOCENT CIVILIANS Hezbollah spokesmen are now whining about.

The question has been raised and statements made that this is indeed WWIII. It is not a war of atomic bombs (Yet - Thank God Iran does not have them - Yet) as seen in dreams and imaginations of anyone who lived through the cold war. No Mushroom clouds but instead two sets of ideals.

One set thinks it is ok to blow people up and crash airplanes filled with innocents in their god's name.

The others think that behaviour is a mite anti social.

I'll run with the second group thank you.

Godspeed Israel!


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