Thursday, August 31, 2006

San Francisco Rampage MSM Coverage

Regarding Omeed Popal. The Hit and Run Driver who mowed down Jews in San Francisco. - Once again I left a comment on another site - Verum Serum - and decided to bring it over here. (Slightly modified for clarification on a point.)

The way the media handled this one just shows that they cannot be trusted to give us ALL the facts. That the guy was a Muslum rolling over people in a predominately Jewish Neighborhood might have deserved a mention from the get go.

Most I've learned about this came from blogs. Bloggers doing the work that used to be the job of investigative reporters.

Not once on the radio news have I heard about his aiming to kill people on the steps of a Jewish Community Center. Thank God that through the entire rampage there was only one killed.

Now they will declare him nuts and that's it. We will hear no more.

One thing I did yesterday and will continue today is to ask people if they heard about this event. Let them know that it is considered 'road rage' and not a 'hate crime' to run over Jews (and whoever else is in the way) in America.

Those I talked to yesterday, blacks, whites, browns all agreed that it sounds like a "hate crime" to them.

I'm telling people that the liberal town of San Francisco has a mayor that considers rolling over Americans "Road Rage". That the man stated he was a terrorist and a policeman said he isn't because not all those injured were Jews. I want the same policeman to tell those that had the SUV bearing down on them that they were not feeling terror...

I'm hoping that by sharing this bit of news with people, news the MSM is not sharing, might help direct their thoughts this coming election period to the fact that terrorism is in America in a more subtle way than we know (if you want to call this subtle) and that the Liberal Progressive MSM is screening it from us.

Of course the Liberal Progressive MSM would say it is for our own good.


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