Thursday, August 10, 2006

Liberals Outraged! Terrorist Plot Foiled!

21 suspects have been arrested by British Police in a plot to destroy passenger jets flying between the United Kingdom and the United States. The plot involved carrying on liquid explosives made to appear as beverages and other common products and simple electronic devices as detonators.

All U.S. and British airports are banning passengers from taking ANY liquids onto planes.

More suspects may still be on the loose.

I managed to collect a few comments and observations concerning this news event:

"They were trying to help the environment", said Crystal Claire Waters of the Hug A Prickley Pine Endowment (HAPPE). "Those things polute the air and make it hard for trees to breath."

Forrest Green Agreed 100% with Crystal and anxiously added, "Don't forget the contrails! They are secretly poisoning the atmosphere with stuff that makes anyone who breathes air stupid!

Ileane Left was overheard at a foil hat botique to say, "Did they tap their phones? I bet they did! It is so unfair to tap peoples phones without telling them!"

Jay Walker who was helping her pick out the right shade of silver foil hat shouted, "Anarchy!" three times and then fell to the floor crying and mumbling about the wires in his head.

I called Francis Useless of the "Hate Bush Because He Exists Foundation" to get his take on the terrorists arrest. He had a prepared statement:

"President Bush is at fault here. We will show how the dots are connected as soon as we figure it out."

I understand that more quotes are out there and invite any readers to add them through the comments. I have to go to work...


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