Thursday, February 15, 2007

U.S. Politics Going Insane

If you don't pay much attention to politics in the U.S. you may have missed some of the recent news stories.

A former Open Society Institute (OSI) lawyer was hired by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to become her Senior Counsel. (Remember - Nancy is third in line for the Presidency after the V.P.)

What is OSI you ask? Who cares you say? - OK! "The OSI funnels millions of dollars into various leftist causes, including euthanasia, open borders, abortion, homosexual activism, marijuana legalization, the undermining of our nation’s war on terrorism and other neo-Marxist visions of social justice." - Hat Tip/quote = Lou Sheldon/TVC - If you have a strong stomach you can find out more about OSI at DiscovertheNetworks.ORG

Then we have the U.S. Congress supposedly following the will of the people by attempting to micromanage the war against terrorism. If my memory serves me well (and it does) the last time politicians micromanaged a war it resulted in Communists slaughtering over a million people. Apparently they want to ignore what will happen to any Iraqi that has purple ink on their fingers.

Some Republicans are joining with the Democrats to vote in favor of a "Non-Binding Resolution" that tells our military, those in the line of fire against terrorists, that the U.S. should cut and run. They are being labeled as "White Flag Republicans".

A new group called The Victory Caucus has risen up to inform these same Republican politicians that they can expect opposition to any of their future endeavors in the Republican party.

I encourage you to go to The Victory Caucus website and read the About/Our Mission/Our Beliefs page - If you find you agree with their statements I throw more encouragment at you to sign up. While you are at it take the plunge and sign The NRSC Pledge.

prying1 sez: This country is screwed if we don't stand up and be counted.


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