Sunday, September 17, 2006

Comment To Misunderstanding the Threat

Once again I find myself leaving a comment on another person's blog that I find to be so eloquent that I cannot resist bringing it here. - Since I wrote it and this is my blog I am going to!

Scenario - Donald Douglas of Burkean Reflections had a wonderful post on

"The controversial new drama, "The Death of a President,"

- (Good read - Go to it AFTER you finish reading this...)

Concerning the movie that shows the murder of a sitting president

had this to say in comments to Mr. Douglas:

quote -

"We don't want him dead, just out of office so he can stop ruining this country.

Reason is the enemy of faith, my friend."

- end quote -

I went to Jessica's blog through the link and saw a lot of pretty pictures plus one posting that was her only tribute to 9-11 Snowden's Secret - (Go there after you read this if you have time to waste...)

On it I left this comment which I dedicate to all those who oppose killing of terrorists:

quote - (With some spelling corrections)

I quoted from Catch 22 today on a comment on another persons blogsite.

Catch 22 itself is apropos for the situation the U.S., and indeed, the entire world is in concerning civilization and the terrorist fanatics that hate and will destroy you and yours (and me and mine, and his and hers, and them and theirs) unless good people stand up against them...

There is no other way out of this one just as in WWII the U.S. had to stand against Hitler or eventually give in to his philosophy of life.

What difference is there in the philosophies? Jews are worthless except as slaves and anyone against the ideology is to be killed. Even those in favor of the ideology that get in the way are killed...

People (soldiers and civilians both) die standing against them. Some will die while walking away from them. But the world will be in a better position to live in freedom than it would be by allowing terrorists to put a knife to everyones throat without resistance!

Your quote from Catch 22 is not quite apropos for the 9-11 Twin Tower murders. "The spirit gone, man is garbage. That was Snowden's secret."


Those who died in the Towers, the Pentagon, The Field in Pennsylvania, in Afghanistan, Spain, England, Philippines, Bali, U.S.S. Cole, Embassies around the world, Crippled in a wheel chair and Jewish on a cruise ship, Bali, Robert Kennedy, Somalia, Gaza, Israel, Turkey, France, Africa, Egypt, Scotland etc. etc. etc. are not garbage.

They all have spirits that live on. Even if there were no afterlife (as there truly is) they would live on. The heroism, cowardice, love, hate, forgiveness,unforgiveness will remain behind them. Both the victims and their suicide bomber murderers will live on. Besides in soul & spirit they will live on in those that knew them.

Some people will acclaim the suicide bombers as the heroes. Most, I hope, will not. While not all the victims were 'heroes' most of them had people that truly loved them and appreciated them. Human frailties faults and all...

What saddens me is that there are now people that hate Bush more than they hate the terrorists actions that caused deaths of innocents such as we see posted about in the '2996 tributes'.
- -

Please don't reply to this saying the death of Iraqi's and their blood is on Bush's hands.

The majority of Iraqi deaths have been and will continue to be at the hands of Islamofacists... - This is not "Bush's War". It is a war of the world against an ideology that promises to control planet earth. Listen to their claims. That is what they want. That is what Democrats will give them!

God have mercy on planet earth if Michael Moore and his ilk win in the next election cycle...

End quote -

prying1 sez: When will they ever learn? Political correctness is not healthy for children and other living things!


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