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Cary Cartter Sez:
Write in Candidate - 2008 - 7May07

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Cary Cartter sez:

Write In Cary Cartter for President

I don't know about you, but the choices for President are getting pretty homogenous. For the most part, the current crop of candidates have some glaring common ground - they are all Career Politicians, none of them appear to have ever needed to work for a living, and none of them seem to have a source of income outside of their investments - or rather, their family's investments.

How can they claim to be watching out for the best interests of the United States when their idea of "best interests" closely mirrors their investment list? There are not a lot of people in my neighborhood who are living off their investments. Most of my neighbors are working stiffs, just like me. Most of my neighbors don't feel represented in government, just like me.

When was the last time a candidate could say he or she was a member of the working class - with a straight face and without cue cards? And without paying hundreds of dollars for their hair to look "just right" while saying it?

I believe this is the greatest country on earth. I believe Political Correctness is tearing this country apart, on a variety of fronts - illegal immigration ("they do the jobs Americans won't" - oh, like murder, rape, and driving without license and registration?), the War on Terror ("if we talk to them, we can come to an understanding" - with a religious belief that you either convert or die?), and Liberalism. I believe that the United States needs to regain her direction and drive, and move to the forefront of the free world once again. I believe that We The People need to have our voices heard and listened to once again.

If you feel you are Out of Voting Choices, then choose to Make a Difference - write in Cary Cartter for President in November 2008. Please help me get the word out.

If you would like to know more about my stand, please visit my blog. If you have any questions you would like to see addressed, or if you would like to help spread the word about my campaign, you can e-mail me here.



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