Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We's All in the Same Boat When It Comes To Spam

I have an email address that I moved from a while back and all my friends know I moved. I still get a couple newsletters and website updates there but no personal stuff. I go through every couple days, See what news/stories I missed and clean it out of the junkmail. I canceled a bunch of the stuff I would recieve in this e-mail box but never got around to reading.

One thing I could never cancel was the SPAM!

Never really tried. As you may well know when you "UNSUBSCRIBE" from a spammer you are telling him, her or it that "This is a valid address". Might as well write a nice letter to them and ask 'em to send over a dominatrix.

I used to deal with them more than I have been recently. I would forward 411 scam letters to Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.. Deal with phishing emails, notify companies when their services were being abused or their names being used in vain. But who has the time to keep that up for long? lately I've just been deleting them...

Anyway. To make a long story longer. Tonight instead of just deleting the emails I went through a few and forwarded eBay spoofs and Yahoo email abuses. I noticed "Dexter Harrison" sent an email with the lead line, " Believe It Or Not".

I knew not to believe it but checked it out anyway. Lo and behold! Dexter wanted me to buy pills from him. I thought I'd notify Dexter that I would rather trust a drug dealer at the Hollywood Park Casino than to trust putting my credit card number on any webpage he had created.

So I went to the pilletc.org website Dexter directed me to and had a look around.

Wonderful pill selection but as I said, I would rather trust a drug dealer at the Hollywood Park Casino. At least they will look me in the eye as they are robbing me.

Whoops! Looks to me that like an unauthorised Better Business Bureau logo.

... - ...Notified!

What's this? "You are receiving this email because you are subscribed to our Opt-In List. If you have received an email from one of our customers and you do not remember subscribing to their information, or if you want to unsubscribe CLICK HERE" - Right click is disabled so I can't see the properties...

I have a good virus protection - "CLICK" -

Isn't this sweet. - Optinmail-Pro.com has offered to take me off thier list. Just click here...

Yeah! Right! Google - Optinmail-Pro.com scam -

Hmmm... www.g6csy.net/spam offers some info.

Boy! What a website. This guy must have a lot of time on his hands. Well worth a visit and a bit of wandering around time. This is one for favorites! Ohhhh! He has a page on a C96 Broomhandle Mauser. With a video of a M712 being emptied.

And he has a Ham License. I like this guy!

Wish I had more time right now but I have to get to work. I have emails to delete.

Update - For a while today I've had a few hits from people typing pilletc.org into Google. This was the only posting to show up. Now there are three hits and this post is not one of them. What happened there? - - - - Now I see that http://extracheapdrugs.com/ has jumped onto the hit parade of those seeking www.pilletc.org -

Oh well. They won't get my money. Hope they don't get your's...



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