Sunday, September 24, 2006

Terrorists Are the Barbarians Not the U.S.

Another comment I wrote elsewhere brought to the top.

I spend so long typing I figure I should get some miles from my fingertips. Leaving my comments to be buried in yesterdays posts on other people's blogs is not a good use of my time.

Layout: Other person thinks that the U.S. has violated the Geneva Conventions. A reply to my previous comment stated:
- Quote - Prying - you assume all of the people you don't care about being tortured will be shadowy Muslims who you'd hate anyway. There is already one case of a mistake being made with a Canadian citizen. What happens when you or one of your friends or relatives also becomes such a 'mistake'? Will you still support barbarity? Torture is as wrong today as it was 500 years ago. It marks the decline of civilization - and I seriously question the morality of those who find it attractive.
~~~ end quote ~~~

I failed to mention in my reply below that I do not find torture attractive in any way shape or form.

I do think and it has been shown to be true that sometimes valuable information that has saved lives has been obtained by experts in the field of questioning enemy combatants.

Comment follows:

Whether you like it or not we are at war. The terrorists will not stop their actions until they win. They have so stated and their goal is the entire world being dominated 100% by their religion and their religion only . All others must die. I've read they hope for the 12th Imam - -, who will prompt a global. battle between good and evil.. This includes your home town. Don't believe me. Listen to what they say!

Part of war is getting information from enemy combatants that are captured. Will mistakes be made in who we consider to be enemy combatants?? YES! Will our side work to minimize those mistakes? YES! Will the terrorists side care whether they make mistakes in who they target? NO!

They have shown us what they do to anyone that they want to torture. They take videos and post them on the internet. We found two U.S. soldiers that by accounts I've read had their penis' cut off and stuffed in their mouths. Along with other dismemberment.

I do not believe that the opponents of terrorism (our side) will torture their people (Murderous fanatical terrorists) the same way they torture not only ours but some of their own too!

Have some of our team tortured prisoners beyond what our rules of engagement call for? No doubt, but they are punished when caught. Terrorists are praised by their side when they torture people. No matter who they torture...

President Bush wants the rules spelled out so that our side can get the information from enemy combatants within the limits of our laws. As it stands now the Geneva rules do not even allow tickling...

Is it so wrong to want the rules spelled out? Or should we let all detainees go forth to murder again just because there MIGHT have been a mistake?

You asked, "What happens when you or one of your friends or relatives also becomes such a 'mistake'? Will you still support barbarity?"

I'll reply with my own question. When you find your friends and relatives being tortured by terrorists will you wonder if something more should have been done to stop them?

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