Friday, March 23, 2007

Pork Barrel Spending and Cut and Run Pullout By Democrats

Hank Johnson, Congressional Representative for Georgia's 4th District' voted for The 'Emergency Spending Bill' (read 'Piggies Filling Their Pockets'). - Congressman Hank Johnson set up a brand new blog and posted at Good Will Hinton (Where The Right Meets The Left) - Hank Johnson's posting - Exit Strategy: Why I Supported the Iraq Accountability Act - is somewhat enlightening...

In his post vote posting Congressional Representative Hank Johnson says:

I am passionately opposed to the war in Iraq. I am committed to bringing our brave troops home and sickened by the prospect of prolonging this tragic and unnecessary conflict.

And today I have made a very difficult decision – by far the most difficult I have ever made in public service.

In our efforts to end this war, we in Congress are faced with imperfect options. The U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans’ Health, and Iraq Accountability Act (PDF file - HTML HERE thanks to Google) upon which we voted today is a strong bill and will do much to hasten our withdrawal from Iraq. But it is a flawed bill, an imperfect bill. I had hoped for a more aggressive measure and, in past weeks, considered voting against it.

I was an original supporter of the amendment offered by Congresswoman Barbara Lee, which called for a fully-funded, immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Regrettably, that amendment was rejected before it could even be considered on the floor. It is clear that more aggressive measures to curtail the president’s power would be destined for the same fate in this body.
This bill will require withdrawal of U.S. armed forces from Iraq if its conditions are not met. It will hold the Iraqi government officials accountable for their action and inaction. It will greatly increase funding for the care of our veterans, who have been neglected upon their return from heroic and frequently traumatic service abroad. It will appropriate deeply needed funds to restore our proud military to a state of strength and readiness.

This is an imperfect bill. But, for all its flaws, it is the right first step -- the right step today.

I will solemnly lend it my support.

I noted that in his entire posting not one mention of what would be the results of the U.S. pulling out from Iraq. Neither did he mention any of the PORK included in this bill.

  • "extraneous pork-barrel spending" —
  • "pet projects with no direct connection to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars" -
  • "meant to win over on-the-fence Democrats"

are just three comments from only one online news source. There are many others.... - Hank failed to mention them... -

(Among the projects attached to the legislation are funding for spinach subsidies and money to rebuild levees that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.)

I left the following comment there and would encourage those reading this to join in the discussion.

prying1 sez:

I was around

When the U.S. abandoned Vietnam because of the lies of people like John Kerry I believed those lies and thought them the truth. It took the Swift Boat Veterans to reveal the truth. Our soldiers were not eating dead burnt babies. They were attempting to protect the South Vietnamese from the ungodly murderers of the Chinese supplied North Vietnam.

When we left Vietnam is when the real atrocities were commited by the south's 'brothers' from the north. MILLIONS WERE MURDERED as a result of the U.S. leaving and the U.S. left because the war then was micromanaged by Congress just as our current Congress is trying to micromanage our current war.

Let the generals run the war. YOU know nothing about how to run a war. YOU have never studied warfare or you would not have voted the way you did.

The same thing as happened in Vietnam WILL happen if the U.S. pulls out of Iraq too soon. Millions will be murdered and TERRORISTS WILL GET CONTROL OF IRAQI OILFIELDS!!!

You may disagree with how we got there and why we are there but you cannot disagree with the fact that if we pull out now it will be a repeat of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Countries surrounding Iraq (read Iran and Syria) will fill the void the U.S. leaves with violence that pales in comparison to what they have now. Those who befriended the U.S. will be the first to lose their lives. - Their blood will be on your hands! -

Your vote was an error and hopefully those in your district will rectify the matter next time your name is on a ballot.

The roll call for the bill can be found here - hat tip and thanks to AubreyJ for the link!!!


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