Friday, December 21, 2007

WorldCat Network

The Bookshop Blog posted an article titled, "The fine art of Book Pricing."

Quite a good read for any bookseller and it has a few tips for books that are "one of a kind". - I've come across a few that I just can't find through Google or Yahoo. Just a couple days ago I found I own "Hooray for a Roue'" by H.R. Washburne. Could only find a single reference that was really a dead link from some joker of a booksales site that had the title listed but no book for sale.

Well that told me that someone else out there had at least heard of the book. I wasn't holding a figment of my imagination. I saw the title on the internet so I knew it must exist. It is book of poetry that I will soon be listing. Unless I misplace it in one of my stacks...

I started working on the author's name and in my search I came across

I was too slow in getting this resource I've found over to the good folks at The Bookshop Blog for them to post it in the article so I left the following in their comments.

Here is another Handy Dandy Book Resource I found just recently.

They have a toolbar search engine you can load on to the top of your browser page. Just type in the tile or author and it takes you to the page you want. - Lists Libraries that carry the book and tabs can (hopefully) take you to other info that is helpful.

Sign up and in your profile you can link to your website and blogsite. Create lists of books you like and check out profiles of other people with similar tastes. That is if they don’t have their profile private which you can do too if you prefer the anonymity.

As occasion and time permits you can add to their site the table of contents and/or a short synopsis/review of a book which might (or might not) get people to check your profile and go to your website.

I’ve seen some books where they give the printing history which can be very helpful too.

So far I’ve found it helpful and have found a couple books listed that it was difficult and/or impossible to find on Google or Yahoo.

Hope to see you there.

WorldCat has a lot of growing to do and needs a bit of help in doing so. It is a good resource and those who love books can make it even better. I encourage book sellers and book buyers to visit, Sign up, try the toolbar, and join the fun.

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